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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “NOW is your time – Speech to Alabama Football Team | Gary Vaynerchuk 2018 Keynote”

  1. Great content as usual from Gary.. but the camera work could have been a bit better. But a minor distraction, and if you close your eyes you still don't miss anything. 😃

  2. Thanks Gary I had a lot of limiting beliefs on starting a YouTube channel but decided fuck it and to just do it , to take action and it’s an immediate positive response that I’ve gotten from friends and people I haven’t spoken to for years or never even met that are hitting me up for advice or with gratitude , so to anyone who feels they have something to say to the world make your channel and say it let’s saturate the FUCK out of this positive content market

  3. I love gary vee, but a lot of the stuff he speaks of in this speech will get the players in trouble with the NCAA. I am still trying to figure out how he was even able to give this speech since he has an agency. I know the rules because I played for Illinois. I had to stop working jobs because of the NCAA. I had to stop working jobs because my coach didn't like it. They didn't want me having a roommate. They keep you broke and stop all the opportunities he speaks about in the speech. The kids should be able to take advantage. But they are not allowed to.

  4. I love Q & A so much!!! It's the best part of every keynote since I already know most of what Gary is going to speak on. I listen to him 24-7 everyday going on 3 weeks

  5. I’ve learned so much from Gary. A complete mental shift. I turned 18 two weeks ago and starting a business has been the hardest I’ve ever done. For 6 months i went to meeting after meeting and created websites for clients just for them to tell me they weren’t comfortable with my age. I was tired of being discriminated for my age. But i told myself quit bitching and keep working, that’s the only way to be successful thanks to Gary I’m implementing patience and keeping my eyes closed til 29

  6. Gary should have started with “99% of you will never make it to the NFL … So if you want to learn how to eventually make chedda that will pay you more than most professional athletes then listen the fuck up” If you don’t listen, odds are you will end up working at your local Statefarm selling boring ass life insurance.. Btw.. No disrespect to my insurance professionals.. #BookFamous #RaiderNation #KSwiss

  7. That team, and sports players in general, are highly unresponsive and too entitled to understand a thing. Wish them the best and keep it pushing.

  8. Gary is that guy. And with every video I watch, i cant help but to think how much of a wantrepreneur I am! I gotta get to work!

  9. Such great advice to these players. How did the coaches react when you told them not to be singular focused? I'd imagine they were a little shook.

  10. Gary Vee you the man!!…. I’ve listened to your advice and gone out my comfort zone and created a YouTube channel and would love some support if your into gaming guys!!.. Thanks for the love! Stay blessed!!… ❤️🎮

  11. So I will just wonder how many of those kids realize that was probably the one most vital class session instruction that they will receive at the time of that College I mean doe knows how freaking awesome Gary is hopefully now those kids realize it and we'll put that s*** to action

  12. 34:53 – Gary, are you really going to open an office here in Brasil?? For Gods Sake, let it be in Belo Horizonte! Holy fuck I’m hyped haha

  13. Hello everyone!!! I hope and pray the best for you and yours! Stay focused and motivate yourself and at least one person daily! #bethechangeyouwanttosee 💙💯💯

  14. I feel like my regret is believing that the college path was one that would make me happy. The self awareness Gary talks about here is important. You can have success doing something that's not your gift. No excuses… But most importantly no regrets.

  15. I can't tell you how much this needs to be heard by this group.
    I've never been a football player, but when people in positions of power (football players on campus) UNDERSTAND how much leverage they have
    AND…..AND USE IT FOR GOOD (ie. saying hi to their seat neighbor in poly-sci)
    THAT is the REAL GAME changer.
    That neighbor feels good about himself, thus treating the next person he/she sees better and the ripple begins.
    Thank you Gary for spreading this message-
    Your dream of being the most impactful entrepreneur is not a dream- IT REAL my friend- You're DOING IT NOW!

  16. "The level of taking for granted what your sitting on is extraordinary"- Gary Vee. Sees nothing but opportunity in different 'outside the box' thinking for these young individuals. "Squeezing it is just phenomenally interesting to me."

  17. I like the brief bit about borrowing money and patience… I run a small online fabric shop and started with 8 fabrics. I keep reinvesting and now I have 600 fabrics and haven't borrowed any money to get here! It's not a cool and trendy business but I am learning to feel proud of what I am in the process of achieving!

  18. It’s amazing when Garry answers someone’s question that he answered to someone else before he remembers where they were sitting and connects with them

  19. genius move by vaynerchuk. not only is he motivating the athletes but he is also building credibility for his sports agency.

  20. Gary, you are a champ!

    Everybody reading this is a champ too! Don’t wait, don’t hesitate, just start that vlog or new project today! If you follow even a portion of what Gary says… I KNOW you will be successful! You got this. It took me a bit to get started but I’m here to tell you, today is the day you should start!

  21. 32:13 "the bigger the ambition the more patience you have to deploy" THIS. More people need to realize this. Don't be fancy – patience pays off in the long run!!

  22. Hey bro!
    This is my first time reaching out to you. I am currently watching this video timestamp 14:16 and you have just mentioned something about someone figuring out the patience game.

    For some time now I have been under the impression that patience and success go hand in hand.

    I have a phrase that I have developed over the accumulated experience I have had with patients and the accumulated experience of others who have talked about patience and how it has worked in their lives.

    The phrase goes as followed:

    Patience is a virtue of the Gods. For the Gods are Immortal and do not have to deal with the pressured that comes with time/time limits….."

    " in turn, if I become more patient do I become more Godlike?"

    I developed this phrase before I stumbled upon the first video I had ever seen of you.

    Like all the many topics you touch on, this one resonates with my belief and confidence that my life will be a success.

    Thanks for all the advice and keep kicking ass!

  23. of all the schools to visit, he went to Alabama? Why?…..they have dominated college football for years, they don't need motivation. Their legacy is motivation and repeating as champs is more than enough. Go talk to the teams who never make it to the college playoffs.

  24. What he said about leverage as a college player is so true, I've seen tons of guys who played at usc etc and end up getting jobs that they're basically not qualified for because they likely made some kind of connection based on their status as a player. He's also very right about college and people, a lot of these you tube entrepreneur marketers types love to bash on "a Harvard mba", but what they don't realize is people do those things for the connections, not necessarily what you learn. I don't normally like these types but this guy is def the exception

  25. Jeez these guys act like children. Props to Gary for handling the immaturity. He truly has an ability to see the strengths and good in people.

  26. Great message and at Jagaha.com, Gary is in our top 3, no doubt – video to come. BUT we were quite surprised how much of the Q&A was about what to invest in (ie get the biggest return for doing nothing for those that likely have no money!!!!!). Made a video referencing this video recently, invest in yourself! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lu_G81ASQHI&t

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