And here is 16-year-old
phenom Rafael Nadal, waiting for the first serve. Wow! This guy’s relentless! Unbelievable. Love-fifteen. Is he going to play
every point like that?

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “Nike | Rafael Nadal – Rally”

  1. Such a symbolic video by Nike!The relentless approach throughout his life on court(not just clay,every court),followed by snap of family cheering him on which is most important thing for Rafa.The umpire saying 'love-15' signifying be it first point of the game,he still gives his best.All of this topped by amazing mcenroe commentary.Brilliant video!

  2. For everyone asking about the music.
    You are welcome

  3. He needs to cleanse his stomach well before each match.
    Stop digging your you know what all day long.
    Do you know the camera is right behind you when you finger digging that you know !!!!

  4. Dios como me emociona este video y eso que ni se ni la mitad de la vida de rafa.. madre mia! Is he gonna play every point like that? ( esa fue la clave del exito)

  5. Heck If Betsy Ross Flag from 1776 is offensive how far back into history does Nike draw the line? The 5th Century BC Greek City States were offensive. Nike should ditch the Nike Greek Goddess Name and Logo. The Greeks were big time Slavers, ultra misogynistict and Patriarchal, practicing culturally accepted pedophilia,. Greeks were very racist against outsiders even considering Macedonians as “Barbarians” they thought of Persians were sub human. BTW Betsy Ross was staunchly against Slavery, you should learn History before making decisions Nike and Colin

  6. The more you have in your hands, the less you have over your head 🙂 I really wish my idol could have both…

  7. Sorry fellow commenters and fans. I love tennis and sports. Nike….I'm done with your company and its products based on not just your obvious political views but because there wrong!

  8. Best part bout this video is the umpire from the ‘08 final looking from right to left between points…great detail.

  9. I used to like watching Nadal play but now, I don't like it anymore. Just hated his scratch his ass n ball routine before every play!!!!

  10. In the top 5 greatest tennis players of all time. What the game has given us the last 10/15 years simply won't be bettered. Federer of course is the GOAT,but Nadal and Djokovic aren't far behind

  11. Maybe Nike should start increasing their sponsorship fee for nadal. It's so low compared to Djovic, federer and Nishikori that its almost a joke.

  12. I think he could not re-dress while people just turn their heads from left to right. That's my opinion.

  13. It's funny that they can't use footage of Federer in this ad because he doesn't wear Nike apparel anymore

  14. Young Nadal played every point like his life depended on it … he should wear a t-shirt that says "Me or my knees" lol

  15. So exciting the MAN is much loved by so many people. Brilliant video keep them coming please 💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕

  16. Is he gonna play every point like that!!! – superb ad!!!!
    Song – Dustin O'Halloran – We Move Lightly

  17. He doesn’t only deserve this but he deserved it long time ago, he is at the same lvl as Roger. Two greatest players of all time Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer.

  18. I developed a habit of "Never give up" bcoz of nadal. Very happy to see Nike joining applauding one of the greatest tennis player. Thank you RAFA.

  19. I think is the best announcement of nike i have ever seen, and probably the most amazing of all the ads of sport at the moment. So emotional..

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