Hello Everyone! Today I’m privileged to introduce to you Hong Kong’s former #1 Tennis star and TRX Trainer …and Tennis instructor Henry Hello Billie Hi, How are you? Hope you’re well Let me ask, what are you holding? This is a TRX Rip Trainer Oh, let’s go play with this! Sure! Ok! This is a TRX Rip Trainer When people think of TRX, they think of the 2 cables that are suspended The one that hangs with the two handles This is also part of the TRX family of training tools What is this primarily used for? Usually its for the athletes that require a lot of “rotation movements” like tennis Yes, turning motions! For example At the beginning… …when you learn… You would hold it here… Once you’re more advanced …you would… “rotate” like this These exercises would help athletes that play, for example, tennis Help improve them Ok! Why don’t you come and try it? First, you copy the same action as me Wide base squats first Remember, don’t splay your feet then your left arm like so and your right hand here Ok! This position is where you need to be when you have the RIP Trainer Now it’s easy! Later you’ll get some “resistance” Ok, I understand I’m worried I wouldn’t be able to deliver that fast… Try it first Ok And… “Back straight” Go to here Straight Remember to use your foot and “pivot” Turn it out And you come to this point …and now return Stick your hand out and then GO Up to here! GO and BACK One… Two… Three Go back to the beginning Stop for a sec Have this straight straight straight this is straight here is… Ok Now, let’s try a TRX “Rotational Strike” It’s a motion Let’s go back to the stance “Stack” Bring in your hand Back to here Ok Good Remember “back straight” and Look Up and now, stick your leg out like this pivot…yes hold now…you try to return back and OUT One Two and Three and Four and Five HOLD “stay strong” Heads up One Two Three Four Five and relax Henry, I want to ask, what do you normally eat for recovery after your training sessions I would take this Activlab Protein Bar It helps me recover my energy and nutrition It comes in three flavours One is Vanilla Black Currant and…Lemon If you want to know more about Henry’s Protein Bar Check out our website Thank you very much Henry! Thank you

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