this is that caller you’re watching too
wide to sports we al mother fucker when the modern olympics were revived in
eighteen ninety six tennis was part of the games but they killed off in the
nineteen twenties it didn’t come back until nineteen eighty eight at first tennis fans and probably then the
players didn’t really much care about it but very quickly tennis grew to one of
the most important events on the tennis calendar and two thousand four actually started
counting for eighty billion dollar you ta points and here we aren’t twenty
twelve and this has been one of the most fantastic tennis tournaments here in the
olympics all the top men and women participated
in but few exceptions the notable absence
of the course rafael mcdowell who did not play due to injury so we got to the men’s semifinals and
the final four were of course roger federer novak djokovic aunty mary and
the interloper in place in the dol was one martindale patrol of argentina today federer defeated l poacher audit
at that three setter with nineteen two seventeen score in the third set was actually not that greatest tennis
but it though a lot of errors especially by
federer but still he was wiley n al dialed his younger uh… hungrier probably opponent bob
martindale quotes and they just can’t get past this old man fitter sos great dramatist to fight for a spot
in the olympic final throat playing for a gold medal unfettered
defeated dull poacher on that side otherwise andy murray hometown boy
defeated choke a bitch to book your spot in the olympic final against better and
come on in this final andy murray’s doctor breakthroughs got a big federer and avenge his wimbledon loss from just
a month ago he’s got a when his first kind of major in front of his home crowd at that someone did olympics his
country’s olympics fatter um… murray’s gato in this one come on and the acted
on the vienna root for you despite your drama and the women’s side it does get a
better this its u_s_ verses russia needed only to have to know who the
people uh… that individuals are but you do it it’s serena williams ours is
perfect maria sharapova to dream match-up for the olympic gold serena played probably the best match of
her life in the semifinals defeating world number one as a rank of belarus to
booker spot in the finals and sharp all the defeated her country woman caroline
cub to get into the finals against serena both men’s and women’s tennis finals at
these twenty twelve olympics it’d be great now choose lots of anticipation
all come back to report the results fertility sports follow me on twitter at
dave colour and it helps us out a lot if you subscribe to this channel

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Dennis Veasley

29 thoughts on “Olympic Men’s Tennis: Federer vs. Del Potro”

  1. …tennis grew to one of the most important events on the tennis calendar?

    You're awesome Dave. Keep covering the tennis!

  2. don't know if your being sarcastic. chris hoy herd of him. lead team gb at the opening ceremony. most successful "British" Olympian ever. also scottish.

  3. I knew Murray would win here. Absolutely crushed Fed in this one. Look out, Murray has arrived. Next stop, Us open.

  4. Roger's effort and emotion on winning this match looks to have made him a bit flat in the final, but full credit to Murray for playing superbly in the final, lifting himself after the Wimbledon final. This may now set him up for the elusive grand slam that i doubted he had in him since the last Olympics.

  5. Wrong again bob, Del potro has never been higher than 4th in the rankings. But lets say at one point he was ahead of Murray in the rankings? And what? At many points, in fact them all apart form that one, Murray is ahead on del potro in the rankings. Murray has been up to 2nd in the rankings. To say that del potro is easily better then Murray because he was once 3rd(which he's never been) and Murray 5th is the dumbest argument I've heard in a long time. Murray has been in 4 slam finals, Potro 1

  6. So because they were ranked like that "at one point", that means Del Potro is better? Do you even know how the rankings system works? You might want to look into it. Wow…

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