Horace Choy: I thought they played pretty well considering we had played in about two Horaceweeks. So we had knocked some of our rust off of our game and we saw a little bit of it in the doubles. Horace: Got off to a bit of slow start but once we got to our singles, this where the women are Horace: most comfortable and they really played well in singles that’s when you go to Horace: work on having that mindset
early on. And you want to come out as Horace: with a lead, and in our conference championship being down is not a good position to be in. Horace: When three out of the six singles they thought they should do against most teams. Horace: So I think coming out of double up 2-1. Them being able relax a little bit Horace: having not played in a while just give me some points under their belt and knowing Horace: what they can and can’t do and getting back into that competitive mode. Judy Kam: We took a two-week break since the last time we played a match so we went into a Judy: little bit nervous but we came out
really strong as expected. We got to got Judy: an 8-1 win so that was nice and we’re going to Florida in a few weeks and Judy: hopefully that’ll get us ready for that. Vanessa: Definitely consistency. Judy: We still have to up the intensity in
our practices because the girl that was Judy: playing now they’re not as good as the girls that we’ll play in the championship. Judy: So hopefully we’ll up the intensity in
our practices to get ready for that.

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Dennis Veasley

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