WikiVidi Documentaries Open Era tennis records – men’s singles The Open Era is the current era of professional tennis. It began in 1968 when the Grand Slam tournaments allowed professional players to compete with amateurs, ending the division that had persisted since the dawn of the sport in the 19th century. The first “open” event was the British Hard Court Championships, held in Bournemouth, England, followed by the inaugural open Grand Slam event, the French Open, a month later. Note the following: Unless otherwise sourced, all records are based on data from the Association of Tennis Professionals, the International Tennis Federation, and the official websites of the four Grand Slam tournaments. All rankings-related records are based on ATP Rankings, which began in 1973. The names of active players appear in boldface for their career totals, currently active streaks, and in-progress season totals. Year-end championships The year-end championships listed here are the most prestigious tournaments after the Grand Slams. There have been three prominent YECs in the Open Era, each involving only top performers for the given year. This is a combination of the YECs for two separate tours: the ITF Grand Prix that ran until 1989 and the ATP Tour that replaced it. For record-keeping purposes, the ATP has incorporated the entire history of the ITF Masters Grand Prix alongside its ATP Finals tournament; thus they are both listed as “ATP” here. In total, these YECs have been held at numerous venues around the globe and played on several surfaces. The WCT Finals, as the YEC for the World Championship Tennis tour, was held in Dallas, Texas and played on indoor carpet courts. The Grand Slam Cup was an ITF event for the top performers in the year’s Grand Slam events. It was held in Munich, Germany and played on indoor carpet courts. Note that WCT and GSC events are specifically indicated in the Overall titles table. Masters tournaments These are a collection of 9 annual tournaments that are the most important after the Grand Slams and the year-end championships. They have existed in two phases, first as the Super Series of ITF’s Grand Prix tour. When the ATP Tour began in 1990 they became the Super 9 and then the Masters; their official name is now the ATP World Tour Masters 1000. Olympic tournaments Tennis became an official Olympic sport in 1988, so there have been eight events in the Open Era. Andy Murray has won two titles, while Fernando González and Juan Martín del Potro, with one silver and bronze medal each, are the only other players to have won more than one singles medal. Thank you for watching. WikiVidi Documentaries Please LIKE and SUBSCRIBE below. Please LIKE and SUBSCRIBE below.

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