Rafael Nadal and Nick Kyrgios just played
an epic 3 hour 2nd round match at Wimbledon with the former taking the encounter 63 36
76 76. The match had breathtaking rallies, extraordinary
athleticism, underarm serves, and of course a whole lot of drama. Now we know Nadal is notorious for taking
his time in between points while Kyrgios isn’t. At one point in the match in particular Nick
was beginning to get annoyed at Nadal holding him up a bit while the Aussie was getting
ready to serve. While at the baseline Nick told the umpire
Damien Dumusois “I’m ready to serve, how long are we going to wait? I’m ready to serve the ball,” “When he’s serving, he’s controlling
the tempo,” Kyrgios said. “Why do I have to wait for my serve? Why am I waiting? Why? “It’s too long between serves, it’s
bulls***. It’s ridiculous,” At 4-3 in the second he continued to vent
his frustrations telling the ump to do something about Rafa’s extra time saying: “Tell
him! Do it then, don’t say it, do it!” “He’s been doing it for 20 years” Now Nick was clearly annoyed with the umpire
and took his frustrations out on one shot in particular that came close to hitting the
2-time WIMBY champ. Now Rafa was visibly upset over this but it
seemed like he was more upset about the fact that he didn’t receive a raise of the racquet
or apology. When asked about this in his press conference
this is what Nick had to say. Now at first when I saw the news that Nick
hit Rafa I thought that the ball actually made contact with Nadal but it[m didn’t. I do think sometimes the press take things
and mold them into something more so I’m glad Nick corrected the reporter on that. The thing that had many people upset was that
he didn’t acknowledge or apologize for aiming directly at Nadal. In tennis it’s more conventional to apologize
for net cords and near contact, but in actuality it’s apart of the sport. Ivan Lendl pegged his opponents all the time
in his matches and was unapologetic about it so I don’t think we should be putting
too much focus on this. Rather we should focus more on the comments
made to the umpire because they were out of line, but people brush them under the rug
because that’s deemed as typical Kyrgios behavior. Further on in the press conference Nick acknowledges
how he isn’t a slam contender due to lack of effort and much more, so I suggest you
watch the full presser on Wimbledon’s YouTube channel. So tennis fans, do you believe Nick was totally
in the wrong for going after Nadal or do you believe it’s just apart of the sport? Leave your thoughts in the comment section
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68 thoughts on “Nick Kyrgios Defends ‘Hitting’ Rafael Nadal | Wimbledon 2019”

  1. Way to go Nick that’s one way to awaken the beast 😂
    Only one that was sore was the sore loser at the end!

  2. He aimed for Nadal. He meant to do it. That is assault. I don't care if he is a good player. He should be banned from this venue for life. I have never heard of a player that has purposely attacked another player. He should be very heavily fined, banned from playing at this venue, and suspended for at least 6 months from playing anywhere. Maybe that will give him time to get mandatory therapy, & grow up.
    He needs this. He is wasting his great talent. What happened to him to make him such an angry person? I feel sorry for him. Who or what is he really hitting whenever he hits the ball? What an insult to the game! Luckily Rafa was able to hit it with the edge of his racket. This is Wimbelton. Show some respect to the people you play against, & respect for the game. You could be a real hero for kids to look up to & want to be like, but you are destroying your career. Get some help man. You really need help.

  3. Nicky represents a total shame for this sport. He always has bad behavior. Deservedly, he has never won any Grand Slam and will never win.

  4. It's a fuzzy ball.. not a baseball, I play tennis, I've been beamed, I also play paddleball with the small hard blue or black ball, been beaned with those, they hurt.
    Aiming a ball at a tennis player at the net is not such a terrible thing.

  5. Kyrgios is such a waste of talent. The man has the talent to be one of the best. Instead he pisses it away. With his attitude and lack of professionalism. He’s a perfect example of when someone is “too talented for their own good”😏

  6. Kyrgios is just a bastard who pretended play umpair when were losing as all the rest when they play Nadal and get frustrate , use excuses that Rafa take long time to serve….. stupid losers forget that it's 25 seconds to serving between the points

  7. Lol ok so # of slams and $ in bank account means you can do whatever you want. Ok Nick.

    But in all seriousness, when an opponent rushes the net, I do have the urge to hit them with the ball.

    It's is comments though that bother me.

  8. It is customary to put your hand up after you hit someone. Even bad mannered John McEnroe did this. Nick will regret his behavior as he gets older and hopefully wiser.

  9. How can the Tennis Council accept this aggressiveness against his opponent! He speaks like an idiotic and dangerous player!

  10. I think most of the people have tired aim opponents body when they are on the net.
    In this case, Kyrgios aimed from the baseline not from somewhere really close to Nadal.
    And that’s one of the strategy, and it didn’t hit him. So i think Kyrgios was ok not to apologize about it.
    I mean if he try to hit Nadal from the service line or somewhere close, maybe he should

  11. There has to be new rules. when a player tries to do that banned from tennis. When a player disrespects the umpire banned for a year. Second time permanent ban.

    What if he gets angry and hits some old person in the crowd?! He has Borderline personality disorder. people with dangerous mental issues need to be kept away from sport.

  12. I see a lot of 300IQ individuals pointing out that Kyrgios is wasting his talent by showboating and acting, well, human. We need more people like him, because the sport is not some sacred tradition, but one made out of people, not robots. Look how identical every match is. The years you have to wait for people to serve, toweling after every point to drag things out, grunting like idiots… In reality Kyrgios has millions to his name and he brings a fresh game everytime he plays. Watching federer is like going to a museum, you see it once, it gets boring. Watching nadal is like watching a drama, you get into it, but eventually you're bored of the repetitive cliches. But watch kyrgios, and you'll never be bored. Almost every match has crazy highlights, he's young, he's witty, and frankly, if everyone stopped being so far up their own ass, perhaps tennis wouldn't be such a monotone sport. It its in fact bullshit reporting and lambasting from "morally upright" people who are shitheads themselves just trying to virtue signal that paints kyrgios in a bad light. While the guy has character flaws, he is without a doubt the most interesting and charismatic next-gen player. Shit, when Kyrgios first appeard, everyone was crowning him the next mcenroe, but then like with Trump, fake news media kept talking shit, because that's what gets clicks, and now everyone is coming in for a cheap shot against Kyrgios and to kiss poor baby multi-millionaire saint nadal's ass while they're at it. You guys are no fans of tennis, just hypocrites who don't actually love the sport.

  13. How can he said that intentionally wanna hit Rafa on the chest becoz he is already a milionaire and won many slams "WHY" the organizers must take your money prize like Tomic coz yours is "Aggression" to an opponent .. something must be done to him ..

  14. Aiming at an opponent is part of a strategy. I do it all the time, rather I aim at their feet but still. As for taking too long on points. Wouldn’t that just give you more time to rest? I’d just serve and see what happens : )

  15. I love this guy. He just tells it like it is. Doesn't give a [email protected]#%. He asked the reporter why he would apologize. He tried to hit him in order to win the point and it worked. What is there to apologize for? What a welcome relief to have such a real person in this world. We need more people like Kyrgios.

  16. Nice one Nick for standing your ground. I don't know why journalists think they have the moral highground, can play judge and hold people accountable.

  17. Full respect to Rafa for his talent and accomplishments over the years BUT I’d rather pay to see Kyrgios play- fantastic entertainer,awesome talent,and with his emotional attitude- never a dull moment.My only worry is whether I’d get to see a whole match after his walking off at Roland Garros.

  18. He's a disgrace to the world of sports this nigga is a cunt! That's why Rafa give perfect replay by beating him!

  19. This wasn't bad at all. It was a shot from the baseline. Nick has every right to hit the ball as hard as he can in order to win the point from that position. Rafa should have been ready for the volley. If Nick had beaned Rafa from a metre away with a sitting duck up at the net, that would be a little different. Even though that's still a totally legit shot in tennis!

  20. He shouldn't play tennis; he has no respect for the spirit of the game. Rugby League would be a better choice for a douche like him.

  21. Nick should have said its a legal shot and left it like that but "so" "I don't care" "why would I apologise, I won the point" "how much does Rafa make" "how many slams does he have" as if any of that is justification for purposely and maliciously increasing his racquet head speed & strength making sure its didn't miss Rafa.

  22. Hitting the ball at an opponent is fine; but his attitude stinks. Sportsmanship is the real challenge in professional sports. He fails miserably; even by the standards of a 7 year old.

  23. Kyrgios had a great talent but he is a complete asswhole his stupidness destroy his career..and i really hate RafaNadal i just cant like him ever since I watched tennis..his style,gameplay ,the way he wait for the ball at the back court to return a serve and his discusting behaviour,he is very very boring..and he's very ugly too…

  24. For whatever reason I’m a fan of this guy. I root for him unless he is playing Nadal. Yes, I wish he would scale back the tantrums, but I’m okay with a little gamesmanship. His edginess is good for Tennis, but I agree he crosses the line at times.

  25. Getting hit with a ball is a possibility in any sport but he purposefully aimed it at nadal whilst he had other shot options and then refused to apologise. Thats not gamesmanship thats lack of class.

  26. Grow up Nick! Stop behaving like a baby. Has nothing to do with how much Nadal has in his bank account.

  27. Nick thrives on being controversial. It’s a defence mechanism for his shortcomings. Since he sees no grand slam on the horizon, (he said so himself) he’s created his own circus and smiling all the way to the bank.

  28. Bullying a bully like Nadal, it's good for you .And Nadal.He's a fucking terrorist .But again,if you like terrorists,then it's another story.

  29. Nx time someone , hit a half court overhead , try to hit directly at kyrios's body , and see how would he react . No need to apologise haa ? In badminton , if you smash the shuttle towards opponents body , you would apologize immediately . But aiming it , purposely toward the body , and not trying to apologize hrmmm .
    He has a very weak mental . You can see him always shaking his head throughout the match , as if something always got into his head .

    Everyone says he has talent , but you must win something , to justify it , or else …. No one has ever received any trophies just bcos someone say you are talented . If you are 15 yrs old , and play good , then maybe you can be classify as talented. But how old is he now , talent is no longer the word . Either you win or you loose . So he lost , another failure attempt to win a grand slam . Yes , failure as simple as that .

  30. Certainly not expected from any professional tennis player. Certainly Wrong attitude, That too against a senior and one of the greatest champions in tennis world. Nick clearly said those were his intentions and has no regrets. If that approach is right, then everyone would start hitting the champions. A courtesy is always expected whenever there’s a chance of a hitting anyone while playing. No one comes to play to hit the opponent. That’s not tennis.

    Also, Fans are made not just with quality of tennis and slams you win but the attitude you portray on the field too towards opponents, other players and public in general. The attitude that Nick showed here…. even if he becomes champion for many grand slams, he won’t earn respect or make that much of a fan base if he portrays similar attitude going forward.

  31. Anyone who’s played tennis competitively should know that aiming at a player when he or she comes to the net is one of the two easiest ways of winning the point. I always give a little racket raise, but as Kyrgios said, why? We do it intentionally — not just to hit or hurt the opponent, but to win the point.
    He’s purposefully a douche but people give him too much shit more often than they should. Winning points isn’t disrespectful, I’m much more concerned about the times he crosses the line talking to umps.

  32. I aim at my opponents all the time when they come up to the net to if it hits them it hits them and I'll apologize but my hope is for them to have a heavy hand and volley it so it goes out

  33. Body shots are acceptable tactic, but because it's the best shot available, not because you want to "hit him in the chest." ¶ That clip of Lendel going at McEnroe: at the very end you see him raising his racket in apology.

  34. What a prick lmao. Nadal handled the situation with class, just ignored this piece of shit.

  35. What a classless–lack of sportsmanship loser. Talking about how many grand slams and money Nadal has?!?! I mean – YEAH – LEARN from him instead of disrespect him… then MAYBE you will win one day…. as it is; no one would support this lack-of-respect-for-the-sport disgrace.

  36. It’s great how nick shows no consideration to the posh stuck up eticate of #lawn tennis” and brings something else to the game.

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