Hi i’m Spencer with the Tennis Warehouse
shoe review this is the Nike Air Court
Ballistec 4.3 The current shoe of choice of Rafa Nadal, the Nike Air Court Ballistic 4.3
maximizes durability, cushion, and performance. with a new look a lighter weight and
improved fit let’s find out how it fared on the hard courts We’re here with Jason Huang Jay you’ve had a chance to play test all
versions of the Court Ballistec uh… this latest version, the 4.3 how did it fare in comparison most particularly to the last one the 3.3 ’cause i know you had some fit issues in that one so why don’t you fill us in yeah i was a fan of the 1.3 and an even
bigger fan of the 2.3 and then with the 3.3 I thought Nike took a couple steps back with that one and with this latest version i think they’re back on the right track immediately i noticed the uppers are much
more supple they didn’t really need a break in at all so that was a big improvement right there alone and then as far as comfort and cushioning goes that was on par with the previous versions. my favorite aspect really was the fit, the Adaptive Fit Technology where I feel like I could cinch up the laces and the uppers really mold to my feet and i have a really
secure fit Really just my main issue is still the
arch, it’s hitting me in the wrong spot takes a long time to break in and
even still after a long break in I can still
feel it but after I put in an aftermarket insole it feels much better and the shoe performs
like… like a Court Ballistic should, so I enjoyed it We’re here with Troy Lara, Troy you, like Jason, have tested all the Court
Ballistics as well. How does this 4.3
stack up ’cause i know you are a grinding type of player and you put a lot of
wear on your shoes especially on the hard court. What’d you think? Overall, like Jay said the 4.3 is a big improvement over the 3.3 right out of the box much more comfortable, much softer and it fits my foot really well the only downsides to the 4.3 is I feel like toe durability was less than the
other version, I went through the toes on these pretty fast and I am a pretty heavy toe dragger but not as durable as the 3.3 or the other ones overall i really like the shoe. I did
have some of that arch pain so like when i tied the shoe
really tight it kinda like cramped the arch area of my
foot i think it’s a little too narrow in there uh… but other than that you know if i wasn’t tying it too tight I could play fine in them. I moved well, great
stability, good lateral support uh… but still not quite as good as the
2.3 that was probably my favorite out of the bunch and uh… yeah that’s how I compare it to the other ones I, like the other guys, had tested all
versions of the Court Ballistecs and I was very impressed looking forward to
this 4.3 playtest review and was very impressed
from the initial try on to coming down to the court to the initial hit there was really no break in needed especially compared to the 3.3 coming
off that one which there was quite a bit of break in required. Heavier
shoe probably more durable than this iteration however much stiffer
harder to break in and the new upper on this i was very pleased with the fit was much more generous in
the forefoot which I needed and i think plenty of other guys needed so
I was very happy in that regard compared with the others as far as
performance i would say it’s right on par with the stability, the durability
the cushioning i think it’s top-notch and this is a shoe,
between this one in the 2.3 it’s a “toss up” with me they were both
two of my favorite play tests and i would play a match in these shoes today and even going forward very happy with
this one thanks for joining us for this edition of the shoe review
check our website at www.tennis-warehouse.com for more information see you
next time

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100 thoughts on “Nike Air Court Ballistec 4.3 Men’s Shoe Review”

  1. When it comes to overall comfort, Jason suggests the Propulse 3. It also has less of a break-in period!
    Siobhan, TW

  2. @1234567789zennnn,

    The 2K12's are lighter, more low-profile, and more of a speed shoe. They are super comfortable and have you feeling light and fast on court. The Ballistec's offer supreme durability and support, as well as great comfort, but you can feel the shoe on your foot a little more. Depends on your personal taste…if you like "less of a shoe", go with the 2K12's, but if stability and durability is your biggest concern, go with the Ballistec's.

    Andy, TW

  3. but do the 2k12 offer an okay durability? approximately how long does it take to wear the sole out? i hear the 4.3s laces break easily too

  4. @1234567789zennnn,

    The 2K12's offer average durability, as I wore through them in about three weeks of heavy play. The Ballistec's are definitely the more durable choice. The little lace loops do break occasionally on the Ballistec's, but I wore my pair forever and the broken loops didn't affect the fit at all. It is a design flaw though for sure in the Ballistec's.

    Andy, TW

  5. @gamingn00bs147,

    Both are great shoes, but very different from one another. The Vapor 9's are a speed shoe, which are low-profile, lightweight, and feel kind of like a running shoe. The Ballistecs are heavier, but excel in comfort, stability, and durability. Choose your shoe depending on which style you might like. If durability is a concern, definitely go for the Ballistecs. But you can't go wrong with either!

    Andy, TW

  6. I`ll buy these ones in your shop at france. I`m very excited, i don`t now the colorway(yellow and white, scarlett and white or grey and black).


  7. I bought a pair of these incredible shoes an hour ago from your website in France, i´m getting the red colorway teh one nadal used in Roland Grarros. I´m very excited

  8. I currently wear these shoes and a real fan. extremely durable and i only needed 1 pair for a whole high school season. I've had one problem; I have a wide flat foot and I feel I need shoes more oriented towards my flat foot. any suggestions?

  9. @gobig67,

    You could try the adidas adizero Feather II's, the KSwiss Ultrascendor II's, or the Babolat SFX. All of those have wider toe boxes.

    Andy, TW

  10. Troy lara just saying the whole idea is you dont tie the shoe too the shoe too tight and that you find the right fit for you but overall i think these shoes are great and im waiting to get the world tour finals version! 🙂

  11. @MultiPandaification,

    All of these are great shoes, but they have different things to offer. The barricade 7s are going to offer the most support and durability, but they are on the heavier and stiffer side. The 4.3s are going to be Nike's heavier/durable shoe as well, but they are a little lighter and don't have quite as much durability. They also have a narrow fit. The 2K12s are much lighter weight and lower profile, but they don't have the durability that the other two have.

    Andy, TW

  12. Depends what you're looking: 4.3 is stiffer, beefier, a little more durability. The 2.3 is lower to the ground, has more flex, and more comfort.
    Siobhan, TW

  13. Vapors are more comfortable, adizero Feather II has better durability and also a wider fit. We love LOVE the Vapors but as far as durability goes, the Feather II trumps the Vapor 9. Personal preference from here on out!
    Siobhan, TW

  14. @IMFclanproductions,

    Both are great shoes but offer different things. If you are looking for a speed-oriented shoe that is very lightweight, low-profile (feels like you have nothing on), go with the Vapors. If durability and stability are a concern, go with the Ballistecs, although they will be much heavier.

    Andy, TW

  15. @Joseph McCann,

    When we say that a shoe requires a break-in period, we are saying that the shoe might feel stiff in some areas right out of the box, and by wearing or playing in the shoe for a short time those parts of the shoe will soften up and fit the foot better. This is quite often the case for shoes that provide lots of stability, where the stiffer-feeling uppers need to be used a couple times in order for them to better mold to an individual's foot.

    Andy, TW

  16. @Joseph McCann,

    Personally, I like them after the break-in period. They fit the foot nicely and have good durability and support. I only use them on-court, but I'm sure you could wear them around town as well and they would feel great.

    Andy, TW

  17. Because I slide on hardcourt, I tore a hole right though the Drag On 2X in less than a month. I was hoping it would last longer.

  18. Sorry to hear about that! The Nike Air Courtballistec 4.3 currently features a 6 month outsole guarantee so that should help with replacement for the shoes.
    Siobhan, TW

  19. The barricade 7s are heavier and stiffer, but will offer the most support and durability. The 4.3s are going to be Nike's heavier/durable shoe as well, but they are a little lighter, more comfortable out of the box so less break-in period and don't have quite as much durability.
    Siobhan, TW

  20. @tenniswarehouse I really love these shoes and want to get them, but I hat to spend 100+ dollars on these shoes if the 5.3 is right around the corner. Do you guys know when or if the Nike Air Max Court Ballistecs are coming out? Thanks

  21. @Jguadagno43 I've seen RG pack, 4.3 are there. I doubt they will release new model in the middle of year. So probably start of the next year.

  22. @ Jguadagno43,

    No official news as of now for the release of the 5.3, but most likely not until next year.

    Andy, TW

  23. I just rolled my ankle in these shoes which is a first. I've worn every model since the 1.3 and never rolled an ankle. Not gonna lie but the support did feel lacking compared to the others and i wasnt as low to the ground in previous models. TW do you have any suggestions to a more light shoe with equal support to the 2.3's which were my favorite?

  24. @ gobig67,

    The Wilson Rush Pro would be a great one to try, along with the Asics Gel Resolution 5.

    Andy, TW

  25. Can't decide on this, the Barricade 7, or Asics Gel Res 4? Any help? I need something on the light side, but also durable because I drag my feet like crazy!

  26. @ jtl629,

    I'd go with the Gel Res 4, especially because I think they are the currently the best deal on our website. My favorite shoe for under $80…with an outsole guarantee?!?! Forget about it!

    Andy, TW

  27. On your website consumers are saying the lace holes break easily. Is that a problem you guys had during play testing?

  28. @ zkum16,

    The lace loops do tend to break sometimes on these shoes, but they do not affect the performance of the shoe. I've had it happen to me a couple of times and I continued to wear the shoes with no decrease in performance.

    Andy, TW

  29. @ Matt Reesor,

    I would go with the Asics Gel Res 4. On sale, that's the best deal on the website!

    Andy, TW

  30. @ Matt Reesor,

    Go with the Adidas Barricade 7. After a little break-in period you'll get unmatched support, stability and durability.

    Andy, TW

  31. @ MJumpman23ism,

    For lightweight comfort and great court feel, we prefer the 2K12s. For stability and durability, we'd go with the Ballistecs.

    Andy, TW

  32. I have these shoes bought from you guys and on the left heel it had bubbled as I was just wondering if that's normal?

  33. @ Matt Reesor,

    The heel does have an air bubble in it that's designed to add to the cushioning and shock absorption.

    Andy, TW

  34. @ Matt Reesor,

    Ah! Strangely yes, we have had that feedback from some other people as well, and we are not exactly sure what is causing it. If you feel like it is really affecting the playability, be sure to send it back so that we can get it replaced for you.

    Andy, TW

  35. Hey Andy, is there a shoe better than the court ballistic 4.3s, but is a little cheaper, about the 70's, 80's dollar range?

  36. @ 1vinurame,

    Check out our Sale page, as we have a number of top of the line shoes on sale in that price range. The adidas barricades, Nike 2K12 and Air Max Cages are all great shoes.

    Andy, TW

  37. Hi TW, I've ordered the newest version of this shoe, and was wondering what exactly is the difference between the newest be and this version

  38. @sexybakuta,
    Since these are tennis specific shoes, I'd say they are best for tennis or wearing around casually. But because of the support they offer, they would be ok for casual basketball, although it would be best to find a basketball-specific shoe.
    Michelle, TW

  39. @sexybakuta These shoes aren't too good for basketball I've tried playing in these, they're not that good for basketball so I'd stick with the basketball collection of kicks. Good luck hope I could help

  40. @ 11m0,

    The Zoom Breathe line has been discontinued. They have been replaced by the new Air Max Cage.

    Andy, TW

  41. I am a junior tennis player i play tournaments and training I do not know what shoes to get nike zoom vapor 9 tour or these i get tennis shoes once a year and i am an aggresive player please help

  42. @harry penfold,
    These will be the more durable option for you. These will hold up longer than the Vapors. Both are great shoes. But these have a 6 month durability guarantee and would be what I recommend.
    TW Staff

  43. Depends what you want, they offer different things: the Vapor is a speed shoe while the Ballistec offers more durability. They are both supportive and comfortable, so it's really up to what you're looking for and what characteristics you want. They're both top of the line Nike so you can't really go too wrong.
    Siobhan, TW

  44. @ mrawesome1007,

    You certainly can. You'll get store credit for the amount that you paid for the shoe originally.

    Andy, TW

  45. @YerrowNoodle,
    Not sure which green ones you are talking about, but there is a good chance they have sold out if we don't have them anymore. We do have some Turquoise ones on liquidation at the moment though!
    Hope that helps,
    Michelle, TW

  46. @ henry fu,

    Overall, I'd give the edge to the Gel Resolution 5. They will be a bit more comfortable and cushioned.

    Andy, TW

  47. Hi TW, is the rumours of the new court ballistics to have lunar cushioning instead or air true? and do you know when will the new court ballistics be released?

  48. @ johnsonchungy98,

    We can't really give any details at this time. However, the new Ballistecs are loaded with lots of new technologies and features that we are hoping will make them the best and more comfortable version yet!

    Andy, TW

  49. @ josiah sibayan,

    This shoe does have a little bit more of a narrow fit. I'd recommend checking out the Vapor 9 Tour or Air Max Cage for a wider fit.

    Andy, TW

  50. @Hershil Patel,
    These are good shoes, and now that they are on sale they are at a great price too, but the new ones are definitely going to be worth the wait.  🙂
    Andy, TW

  51. Hi, I have the adidas barricade 6 and 7 in size 12 uk. I was wondering what the width is like in the forefoot of the nike courtballistec 4.3 compared to the barricade 6 and 7 as they are just right.

  52. I am currently playing in vapor 9.5. Normally i wear size 9 but because i have wide feet so i am actually wearing size 9.5. So hey Tennis Warehouse, what size would fit my feet well on these ballistec 4.3. 

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