[Background music] “If we show emotion we’re
called dramatic.” “If we want to play against
men, we’re nuts.” “And if we dream of equal
opportunity, delusional.” “When we stand for something,
we’re unhinged.” “When we’re too good there’s
something wrong with us.” “And if we get angry… we’re hysterical, irrational
or just being crazy.” “But, a women running a
marathon is crazy.” [ANNOUNCER]
“Officials tried to pull her
off the course” “A woman boxing was crazy.” “A woman dunking, crazy.” “Coaching an NBA team, crazy.” “A woman competing in a hijab.” “Changing her sport.” “Landing a double cork 1080.” “Or winning 23 grand slams, having a baby and then coming
back for more. Crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy
and crazy.” [SFX]
Crowd cheering “So if they want to call
you crazy, fine. Show them what crazy can do.” [Background music] [Background music]
It’s only crazy until you do it. [Background music]
Just do it. [Background music]

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “Nike | Dream Crazier”

  1. Nike's real dream is to disrespect the American flag and the freedom which brave soldiers gave Nike so it could make overpriced tennis shoes in overseas sweat shops.

  2. i dont buy nike cause of this ad serena is a brat crazy they thought this was a good idea nike fan my whole life not anymore

  3. Nike in slaves kids to make there shoes, And you judge the country that made you. Big companies have falling before. But not when you in slave kids to make your shoes. But hey pay Kaperdick millions because he was a slave.

  4. I'm crying cuz Nike is stupid: We stand with the best people in our country's history. Betsy Ross was a member of a devout Quaker community in Philadelphia which led one of the earliest of anti-slavery movements in our country's history. Her state, Pennsylvania, was the 1st to abolish slavery, 7 years before the constitution! In a time where too few had rights, a strong woman created a symbol that would help unite this great country."

  5. I think you have confused our statements of crazy regarding men competing in woman's sports, lack of respect for your country and general subversive behaviour with our respect for humanity. Crazy is the new democratic establishment.

  6. Seriously, I am fucking sick of this feminazi propaganda being shoved down our throats.. This is not the 1930s, women do have equal oppertunity. Just try to come up with a flimsy argument against this..

    And that is coming from another woman.

  7. It's amazing how racist sexist men come out of the woodwork to comment on any ad that highlights and praises women.

  8. I see a lot of people talking about Nike exploiting child in sweat shops but what have you done about it?? Just bitch on the internet?? You don’t actually care about this terrible issue you are just looking for a way to diminish this ad. 3/4 of the people in this comment section probably own Nike gear.

    I’m not saying this isn’t a terrible issue, I’m saying your fake outrage is bullshit

  9. Whats crazy is that this video is not about sweat shops its about women like get the context right if they make a video about being ethical go nuts on that

  10. How about we take Nike's marketing team, and pUsH iT sOmeWhere eLse ???
    (somewhere to a different company, pick up your whiteboards and work somewhere else.)

  11. so many douchebags who are clearly triggered by strong women trying to reframe the conversation to child labor. but are not talking about the dog cages full of migrant children at the border pls save your outrage

  12. It’s funny how people point out child labor & sweat shops when it’s commercial starring Serena Williams but when it’s a commercial starring Roger Federer (who was also sponsored by Nike). No one feels the need to bring child labor or sweat shops up.

  13. Why y'all complaining about child labour in here? If you care so much about it go do it in all of the videos, or else somewhere where there are more views to be heard better in the comment section, but that's not what you want is it? You would do something about it if you sincerely cared, buy you don't, you are just using this as an excuse to not show that your morality compass is broke by simply saying that you feel uncomfortable with this video and who is making it for giving so much attention to sexism on the sport's field.

    Why y'all complaining about women's labour in here? Maybe if you care so much about it you would raise awareness about even further mistreatment against women in other countries and exploitation for the sake of capitalism in third world countries, maybe stop giving nike attention like y'all are now, calling nike an hypocrite just like any rich company is in any ad they made, in any shoes you wear, and in merchandise you use, yet you decided to come here especially to pointed out, why? To make sure everyone knows they aren't as "progressive" as they want us to believe, you want to show us that they actually are closer to your train of thoughts if you decided to come specifically here to pointed obvious shit out. To give away credibility to the ad that shows how girls are discouraged more than men in sports.

    Why y'all complaining about Serena Williams? You might not like her but to use the last controversy between her and naomi truly proves their intention to be true, why don't you go to mainly male ads focus and comment on how in some tennis matches opponents simply decide to hit on another guy with a fucking tennis ball because they didn't like the result? There are (not) so funny compilations on youtube about it, since that's how they're called. Serena had a meltdown and she communicated with naomi about it, not because it had something against naomi but serena simply on standing her ground made more impression than naomi's win. She apologizing for winning? Was the audience fault for booing her when defeating Serena, who apologized for taking away the spotlight from her by calling out something she thought was wrong, and Osaka in response stated Serena simply stood her ground to something she believed in so if you really want to make your point across about how shitty this ad is maybe start by saying something that doesn't confirm the ad's intention.

  14. I noticed that men have already done these things and done them better forever and then noticed that this ad is coming from a man- hating feminist prospective…. So I disliked it 👎🏻

    Btw the thumb being white isn’t racist.

  15. Oh you don't even need to mention child labour to ridicule the Nike/Serena crazyness. She has her own history of female power hypocrisy.

  16. This is the stupidest commercial I’ve ever seen. No one has ever said any of this stuff. Liberals are toxic as hell

  17. Oh shut the fuck up Nike . I literally never want to buy a shoe from them again . Jesus Christ . Half of the things in this nobody called crazy it’s just nobody gives a shit .

  18. There should be a 10 hour loop

    crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy

  19. TBH I don't know why we can't just have an ad that says everyone is amazing and crazy because everyone is differnt and are better at certain things than others, how about instead of preaching one sex (this also applies for male ads btw) why can't we just celebrate the achievements that everyone has made for example people trying out in the Paralympics (and also that the Paralympics even exist), how female football has massively been increasing in popularity in the past 20 years, and how men like Usain bolt are record breakers.
    I am a man and I am a keen long distance runner and from the UK and I'm inspired by Mo Farah and not because he's black (or BAME how the BBC likes to call it now 🙄) or that he's a good role model for people of colour or minorities, no it's because he's one hell of a good runner and down to earth and a generally light hearted personl, I think people are paying more attention to an athletes, sexual orientation, gender, race, religion etc but aren't actually paying attention to the important part, which is their performance.

  20. When using feminazism to excuse your bad behaviors is DELUSIONAL AND THE COURT OF HEAVEN, NOT NIKE, WILL JUDGE YOU!!!

  21. When we are too good, there's something wrong with us…

    Isn't that the trans woman who has x the amount of testosterone than other women, lol

  22. Women are once again demonstrating they are just as good as men. Clearly they are nagged by a fear they might not be as good as men.

  23. Nike: We hate cops, we hate the USA, we hate white people, we hate straight people, we hate men, but we want you to buy our sneakers.

  24. They really forgot to show the transgender fighter that brutal gave the beat down to a female fighter. Im crying he must not be crazy enough for this video

  25. Y'all complaining about child labor, what shoes are y'all wearing? I bet your shoes weren't handmade by a blonde white north American adult sitting in an air conditioned room making a living wage.

  26. This is stupid propaganda against our Lord Jesus Chist. Femail has it role and nobody take it. But there is no way that femail must be male. This is stupid.

  27. NIKE Community can we get this comment to have 1 million LIKES?!, lets do it!, as NIKE is always says, JUST DO IT!

  28. I'm done with Nike. Through. Please.. PLEASE show me where these men are in 2019 still telling women this bullshit? You can't. Cause they don't exist.

  29. women are using child labour and are crazy they harrass for talking becouse you have no right to talk becouse we are one of course sexism is involved becouse she cannot control her sex drive and wants dick nothing more dna to dna vagina speaks not her what a toiletery piss and shit only most of the time they will hear the sound and will be mind blown by it and will mock and imitate you they will steal your identity and claim you have no right to speak becouse speaks and she is you my breader paranoid schizofrenic was attacking me for writing similar style to her she imitated me and attacked me becosue she is me and she will mock everybody and decide who i am what ia have right to do

  30. Same dudes complaining about women athletes using their free speech are the same cucks who cry and whine when someone critiques them and say they’re being oppressed.

  31. Equal opportunities for little Asian boys and girls to miss out on their education and work in a factory making overpriced trainers

  32. what’s crazy? How men only want to mention sweatshops on this specific commercial and literally none of the other nike commercials 🤔

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