Welcome back to PingSunday, the best place
to learn table tennis. A day in the life
of Shanghai Table Tennis School. This is the film of Tony Ma, one of the participant
of the Summer Training Camp last year. He has kindly accepted to share this video
on my channel. There are some interesting videos on Tony
Ma channel. I recommend you go there to
watch, and to understand the training camp in China. The link of his channel is given
in the video description. This year, you can also apply for the scholarship
of the Summer Training Camp. I’ve talked about it in the previous video
(look above). By watching my videos, some players have applied
for the scholarship. And Ms. Xu, the
official organizer of CTTC (Chinese Table Tennis College) has emailed me 5 days ago. So firstly, I will present you the internal
tournament of the members of the training camp. Tony
Ma has played in the top group. His ranking points is about (2000-2100 US
rating points). And then you will see a daily life of Tony
Ma during one month at Shanghai University of Sport in China. Let’s go!

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Dennis Veasley

8 thoughts on “One day in Shanghai Table Tennis School”

  1. Thank you coach EmRatThich for recommending this camp originally! Thank you also for uploading this video! Please feel free to ask me any questions about the training or daily life at the Shanghai camp!

  2. Ahhh coach, I wanted to know what you think of this problem I've had recently.

    I am a shakehand player originally. But my arm had a bad nerve problem for no reason, suddenly I could not hit fh with sh. But I used pen hold for the past 3 weeks and I'm back to normal or maybe my fh is better.

    What do you think of this situation. Should I attempt to go back to sh or stick with ph now? I'm very distraught especially since the training camp is approaching!!!

  3. Are the age requirements absolute? What if I'm 26 currently…is it ok to still apply? I'm very passionate about TT and train with a Chinese coach every week. I would love the opportunity to learn from the best while also learning about China.

  4. Great Vid, some times the background music is too loud so we cannot hear the interview questions and answers. But overall is excellent for getting a good idea of what it's like to train in China, Thanks EmRatThich

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