When I get my first check, I want to invest
in real estate. I want to own a shoe store. NLE’s Kicks. Then you got NLE Real Estate. Everybody needs shoes. Everybody needs a house. Who produced the song? Midas 800. Cool producer. What made me go out was really, you know what
I’m saying how the beat came on. You hear dun dun you know what I’m sayin’
I was like hold up you know what I’m sayin. We got something right here. I had already like free styled to it in the
car. I was just like bruh I gotta drop with the
freestyle goin’ crazy so I was like gotta drop the real song. You know what I’m saying we recorded and
then it went crazy. Big guns, army guns. In Memphis, a lot of the time we’d be like
wipe his nose or something know what I’m sayin usually when you wipe your nose you probably
have a cold so we just played with the words on that one too. Being a fraud means just fake, not real. Cap, jap, Bruce, bru-bru. All that. Memphis slang is hilarious. I promise you. I don’t do drugs though. I’m trippin. Say no to drugs. Man, if you sick, do that. It might help you feel better Choppa ain’t no little gun. Some big guns. So when you shooting, it’s got a kick to it. Like Jet Li. When I took karate, I got to the orange belt. I don’t know how far that is from the black
belt but I think it’s almost there, something like that. But I wasn’t the best karate student. I always wandered. Just did my own thing. I don’t know how to orange belt. My teachers would describe me as terrible. Actin’ up, doin the most. Cutting people’s braids off. I cut some hair off not his braids though,
but his hair. Right in front of the principle and got in
trouble for it. It was like 3rd grade though… It was just a, what they call it, hyperbole. Yeah, hyperbole. I got it. Oooh, that boy smart using them big words,
you heard me? It was a hyperbole. Exaggeration for ya’ll that don’t know. You know what a backwood is, most of my friends,
they Crippin. So they’ll say cack woods. So I just shortened it to cack. We not allowed to say back wood. I can say it, but they not. They say cack wood. Sticked up means strapped. Got a gun. There’s so many terms for guns now, but
sticked up like a blind man. A blind man got have a stick and your glasses. People up north they like what is a kool-aid
pickle. It’s pretty much a pickle dipped in kool-aid. Kool-aid pickle. You get fruit punch flavor. Cherry. Blueberry. Kool-aid pickle. Get it. That was smart. Two holes in your chest that’s a nipple. That’s what I should have said, but same
thing. Double D titties on the gun, that mean like
2 drums. Southwest Philly. A Philly cheese steak, it’s like one of my
favorite sandwiches. The best Philly cheese steaks in Memphis are
from Huey’s. Put some mayo on that joint, take the onions
off. Jalapenos, tomatoes. I don’t even like tomatoes but they taste
good on Philly’s. And then on the steak, the cheese. He the GOAT. If you the Kobe of rap, you the best rapper
of all time. Kobe-Jordan debate, Kobe. Kobe, Kobe. Just Kobe. The mindset he has, the drive, the work ethic. Just everything about him is just something
that you want to be, or wanna be better than. I ain’t left-handed, though. Wouldn’t it be cool to shoot somebody with
your off hand? That would be cool. On some 007 stuff. Most of them coming soon, for sure. I’m gonna drop a mixtape around June, so
be waiting for that.

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