Good morning, I’m heading for some fitness with my fitness coach Fred It’s 9 o’clock in the morning, and I can’t… I can wait for you know to start I mean look at this beauty right The temperature the temperature temperature is not ideal but It’s I mean. It’s warm enough to practice. It’s the ideal place for me for my practice, for my preparation Hey Fred! How are you? Good. Yeah, special haircut this morning. Yeah! Okay, we warm up. We warm up, so what do we do today? We do a warm-up then we do strengthening for the hamstrings, gluts and little good, then we go outside and we do a cardio session your favorite oh oh You’re doing good. Yeah, what about you? Man? I don’t know I’m doing a lot better I Start on bicycle and I move to the cardio part what well said I’ll be happy because I’ll feel better after Oh Missy Kurt’s idea You know who we are starting the cardio session with Fred and ready to push at the my limits 100% and until I’ll be walking that Push hard or go home So I just finished my tough fitness session with Fred it is a Killer, but now I’m going for some rehabilitation some ice baths Get myself back to normal any session in the afternoon You make it make the new player That’s a nice video action Things practice time So we just finished the train station I had three hours on the court had a practice set and Many drills with my coach Gary now I’m going for some a rehabilitation again like previously and To get myself ready for tomorrow So cable He’s a tough man so one more time

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Dennis Veasley

42 thoughts on “One day with me at the Mouratoglou Tennis Academy!”

  1. Hi Stefanos ! I am not used to comment on your videos but know that they are very nice. So, just one question, do you speak french at 5:44 ?? Love you so much and I'd like to talk with you if you want.

  2. Stefanos, keep on hitting with that deceivingly chill style of yours and you will beat Nadal and all the rest one day. 😀 Actually, it was pretty close in Toronto yesterday but you were too nervous and lacked the critical confidence in the first set (the Barcelona blow out haunting in the back of your mind, I reckon…). Also, one of these days I could hit with you and show you some secrets dwelling in the depths of human mind only to be unlocked by intellect and meditation – and teach you the skill of being even more, I mean really relaxed in the heat of action and suspense! No kidding. – Keep rising up the ranks, we all cheer for you, surfer!

  3. this is the best tennis boy of all , because do vlogs😅😅😅…..
    stefanos ❤❤❤❤ you are very talented!!!!!!!!

  4. When I am looking at your videos I am jelaus and I want to do that too. I am 12 years old I am Greek I am playing 7years tennis and I love it. My dream is one day to live what you are living

  5. Hi Stefanos, Thank you for making this video! It's really interesting to see all of the behind the scenes training that goes into being a professional tennis player. I think many fans are unaware of the recovery work that is required from you guys on a daily basis. Great job on your YouTube Channel!

  6. View into the life of an ATP Pro. You read about all this, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like this. Very innovative. Keep vlogging, my Greek star!

  7. Stefanos……. you are a fabulous athlete and a wonderful human being.
    I thank you for always going out of your way, to make and post these vlogs for your followers. Και η απάντηση μου για αυτούς που λένε να μη μιλάς αγγλικά ……πρώτον η δουλειά σου είναι…… και δεύτερον όλη η Ελλάδα σήμερα εγγλέζικα μιλάμε (και ακούμε ραδιόφωνα, τηλεόρασης όλα τα τραγούδια εγγλέζικα κλπ).
    Καλα ρε παιδιά σοβαρή είστε ? δεν καταλαβαίνετε ότι το σπορ του Ντένες είναι παγκόσμιο παιχνίδι ?Αυτό το παιδί κάνει Περήφανη όλη την Ελλάδα και όλους μας τους έλληνες. !!!! Για σοβαρευτείτε λιγάκι. Αλλά αυτοί Είμαστε δυστυχώς. Άλλη καταστρέφουνε την πατρίδα…… και το ζούμε καθημερινά …….και τους χειροκροτούμε. Αυτο είναι το πρόβλημα …..ότι ο Στέφανος δεν μιλάει ελληνικά στα vlog του.
    So very proud of you young man. Thank YOU for being such a beacon of hope for people all over the world. Young and young of heart adore you……. we are lucky and so filled with pride that you promote the game of tennis and the entire world is talking about that ‘Greek Guy’. You are such a well spoken, articulate and well mannered young man. It speaks volumes about how you have been raised and how amazing your family and parents are. Well done Stefanos.

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