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Dennis Veasley

4 thoughts on “Nike Air Max 90 Athletic Shoes Review | Aliexpress”

  1. I made like 6-7 orders on Aliexpress.
    Honestly this is the last place on the internet where I'll purchase.
    First of all it's impossible to verify the quality of products based on a photo. The material used, the quality of manufacture, etc …
    The sizes for clothes, shoes etc, are catastrophic!  
    XXL size is the equivalent of a M here in Europe. Imagine in USA!
    The delivery is 3 weeks minimum if you're lucky, otherwise up to 2 months. But your payment at the time of purchase goes directly in their pocket!
    If you have a problem with an order, communication with them is very difficult due to the culture differences. It's very common that the seller will do blackmail on you for you to be refund, for example asking you to put him a positive feedback and then he will refund you. Strange way to do business!
    Also their customer online service does not really help, it plays the same "game" like vendors.
    Be aware that the regulations in China are different from Europe or USA. Some products may be toxic or harmful buy the use of substances illegal in Europe or USA but not in China, such as for example jewelry causing allergies or skin irritations, even furniture from China causing the same health problems etc …
    If you order a brand such as counterfeited Adidas or other, you may pay the fully price of the original product and also be fined by customs services in your country!
    I do not advise to buy from them, but after all it is your money.
    I'm just giving my opinion based on my experience on this site.

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