Coach Hall, Coach Lehmer, thank you so much
for the last four years just everything you’ve taught me and just spending all
the time talking and just giving me something to do I’ve learned a lot from you guys and you know I built character from it and just had a really good time out there on the courts just really trying to improve
myself and just be the best I can be out there. So thank you for all that I really
appreciate it. I’d like to thank you guys. I’ve grown very close to you guys and it’s been like a family being with you all over the four years just thank you so
much I love you both. All right. Thanks, Dale and John, for giving me
all this like tennis experience that I’ll use later in life somewhere but not
only just tennis thanks for teaching me how to be a better person when it comes
to sports and just life in general. Thank you. Thank You, Coach Hall and Coach Lehmer, for being awesome coaches for me over these past four years. I’ve learned a lot from
you guys about tennis and just how to be a person. Thank you. Thank You, Coaches, you’ve been like
a great influence on my life and I’ve learned so much over this year and thank
you just for being there and coaching us. So, Dale and John, thank you so much for
coaching us for these great four years. John when you were gonna leave I was so
sad. You’ve given me the experience and intelligence of tennis. Even if I didn’t
apply it right. Hall, you stuck with us and you just gave us that mental
toughness and I’m so grateful for that. Thank you for these years of coaching. Thank you so much,
Dale, for always being there for us like a second father. being there whenever we need you most. and, John, thank you for
giving me all the wisdom for tennis that we need to know and just thanks for making us fall in love with tennis. Thanks for the last four years. This amazing journey. It’s great getting to do
this sport and you guys helping me fall in love with it. I love you guys. Thanks for
everything. you you

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