Horace Choy: It’s obviously good to get the first one
under our belt. I thought the guys played Horace: well I think Matt and Yannick have
really built up in the last couple of Horace: matches they play well. Obviously doubles
was important, we got off to a good start Horace: went up 3-0 Astor came back and gave us
everything we could handle .but in the Horace: end getting the first win was important. Matt Demichiel: I think obviously I played pretty well Matt: score was 1-0. I started a
little slow at the beginning of the Matt: season but starting to find my groove
now and hopefully I’ll be able to carry Matt: through the rest of the season. I thought
the team played really great we came out Matt: really strong in doubles which was nice,
and then we had a lot of great Matt: performances in singles. Everyone really
stepped up today and it’s a good thing Matt: we’re headed in the right direction.

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Dennis Veasley

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