Now, we’re going for the blue.
Now, we’re going for the green.Now, we’re going for the red. Excellent. You’re doing
very well here. Yeah, you feel that burn? – Yes, coach.
– Wipe on, wipe off, wipe on, wipe off, wipe on, wipe off, wipe on. It’s like wax. Yeah? [lighter clicks] I got one word for you, underarm. – Underarm?
– Don’t even think about it. Just do it. – See? Went over the net.
– Into the wrong court. Try again. Come on! Tim Henman never served underarm. [Theme Music] Beautiful So, I’ve got some news for you – Okay, cool.
– It’s the big one. What? A match [Barnaby laughs] – Um. So, who is it?
– Ah, Dave. Davey Davies. He likes fishing. You know, he’s always on his Moped
so, ah, he does the booze cruises, comes along, got a big box on the back, always a nice cold
beer in there. Cool, but, um, what’s he like at tennis? I really want to know what his returns are like. Returns. Ah, John. Haddock? Haddock! Yeah, yeah [laughs]. How are you doing? Listen.
I’ve just sorted my protégée out with a tennis match. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Tennis.
Tennis. Tennis. Yeah, against… Against Davey Davies. Yeah, so, ah, so, so
what’s he like? Oh, he likes it [laughs]. Good. Yeah, good. Okay. So, can you tell me
a bit about his skills? [Laughs] Yeah, no. Yeah, no, no. I’ve seen him do that. Yeah,
w- … When he’s, ah, got a box full of alcohol on the back of his Moped, he can
do this little wheelies [laughs]. It’s really good. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay. All right. Um,
all right, how about, ah, who’s his favorite tennis player? Anna Kournikova! Yep, all right.
Okay. Bye, bye. Bye. Did he say anything about his second
serves? No, but, ah, I know for a fact they’re
better than his first. – Unusual. Right, okay. Anything else?
– Ah, he’s got a really nice forearm. – Forehand.
– Haddock says he hasn’t done a tournament in a while. Right. When was his last tournament? We came second in PokerStars down
the Mallard. – That was about two weeks ago.
– Right. That’s really good. Yeah, I like
that. – The rum?
– Yeah. – Ah, cheers! Did you get any change?
– Ah, yeah. Here you go. Ah … Hmm, fruit! It’s nice. Fruit. Thick! What they
do is, ah, they, they mix it all up. Was that all you got back because that’s
nearly 11 quid for a smoothie? Yeah. Ah, there’s 18 top quality
fruits in there. Mike doesn’t even peel ’em. He, he didn’t peel them? No, no. It’s the new way. He just
chucks it all in. I told him to make it special. – It’s a bit stringy.
– The stringy bits are the nutritious bits. They’ll make you like that, rock solid!
Is it nice? – Hmm. Yeh, it just tastes a banana.
– Oh, try a bit further down. Yeah that, that lump right there. There, yeah.
Do you know what that special ingredient is? [uncertain] Gaeva? Yeah, yeah. That’s, ah, costs a lot
of money. That does. Mike has to import it. – It doesn’t even grow in England.
– What, is it that little lump there? Yea. Yeah. Hmm, [laughs] tasty.

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