Not unless- Are you guys
enjoying yourselves so far? I am.
I’m having a lot of fun. I do hope that Malaysia
and I can talk about CeCe’s engagement party. Malaysia kind of did what
I would call a drive-by. Hey OG, did you ever
hear of small talk? Because, I was actually starting
to enjoy your company. She came up to me.
I had a conversation with Byron. And he never said you could use, this information
about Kristen as ammunition. Is it too late to put OG
back on that bike, and roll her the (beep) away?
Can we do that? This is why I also need to have
a conversation with CeCe, because, they told me things
that they wanted me to say. So clearly, CeCe is putting
the battery in the back of OG, because, I’m thinking she wants
somebody to do the dirty work. So I would love to have
a conversation with everybody present, so that there’s
no more telephone. Wow. Thank you, thank you so much. So what we going to do
about you and Malaysia, Jen? I don’t know. I’ve never had
someone throw a table at me. I mean, I know that was extreme. I think we both probably
need to apologize. This is not a 50/50 apology, Malaysia threw a table
out of anger and passion. Jennifer tried to use Malaysia
to help spread this whole rumor, with Evelyn and Shaquille. I saw text messages, discussing
that you were supposed to put a bug in my ear
about that specific rumor. I was? I feel like Jennifer is
95 percent responsible, and give Malaysia
a little five percent. A little bit. Could you move on
without an apology? I can co-exist. I mean, just to have
a conversation and kinda dead that (beep)
and be done with it. So we’ll see. Okay, so.
Malaysia throwing tables, Evelyn throwing drinks.
It’s cool. If I remotely say anything,
or even open my mouth, I am literally crucified. This is absolutely crazy
and it has to stop. I think you should talk to her, she saw you and Evelyn
be able to move forward, so it should make it
a little easier. I don’t know.

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “OG Targets Malaysia ‘Sneak Peek’ | Basketball Wives”

  1. Shaunie is so F***ing fake. I thought I liked her until this one…. she just can't handle a strong personality like OG's that will get dead on that azz quick if you speak wrong. But they always want to make her wrong. Why didn't someone tell (hoe evelyn to stay out of Tami's marriage.. I just can't with the fakery…

  2. Even this title is misleading. OG targets Malaysia? I feel Malaysia did a drive-by and O.G. has every right to respond or address that. But these people are trying their best to sway public opinion 🤷🏾‍♀️

  3. Okay what are you… a puppet? No one can put something in ur ear to spread anything…. you have a mind of ur own… so ur negative actions are your own OG!!!! I hate the way they blame CECE for everything!!!

  4. Am I the only one annoyed with Jennifer chewing on her food like a damn cow. The way she eats grosses me TF out. 🤢

  5. I do agree that Cece and Byron didn't tell Og that to use as a weapon. On that I think Og was wrong. I also think it should be a 50/50 apology between Jennifer and Malaysia. Its childish and petty, and they need to go ahead and dead that.

  6. Let's be clear wildebeast OG you play women's probfootball you take hits for fun Yas bish everything you say and or do even smiling us aggressive tf out if here you said kill with bare hands bish that's deep from a thick solid linebacking bish I don't understand the whining

  7. Shaunie how are you gonna tell Jen to move on without an apology after having a chair thrown at her head . Would you have told her thank you for your services like you have told .#Brandi

  8. What OG needs to understand is that hen you be messy from the jump and people still trying to get to know you is different then Malaysia doing some or Evelyn they been in the group and people got to know them. You can’t want the same when you doing stuff and nobody really go to know you. Simple

  9. I wish Jennifer would stand up for herself the way OG is, I love how OG REFUSES to let them bully her or push her around. That backbone she has is something a lot of people would benefit from.

  10. I am on your side the girl that plays football and tackle people because the other basketball wives are nothing but messy ass b******any young girl that made that video she is a liar and she's messy ass she's a little s***I hope the basketball girl on the football girl that plays football kick her ass

  11. everyone blames Jackie when stuff hits the fan, Malaysia always wants to fight even when situations aren’t that deep or she puts herself in, Evelyn is just a hoe and gets her actions justified by shaunie just so shaunie don’t lose friends, Tami and OG are both real and people never wanna Stand up to that unless it’s in confessional because they see it as a complete threat but yet they all women?🤦🏾‍♀️

  12. You can’t expect them to have to back OG, wait till next season she gon be the new mean girl 😂 she love throwing shots and playing victim

  13. I know Evelyn dirty ratchet stank b** ass is not talking s*** about people if anyone should leave it should be Evelyn atleast OG told the truth and said that she say what people want her to say Malaysia take up for people going to fight b**** for people so I don't see the difference in that .

  14. So Shaunie, NOW you're ok with violence because of a rumor about Shaq??!!! BUT OG is in another room for the reunion? Get the $^%^^ out of here Sis!!!

  15. I think the name of the show should change because you are all EX WIFE and SHUNIE Is so fake and one sided and she patented to be nice

  16. These women have kids and families that they need to take care of…. I wouldn’t have time hang with women I don’t like to argue and fuss all day. Just ridiculous

  17. Shaunie justifying Malaysia’s over the top violent behaviour and calling OG aggressive is insane. Va’Shaundya needs to take her ass back to Inglewood 👋🏽

  18. Wait wait wait wait wait a got damn minute! Shaunie just say there and DEFENDED Malaysia for throwing a table saying it was out of “anger and passion” and she is not aggressive. But yet OG has never threw a table a glass, a wine bottle none of that but she gets called aggressive?!??!?? I CANNOT STAND SHAUNIE!!!🙄🙄🙄

  19. The evil might have a huge secret holding and the shrink have to keep kissing The evil nasty a s s no matter what so for the shrink secret to keep 🔐 in the evilness stomach 🤔🙄😏🤷🤦

  20. "Malaysia threw a table out of anger and passion" uhmmm what? You mean anger and aggression? Shaunie always so quick to defend everyone else but always wanna call OG aggressive… gtoh b***h!

  21. all these women are jealous of one another, pathetic for grown-up women. they act like spiteful teenagers about 16yrs old.its truly laughable lol.

  22. Malaysia throwing a table is considered anger and passion? But if It’s OG who never threw anything kind u it’s considered aggressive oooo karma coming for u Shaunie it’s coming for u HARD

  23. Throwing a chair that can kill a person if hit up side the head is only 5%. Is she smoking what she's selling.. They only want to discuss their topics. OG is not understanding Shaunie and Evelyn have the strip laid out already.😂😂 They prepare before they go on camera. What they should do is let OG and CeCe in on the act.😂😂.

  24. I’m sick of maylashia she need to go, she’s always in other people business instead of minding her own

  25. Shaunie, has your two faced a$$ apologized for turning on Tami after she'd been your cosigner for like 7 years, and you turned on her?

  26. I know plenty of women from the hood who have more class than you rich B______. OG, you have my sympathy, Shaunie and her goons don't want to F with you, and by the way ,you are simply BEAUTIFUL!!!

  27. Evelyn she was not talking to you mind your business laqeisha is wrong Evilyn slept with shaq Shaunie you know that.she slept with tammi husband Chad got her ass back thinking she smart Chad don't want you I think he never wanted your loss ass . Evelyn you are aggressive irrelevant sad but I not watching the show anymore well Evelyn leave and fake ass Shaunie off I might wacth it than.

  28. They always want Jennifer Williams to approach someone because they know Jen doesn't fight physically, she'll argue but will let them throw drinks, slap and hit her.

  29. I feel like they used Malaysia this season. Smh. I like malaysia. But they kept telling her rumors and just gossip.

  30. Now OG ugly you are f**** with the wrong woman Malaysia is my girl backup let my girl alone pump your head but leave Malaysia alone

  31. How do these women eat?? Especially Shaunie and Evelyn, those who thinks they're over the top…. classless. OG move away Frome these fakes.

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