yurrr it’s ya boy cash nation here with
another video today we show you how to go from a brown shirt into any type of
clothing you want to put on your character by simply doing this glitch it
chains up around so state to the rest of the video to get free clothes into k20
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well so let’s go get to this video first thing one do make sure you go to sweat
or in or in da store or you go to 2k store alright so now when you go to the
store I’m in swags right now so I’m glad put on a little outfit I had on had a
brown brown shirt with sweatpants alright so I’m going from brown shirt to
sweatpants in to any outfit that I want some go ahead go to Jordan Brand I’m
going to put on a shirt and throwing some Shores I’m put on put on a do-rag
so I’m put on the red to wear what you want to do is go ahead press it one time
we press it one time so much in my uh my do red real quick so here I’m you press
it’s spam B if you on ps4 spam circle alright so on ps4 spam like press square
then spam circle on is box press X and spam B once you do that it should glitch
out and it should have the character outfit on right then and there why is he
walking out if he has a brown shirt still or in sweatpants and all other
stuff that he did not have on when you try it on then you did it wrong you did
a glitter on so try again you’re praying go hit the first time I’m not going to
lie to you probably gonna hit the first time if you do hit the first time you go
to the re so if it worked for you please go
scribe leave a like on today’s video and join my giveaway but that’s not all you
can do inside the swags you can get any anything in there you can get the hats
anything that’s very expensive really you can try on you can get that for free
so from this point on as you see here it’s still on my character I’m running
around the neighborhood with my clothes on I’m just trying to make sure
everything is going right going good even though you go to the animation
store you come back you will still have your clothes on that you took from swags
you go to your clothes to change them clothes and you didn’t change none you
come back you still have the same clothes so I’m going to try to build
like the bill rustling and as you can see there it didn’t work so I got to do
is keep retrying over and over again press it one time and spam beat ps4
Square and spam circle that’s all you have to do that’s all you have to do is
you’re not pressure at the same time and used to be at the same time now it’s
just press X one time in spam beat because in latest patch they did pass
that method and that’s why I say go watch the rest of the video for this
method because this method is the working method for the update 1.05 so as
you see I’m getting the Carmelo Anthony little wardrobe where and I spam being
rubber now press s and as you see there I’m walking out so I’m explaining is a
game because I know some people buy when I press X or when I’m start pressing B
you will press X before you even try to close on so before I tried on the shorts
I wish I had on a different pair of shorts alright so I went to the shore
that I wanted before I can press it I was getting ready to press it and spam B
so right when I press it to put on them shorts I spam be right after I press it
and then what made me walk out the store and let the glitch clothes glitched onto
my body and I stayed so as you see here I walk back to the eBay store and I
still got my clothes on that I have walked out with for free so like I said
you want to join my giveaway $10 gift card ten up yes in anything you want for
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because you missed out the glitches miles you’re gonna miss out because
they’re gonna get patched everybody knows 2k passes glitches like almost
every day other weekend it all depends all type of glitch it is but like I said
VCE is coming soon I got a tattoo glitch coming soon as well stay tuned for that
subscribe turn on that location bill stay tuned for my next very video but
it’s a boy cat nation you did we green up we green down so hope you’re
subscribe stay tuned for my giveaway am I doing this video we’ll see you did

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