♪♪ news theme ♪♪ ♪♪ news theme ♪♪ »ANNOUNCER: From June 3rd through June 5th,
the world famous Broadmoor Resort in Colorado Springs, CO hosted the 8th
annual Rally for the Cure, and Pickleball Channel was there to see the
first ever inclusion of pickleball to their tournament. »KAREN: Today is the culmination of
a 3-day event. We’re on our 8th annual Rally for the Cure which is a fundraiser
for Susan G. Komen in the battle against breast cancer, and we decided this year
to add pickleball which has been phenomenally well received. And
there’s some great players out here. »SCOTT: They’ve just finished the pickleball tournament.
Now we’re going to do a little exhibition with all 5.0 players to show the community
how exciting pickleball really is. »DONNA: There are some of us here
that have never seen pickleball before, and so we’re watching an exhibition
right now. I think that pickleball’s really amazing. I’m a doubles player and
I love playing the net, so I’m seeing that, being a net player,
that the fast pace of the game is intriguing and exciting to me.
I think I would be very interested in learning to play pickleball at this point.
I know at some point with tennis it’s harder on your body, so I can see that.
But again, the thing that intrigues me about it the most is the fastness of the game.
»KAREN: Combining pickleball and tennis just makes sense. »SCOTT: Here we are
working together to raise money for a wonderful cause. So, it’s all about tennis,
all about pickleball, and all about breast cancer – solving that horrible disease. »ANNOUNCER: In
the eight years the Broadmoor has held the Rally for the Cure, they have raised
over $100,000 for Susan G. Komen. Keep watching Pickleball Channel for more
exciting news updates about how the pickleball community is making an
impact on the world around us. ♪♪ news theme ♪♪ ♪♪ news theme ♪♪ ♪♪ music fades ♪♪

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Dennis Veasley

One thought on “News Update: Pickleball and Tennis Come Together to Fight Breast Cancer at the Broadmoor Resort”

  1. I actively play both tennis & pickleball. My caution to tennis players, is that certain pickleball playing methods will become bad habits in tennis. For example, it's a terrible habit to have both feet planted in front of the kitchen, waiting for a reflex volley (sticking out the rear as a counter balancer when reaching for the ball) when playing tennis, instead of anticipating & stepping in to cut of the ball early, even if that means inches from the net.

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