hey hey hey hey hey hey hey whazzup
whazzup everybody before you start watching this video you might get
confused I have my early prediction video right in the beginning and then I
at the end of the video that’s right about halfway through I have this week’s
NFL picks now remember if you actually watch and listen to my videos my early
prediction videos I made back in July those are early predictions now the only
good thing about that is is last week’s ten early predictions that’s right I
went ten and three so you could take my early predictions or you could take up
to date beast picks for week 11 today please enjoy pieces enjoy you tell me
which ones you like better my early predictions or my today’s fix NFL Schedule – 2019 Team Schedules 2019 Week
Thursday, November 14
Pittsburgh Steelers
Cleveland Browns
7:20 PM FOX/NFL First Energy Stadium, Cleveland
Sunday, November 17
Dallas Cowboys
Detroit Lions
12:00 PM FOX Ford Field, Detroit
reads Jacksonville Jaguars
Indianapolis Colts
12:00 PM CBS Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis
Buffalo Bills
Miami Dolphins
12:00 PM CBS Hard Rock Stadium, Miami Gardens
Denver Broncos
Minnesota Vikings
12:00 PM CBS U.S. Bank Stadium, Minneapolis
New Orleans Saints
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
12:00 PM FOX Raymond James Stadium, Tampa
New York Jets
Washington Redskins
12:00 PM CBS FedEx Field, Landover
Atlanta Falcons
Carolina Panthers
12:00 PM FOX Bank of America Stadium, Charlotte
Houston Texans
Baltimore Ravens
12:00 PM CBS M&T Bank Stadium, Baltimore Arizona Cardinals
San Francisco 49er’s
3:05 PM FOX Levi’s Stadium, Santa Clara
Cincinnati Bengals
Oakland Raiders
3:25 PM CBS Oakland Coliseum, Oakland
New England Patriots
Philadelphia Eagles
3:25 PM CBS Lincoln Financial Field, Philadelphia
Chicago Bears
Los Angeles Rams 7:20 PM NBC Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, Los Angeles
Monday, November 18
Kansas City Chiefs
Los Angeles Chargers
7:15 PM ESPN Estadio Azteca, Mexico City
N.F.L Team bye’s week 11 2019
Green Bay Packers
Tennessee Titans
New York Giants Seattle Seahawks
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🏈Wednesday will have my ATS NFL Vegas lines out for week 11

🏈Thursday will have my NFL game score predictions out NFL weekly national football league games 2019-2020 NFL season
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NFL Vegas lines
NFL against the spreads
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NFL over and under point spreads trying to get outside turn to the field
Patrick Peterson barrack to pass punch to the left eight
seconds left he gets away from the pressure fires to the end zone Sanchez Timothy Enzo see Peterson gets time when Vince Young looks the whole thing screws reveals the extemporaneous quality of
this play parallax was supposed to pass the ball back tomorrow but Jethro Pugh
number 75 disrupted the pattern never lacked through instead for John Mackey
but ed Hinton caught it when Cornel green swiped the ball from
Heaven’s hands neither teen could recover it as his picked off Finnegan has it it was
deflected off a Brandon bar still his feet getting a big field and
finally in the Chicago turn macoco and here’s
and mr. taco and the time stops were three seconds to
go so a
so so as it bounce-backs through and on to the other side this one ricocheted
off the left crossbar went through and watch it hits the bottom post and knocks
it back toward into the field of play there’s a question whether the ball went
past the crossbar and came back we will take a look at
well then that’s exactly what happened and if we can freeze it one more time
we’re going to tell you see it hit that crossbar now watch as it come see right
now it’s through the goalposts the ball came to rest on the other side of the
goalposts see we’re blowing it up neck up watch you see that’s the back side of
the goalpost there see once it hits this it’s already through the uprights do
hit the top of the crossbar went over hit the extension of the backside legend what’s up everybody what’s up it is the
Minnesota boost it is Tuesday that’s rise Tuesday today and I’m gonna give
you my NFL picks on predictions real fast all right all right and then I can
get back to working I gotta get this house wrapped up really fast because
brothers and sisters it is like arctic weather here in Minnesota whoo anyhow
anyhow I’m just listen to my tunes um my radio that’s rad hey let’s talk about
week 11 NFL picks really fast all right now we have buys this week we have Green
Bay’s on a buy Tennessee Titans are on buy it New York Giants are on a Buy and
Seattle Seahawks are a buy can you see my breath man that’s right it’s cold in
here ah Thursday night it’s Pittsburgh at
Cleveland Browns and you know what I like to do these picks raw and then
tomorrow on Wednesday I’ll give you my against spread picks and then on
Thursday I should have you my score predictions out all right they all could
vary a little bit from each other that’s just football right that’s just football
but straight up picks Pittsburgh at Cleveland I would like to go with
Cleveland Browns in this cuz it’s at Cleveland but when they get into the red
zone man man man you know what I’m talking about I could predict a tie but
I’m gonna say the Pittsburgh Steelers cuz we’re gonna make this fast because
you know what I got I gotta get crap done and you gotta get your stuff done
I’m taking Pittsburgh Steelers over at Cleveland Browns
Dallas at Detroit I gotta take Dallas Cowboys I don’t know about Matthew
Stafford that is why I took Detroit Lions last week I took to Trent lions
and then all sudden Matthew Stafford was out so I got a scratch on that so I’m
taking the Dallas Cowboys Jacksonville Jaguars at Indianapolis Colts whoo Miami
beat Indianapolis is this supposed to be a fluke I’m taking the Jaguars Buffalo
Bills at Miami speaking of Miami I’m taking Buffalo Bills Denver Broncos at
Minnesota you know what Who am I taking that’s right I’m taking the Minnesota
Vikings New Orleans it’s that Tampa bay buccaneers damn damn
who took Atlanta Falcons last week against New Orleans Saints you know what I’ll pull an upset and you
know what if you don’t like it well it’s just what it is I’m taking Tampa Bay
Buccaneers New York Jets at Washington Redskins that probably just made you
shut it up because that’s a stupid-ass pick right New York Jets at Washington
Redskins man that’s a lousy ass game to pick I’m taking the New York Jets
Atlanta at Carolina whoa whoa brothers and sisters this could be a hell of a
game like I said I haven’t done my again spread picks why cuz I haven’t even
looked at him yet I want to make sure all the injury reports are out as may as I
can see you know what I’m gonna take the Carolina Panthers I’m taking the
Carolina Panthers I’m taking the Carolina Panthers is that nuts I’m
saying the Carolina Panthers Houston Texans at the Baltimore Ravens Baltimore
Ravens Arizona at San Francisco 49ers you gotta go with the 49ers I know I
went with against him last week that was just because I really had high hopes for
CL Seahawks I’ll take the 49ers 49ers strong Cincinnati Bengals at Oakland
Raiders whoo-whoo I’m going with the Raiders that’s right New England
Patriots at the Philadelphia Eagles New England Patriots Chicago Bears Los
Angeles Rams take Chicago Bears Kansas City Chiefs at the Los Angeles chargers
whoo are the San Diego Chargers or the London chargers what’s gonna happen to
the Chargers can’t see Chiefs win that’s right those are my week 11 NFL quick
picks all right run down the line real quick just in
case I decided to change it Pittsburgh Steelers win Dallas Cowboys win
Jacksonville Jaguars win Minnesota Vikings win Tampa Bay Buccaneers pull an
upset by three New York Jets win Carolina Panthers win Baltimore Ravens
win San Francisco 49ers win I might change something real quick just stay on
here Oakland Raiders win New England Patriots win Chicago Bears win Kansas
seats Chiefs win and there’s three games on here I’m gonna get wrong I don’t know
if I really like that Chicago Bears Rams game pick Rams could really win but I’m
gonna take the Chicago Bears the Carolina and I’ll latch a game that
could be a toss-up I’ll answer could win and the New
Orleans Saints Tampa Bay Buccaneers like I said I’m taking him to Tampa Bay
Buccaneers as an upset they should actually come into the game New Orleans
state should come into the game and be pissed off and win but I’m saying of
Tampa Bay Buccaneers those are my NFL picks for this week I
see we got one two three four five six seven eight nine ten 11 12 13 14 games
total I got three upsets so if I get those three wrong if we have a real NFL
week this week well I go 12 in how can you go 12 minus 3 11 and 3 whoo I go 11
and 3 this week that’s my goal this week 11 and 3 unless one of those three
upsets pull it out of their ass whoo have yourselves a great week
for this Tuesday and the rest of the weekend check back with me if you want
to see my gun spreads out on Wednesday if I don’t get them out to you it will
be definitely by Thursday but I should have it out by tomorrow sometime and
then I’ll get my score predictions have yourselves great week thank you so much
for watching and subscribing to my boring ass and crazy I
that’s right I got some pink panther going on in my house pink panther pink
panther whoo I got you back to my you reached out here at home using lots
of wins this week baby lots of wins limited 11-3 and three unless we get
those three crazy upsets

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Dennis Veasley

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  1. My wrek11 nfl picks pittsburgh steelers, dallas cowboys, indianapolis colts, buffalo bills, minnesota vikings, new orlean saints, new york jets, carolina panthers, baltimore ravens, san fransico 49rs, oakland raiders, new england patriots, la rams, kansas city chiefs i lkie all your picks any given sunday good luck

  2. My NFL week 11 picks
    I went 5-8 last week ( ton of upsets )

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