– I’d like to give you
three simple proven tips to improve your backhand,
your backhand wing. If you watch most
anybody on a tennis court when they start a rally, when somebody says ball please, they’re always hitting forehands. So it stands to reason that that shot is being practiced more than perhaps any other shot in the game. First starting out as a
player years and years ago, my first coach wanted me to
always do drop hit backhands. And if you’re willing to try this, I think you’ll be very much surprised, meaning when somebody says ball please, when you want to start a rally, set the backhand grip, tip number one. Make sure the racket’s back
when the ball hits the ground. Step two, and step three,
have a long deliberate swing path to the target. And I think really, modern
tennis is about top spin, modern tennis is about
a run around forehand, but everybody’s got to hit
backhands sooner or later. Murray, Djokovic, Federer,
one handed, two handed. But if you’re willing to
systematically practice your drop hit backhands
with the backhand grip, with the racket back
when the ball bounces, and with a long swing path, I would guarantee in a
rather short amount of time you would gain much more
confidence in your backhand, much more accuracy in your backhand, and play a much more
balanced game of tennis. As an extra bonus, it is the holidays, I’ve included a lesson from
Mastering the Backhand. It’s a product we have with
over 40 instructional videos, and it goes into much more detail about the nuances of the drop hit. But if you’re interested in the backhands, check this lesson out. I think you’ll enjoy it. In my own game, my backhand’s
always been my shot. I think it always will be, and the stuff that I’ve done and can do and will show you, this
could be your shot as well.

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Dennis Veasley

4 thoughts on “One Handed Backhand – the 3 keys when playing this shot in tennis”

  1. is your backhand grip is continental or are you able to switch to a more professional grip where you ''get behind the racket'' more?

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