yurrr it’s ya boy cash nation here with
another video today video is about the free clothes glitch as you see I had 26
K the Jersey cost 35 cat the whole outfit for free so stay tuned to the
rest of the video for me I got a giveaway for all my viewers and
subscribers and know the game so if your note again watching it feel right now
comment down below hacks that know the game feel of ear as well you can go
ahead do the same thing because you can enter so subscribe we would like on
today’s video for me let’s go I get to this being a video you did I what is going on everybody I’m back and
today I’m gonna show you how to get the free clothes glitch yes I’m gonna show
you how to do it on ps4 my show out doing this box and so on so stay to the
recipe love you interested in that but I also got a free tattoo glitch I got a
free clothes buzz right here I got BC glitch coming soon to my channel as well
I’ve been working on that all day today I am here I’m getting very very close to
getting a VC glitch out for y’all so y’all can get 10,000 20 30 40 50 gonna
keep going up bro it’ll go crazy so if you knew right now and please subscribe
turn on that bill and make sure you leave a like on today’s video we want
that VC glitch out as soon as possible when I’m done and I got a badge method
where you can go ahead next my points your max badges you can hit 99 overall
all in a day by doing this easy method and for newcomers that just got to K and
they looking for a method to get badges very fast and there are 60 overall
because they can’t upgrade any players I got a method foot I got a glitch for
that actually I got a badge glitch for you so you can get three four five you
can get like two Hall of Fame badges already with a 60 overall re so if you
want that stay tuned you can have your players over on 92 as well because it
upgrades on my points and get cap breakers as well for it so stay tuned
for that but in this video right here all you can do just simply go grab the
fit that you want so as you can see there the carmella
Anthony Jersey throw bay 35k only have 26 K so I won’t maybe even buy it so as
you can see here I got the Denver Nuggets shorts with the Carmelo Anthony
Jersey so what I’m gonna do from here is go back to the Jersey or to the shorts
whatever you pack clicked on to try on so I’m gonna go ahead go to the Jersey
one so when I go to the Jersey one you wanted to spam either square or circle
by either one if you want ps4 and you know Xbox spend SMB so from there are
you doing in spamming XMB SPSP very fast and that’s it on ps4 you spamming square
and circle experiment square and circle very fast so once you get that you
should get the cutscene where he leaving the store but you should see the same
outfit that’s on your player right now this is viewing him he should be walking
out with the outfit on why he’s walking out in that cutscene so I’m going to
show y’all right here I’m gonna go ahead change some change something real quick
and I might as well do it from right here
probably so I’m go back to my Jersey so I’m gonna go to the Jersey and once you
go to the Jersey I gotta say press X and B or on ps4 square and circle and you
spamming it and get the cutscene and then boom as you see there your
character Walker now with the Jersey the outfit and everything that you put on
your character all right so I’m gonna rewind that for you as I can see I’m out
the NBA store with the whole outfit on this works on swags as well so you can
try that as swags and put on anything on like you can put on do-rags to go do red
or silver one for free you can put on any type of shirt jordan jackets
everything you go crazy with this glitch right here so thanks for watching
today’s video I have a VC glitched coming like I said subscribe leave a
like click on that bill stay active got got some Xbox car and ps4 giveaways
coming on my next video or next two videos so stay tuned you did

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