Hey guys. Florian Meier here, onlinetennisinstruction.com.
Today I want to give you a tip for the one-handed backhand. The one-hander is actually my favorite
shot and I think it can be a real weapon in your game if you have good technique. After
all, many of the best players over the past 20 years or so hit one-handed backhands including
Roger Federer, Pete Sampras, and Justine Henin. In order to hit a great one-handed backhand,
it is crucial that you develop a straight hitting arm. Only with a straight hitting
arm can you develop the correct swing path and get effortless power on your one-hander.
The most common error I see is that players lead with the elbow and never straighten out
the hitting arm, which looks something like this. Have a look at these slow motion clips
to see the difference between a straight hitting arm and a bent elbow. As you can see, the
hitting arm straightens out approximately at the bottom of the backswing which is also
called the slot position and looks like this. If you get your arm straight and into the
slot position, then you have a very good chance of developing a solid swing path and getting
some good power on your one-hander. Now it can actually be difficult to feel whether
or not your hitting arm is straight. Oftentimes people think that the arm is straight when
it really is not. If you’re unsure whether or not your hitting arm is straight, I highly
suggest that you film yourself to find out.

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27 thoughts on “One Handed Backhand: Develop A Straight Hitting Arm”

  1. My favorite shot also Florian. I am sure Guga, Nico, and Richard G. love it also. Pleasure to have such a pro giving tips like you are doing. THANK YOU.

  2. @robertobloise: Thanks for the positive feedback Robert. That motivates me even more to produce these videos!

  3. Help me ! Which computer program/software to be able to watch two videos simoultaneously as in this video. Thanks a lot

  4. Nice Clip. I notice that in the left hand side clip (aka correct one), your racket head is straight up whereas in the other one the racket head is pointing a little forward. For my own one hander, I usually hold the racket straight up and that takes care of the straight arm problem itself, I hope!

  5. I use a one-handed backhand, I wouldn't say it's the worse or the best. But after seeing your video I've seen that I have a bent arm going back but on contact it's straight. Is this okay? Or should I really focus on the straight arm all the way?

  6. In "Right" Picture your raquet head is paralel to backfence , at the end of video you explain the slot as raquet paralel to side fence… so which one is it?

  7. Hi. Thanks for pointing this out! The slot position with the racket parallel to the side fence is what i call the basic slot position. Advanced players usually move on to the advanced slot with the racket face parallel to the back fence. So depending on your level you need to consider what makes more sense for you. The advanced slot generates more power but is more difficult to master

  8. I see thanx for explanation ! Sorry if it came a bit rude i m just very confused with learning this one hand shot 🙂 I think i figured it out your video was maybe the first clear instruction i found and my coach never explained the slot he just shot "shoot diagonally from top to bottom", what i failed to see is that my raquet head was never in the slot ! It was in what looks like two hand backhand position the whole time.. so i i felt furstrated but i never knew why ! 🙂

  9. No problem. I do have a video course on the one-handed backhand that explains all the fundamentals in detail. If you are interested please send me an email via my homepage. Best

  10. Always the right point…and so simply explained. I play one handed backhand and all i can say from my experience, this is essential when hitting it. Sure you'll hit some and miss some with the slightly bent elbow, but straight arm is the key.

  11. had you ever problems that your shoulder was close to dislocate when hitting that backhand during a run?me yes

  12. At first I thought I was always hitting with a straight arm..until I did a few shadow swings at home and found that I WAS bending my arm…Thanks for this tip…will correct it…

  13. Thanks Coach. I am still confused – I see pics of guys like Wawrinka for example on the takeback and their right arm still seems to have a 90 degree bend at the elbow? Please advise. Thanks.

  14. But in ur slow mo, bent arm was used to hit above waist bouncing ball while straight arm was for perfect trajectory, so of course its easier to hit it right with straight arm while its much harder for high bouncing ball

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