now in news for Jax I team investigation in Clay County a Golf and Country Club that has been open since 1990 in Orange Park has abruptly closed its doors sky 4 flew over Orange Park Country Club today now more than 600 residents who bought into this golfing amenity and lifestyle are left wondering about the future of their private gated community i team reporter tarik miner has been digging into what happened and what’s next he’s joining his talk you know Tom we received a lot of emails and phone calls from people last week who were surprised to find out that the golf course the range and the tennis courts they’ve all been closed now the president of the homeowners association says that the owner has abandoned his investment which affects nearly 650 families I got my own carton it takes me 30 seconds to get here so I’m not gonna change anything as far as that practice goes Tom raff Oh doesn’t have to worry about hitting anyone with his golf balls on the range or any of the 18 holes at the Country Club of Orange Park for that matter he says the clubhouse shuttered its doors with little warning last week golf is one of the main reasons why he purchased a house here it’s really sad and we the real sad thing now is we still don’t know what’s gonna happen locals say the sudden closure is surprising because the course the tennis courts and the clubhouse used to be the center of this thriving neighborhood but according to the homeowner association president the former owner James price had a hard time making ends meet and decided to walk away there was a change in ownership in April of last year and and the owner rented some some bad weather we had a lot of rain you know and and again golf’s a competitive business according to property records price purchased the golf course and Country Club for two million dollars in April of 2018 locals say they witnessed a decline in the conditions of the course like the greens for instance seen here on hole number 5 now overrun with weeds and dirt residents say they worry with warmer temperatures on the way all 400 acres will soon be overgrown hopefully you know there’s a buyer there’s buyer out there that do have interest in and will you know come forward quickly before deteriorates beyond prepare homeowners are scared that their property values are going to plummet as a result this is not what Tom rayful paid for when he purchased his house it’s never the same when you got to get in your car load your gloves and all that course were spoiled you know most of us had our own golf carts that’s what you bought the house in this neighborhood forward well yeah unfortunately golf courses in private communities across the country continue to close at an alarming rate approximately 200 golf courses closed last year according to the National Golf Foundation there are hard business to sustain because of competition a lack of interest in general in golfing and increasing fees to Maine maintain the courses in the clubhouse

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