I’m Eva,I’m 11 years old and I play soccer.I definitely like to be the big sister.I have a pretty big family.There’s Simone, Amias, Redmond, Mum,
Dad and my stepmum, Carrie.In the morning when I have soccer,I make sure that my bag is packed,and that I have everything.Today, you go home with Mum, okay?And then I’ll get you after practice.Bye, Amias!Bye, Sissy!I’ve been playing soccer for five years.We usually play 4–4.There’s a sweeper, three mid … or 1–4–3–2 …Wait, I’m trying to do the maths.Play hard today, okay?And just have fun!When I put on my soccer jersey,I feel,to be honest …normal.Hustle!When my dad and my mum are there,
I feel like I’m supported by people,I’m not there alone.If Simone or Amias start playing soccer,
I hope to be a role model for them.No farther than this from her, okay?And the reason why is ’cause
I can see the entire play and her.My coach tells me to be aggressive.And I also think it’s good for girls
to be sassy on the field.No goal! That hit the pole!I like playing soccerbecause it gives me a lot of energy,and I get to run around with my teammates.Good play, lady!There’s literally no proof
that boys are better than girls.It’s just a belief.But my family doesn’t believe that.They believe in me.

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Dennis Veasley

15 thoughts on “Nike | Getting Girls in Sports: A Love of Soccer that Starts at Home”

  1. No one says boys are better than girls or girls are better than boys. But they are different from each other.

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