[On the Flats theme music] Errin: Hello, and welcome to another episode
of “On the Flats”, I’m Errin Joe. Today our host Jerry Lanier will be speaking
with sophomore Jasmine Minor of the Georgia Tech Tennis Team After an outstanding freshman
year both on and off the court, and especially in the classroom, she has great expectations for herself, and as well as her teammates. What does she have in mind? Well let’s find out as Jerry sits down
with rising star, Jasmine Minor. Jerry: What was it like, growing up in Chicago? Jasmine: Different, than here I
would say, I actually grew up north of Chicago in the suburbs and… I went to a private Catholic school up there and, I spent a lot of time kind of… just around I would say… um, people that are very traditional and, I mostly spent my
weekends in the city where people were a lot more, just, Democratic, very open, so I mean, it was- it was different,
it was a good experience for me to have kind of like, both sides, of that. Jerry: So you’ve won a lot of awards, um, like in 2010, you were high school states singles champion, you were the y- you won the uh,
national play of the year as a freshman! Like, with all these awards was it hard for
you to stay level-headed half the time? Jasmine: I think… balancing that out was something that I learned in high school. I always grew up um, having the mentality that y’know, no
matter what I do I still need to give back to the community. Um, for example, my senior
year, um, in high school, I had the choice whether to play
on the high school team or not or whether to go on and go and do my own thing,
play national tournaments and stuff, and, y’know, I went, and I played for the team, and y’know, it wasn’t something that I would
say necessarily helped me out a lot, personally, but… it… it did a lot for other people to kind of just have me around and
to bring attention to the team and y’know, help the girls ‘n train them
and mentor them, and sort of help someone else’s dream come true instead of more about me,
so I spent a lot of time doing that and finding that balance between um, y’know, your own personal desires and still helping someone else was y’know, where I learned that the most. Jerry: You’re a member of the, uh,
National Honor Society, and um, Mu Alpha Theta, Mathematics Honor
Society, that’s what it was called? Jasmine: Mhm. Jerry: And uh, graduated
Magna Cum Laude. How were you able to have
that down so easily? Jasmine: I think it goes back to
just, the people around me. Um… where I came from, uh, the
tennis academy back at home and I’ve got all these little kids that, y’know, from 11 to 13 years old that look up to me and every time I- I do something, whether it’s school, or tennis, or just
something else outta that I wanna give a hundred percent of my effort. Jerry: Graduating high school, you
probably got offers to play from all over the country, I expect for tennis and, even offers
you would probably even go pro. What made you even come to Georgia
Tech to play the tennis? Jasmine: The coaching.
Jerry: Coaching. Jasmine: Bryan Shelton
was our head coach and he’s probably… the best college coach in tennis in the nation I would say, and not just by what
he does on the court, but um, the way he presents himself off the court. Georgia Tech women’s tennis, it’s just,
it’s known for their sportsmanship. Y’know, how we- how we act, how, y’know,
we- we treat our opponents, how we treat everyone else around us, and y’know, that’s extremely important with him, and I felt like I needed somebody that was not only gonna push me on the court,
but help me develop as a person. Jerry: I know that he’s not here anymore, he took the job at the University
of Florida’s men’s tennis team. Jasmine: Mhm. Jerry: Um, I know that had to be
tough for y’all for him to leave. Jasmine: Yeah. Jerry: How did you- how
did you feel personally? Jasmine: I was pretty shocked. Y’know, it kinda came out of nowhere. Um… but, he’s done so much for this school. He, y’know, he’s played
here, he did well here, um, y’know, came back, he’s been coaching
here for about 15 years now and he’s respected by the entire
community and I’d pretty much say the city
of Atlanta, I don’t- I can’t go too many places where
people don’t know of him, at least, and have good things
to say about him. And it’s just… it’s a great opportunity for him, to be playing at, y’know, coaching
at pretty much the highest level. Jerry: What is your motivating force
to keep you going each day? School, tennis, even just life, ’cause sometimes it can be stressful in life. Jasmine: My team. The most, and when I say team, I don’t
just mean the girls on the tennis team. I mean… The professors that take the extra ten minutes
to help me out with something when they don’t have to, or the trainers that will go out of their way to
get up early in the morning to be there if I need them, and if I have an injury or anything
else, the coaches that will y’know, just spend that extra
little hour or whatever it is to make sure that I’m okay personally
and not just on the court. Um… y’know, it’s just- it’s people like that that do these little things
when they don’t have to. Errin: On the Flats would like to thank
Jasmine for speaking with us today and we hope that she reaches
all of her goals and much success to her team next year. On the Flats- I’m Errin Joe. [On the Flats theme music]

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