[Laughter] I guess they don’t know that I’m here right now. My dad doesn’t know that I like to drink gin. What’s my weirdest habit? You know what it is. It’s your wake up clearing of the throat [throat noises] Something like that You don’t wanna know tell them Joshie If I was a woman for a day I would just look at myself naked in the mirror. I can’t lose again It’s probably ‘Unchained’ by Van Halen except I can’t sing that high, I don’t know what you want me to do I can play some air guitar it goes like [playing air guitar] Poop, faeces, I saw faeces Crap I saw it, I smelt it first and then saw it and changed carriage Sorry Joshie Alright so, one time I’m in Atlanta my friend’s like, “Alright we are going to go to this barcadia after the show” “it’s going to be sick, we’ll have drinks” I dont think you were there for this. The barcade? It’s a different barcade? It’s a different barcade that never went to because instead of taking me to a barcade he took me to a strip club but it was known for being the most disgusting strip club in the whole United States you weren’t there to like have a laugh and that was the weirdest thing I have ever done I’m not going to go into detail, I only lasted five minutes and then I ran all the way back to the bus Um… the weirdest thing I have ever done to impress a girl is ahhhh be myself I pretended to be into The Used You don’t like The Used? No What’s up, I’m Marcus I’m Josh and I’m losing We’re part of Northlane and we’re playing table tennis for the BRAG

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Dennis Veasley

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