Siguiente! Saltos de lado a lado durante 30 segundos Listo Ahora Siguiente,La carrera de 1500 metros. ¡Ahora! Siguiente, Levantamiento de pesas Siguiente, Disparo Salto vertical Dale al topo Maquina de golpes Vamos a casa…

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “One Punch Man – Fitness test”

  1. If I have Big Brother like Saitama…

    Me: Big Brother someone bullying me at my School.

    Saitama: 0:35… Alright… Which one of them?

    Bullies: (Fuck we're Dead!)

  2. At 0:52 the guy says kaido and that meant “I’m going home” therefore kaido is a weak bitch name and luffy gonna smack his ass back home in the clouds he jumped from

  3. I m also bald and they also laughed at me but when I get A+ in almost all the subject they were stunt😂 and I laughed at them back

  4. Since the side to side steps became one of Saitama’s special moves, will all the other fitness tests in this video become a special move too?

  5. That Saitama vertical jumping is just 0.00000001% of Saitama full power…
    He jump to moon with just 1.0% of power….

  6. ооооооооооороооооооооооооооо🙆🙆🙆🙆🙆🙆🙆🙆❤👍💝💘💗💜💛💓💟💞💕❤💋

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