[upbeat music] That’s a good question, like
neon yellow? Neon yellow.
I’d say. Yeah. Oh this. Yellow green. It’s definitely neon yellow. Yellow. Right. [laughter] What? Bright?
No like right– Oh, oh. Like yes, I was agreeing
’cause I don’t know. Yeah definitely not green. I don’t know, green. Yellow green–
Both. It’s both of ’em. It’s like that Crayola pencil
color. Nah it’s like more than that, it’s like, I don’t know. With a neon twist. I don’t know. To throw you off. Lime green. Isn’t it neon? Neon, yeah. Neon green. Don’t change your answer ’cause
of me? I say it’s green, just neon
green. No yellow, just green. [upbeat music]

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Dennis Veasley

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