(indistinct chatter) – [Clintus] Only way to kick
off a California road trip, In-N-Out, right? That’s right. – Like that you’re
wearing your California shirt. – [Clintus] Like that? Where we at now? – Hadley’s.
– Hadley’s fruit orchards. What’re we gettin’? – Date shakes.
– Date shakes. They have regular
and they have banana. Which one are you gonna get? – I think regular so vanilla.
– Regular, vanilla. I’m gonna get banana.
What about you? What about you? – I don’t know.
– [Clintus] Don’t know! – [Mason] I’m gonna try ’em.
– Try ’em, alright. What’d you end up going with?
– Original. – [Clintus] Original.
So just like vanilla. I went with banana. So this is what
it looks like here. It’s date shake. Blended in.
It’s amazing! Also we found they have more
Ring of Fire hot sauce here so I’m picking up
another bottle just because. Good morning, Clan. Welcome to Anaheim, California. We’re here, hotel room.
It’s a mess. It’s Saturday morning,
we are up and ready to go. He’s got his uniform on. I’ll show you guys
his new uniform when we get to the thing. He’s got his new
shoes in his bag. – Yeah. – He’s so excited.
So excited. We drove over here yesterday
with the Bevos and we got here like, eh, it was about 9
o’clock last night or so. – Yeah.
– Got checked in, unpacked, checked out the
hotel a little bit. Chilled for a little bit
and then went to bed. ‘Cause we got up
at 6 o’clock this morning to start getting ready. Went downstairs,
grabbed breakfast. And now it’s time to go to the
courts to play some basketball. So three days
of basketball, hopefully. Cross your fingers. Tomorrow it is elimination so if
we don’t play well we do get to home on Monday.
That’s the thing. So you may not play
on Monday. So, we’ll see. Keep you guys posted. Here we go. (indistinct chatter) (basketballs bouncing) (whistles blowing) – [Man] Come on, right there,
right there, right there. Get into ’em, get into ’em. – [Clintus] There you go, Bryce.
Get it, Bryce. Stay with it. There you go, there you go. – [Jack] Push it, push it. Set a screen, Bryce. It’s there, shoot it. – [Clintus] Give him a screen,
give him… – [Man] Come on, baby. Come on shock the ball. Don’t run with him. Anticipate, he’s coming. He’s coming. He’s coming, J, he’s coming. – [Clintus] There you go, Bryce!
– [Woman] Good job, Bryce. – [Man] Take your time. – [Clintus] There you go Mark,
there you go, Mark. Ugh!
– [Man] Way to rebound, Isaiah. – [Clintus] Nope, nope.
– [Jack] Come on, get in there. – [Man] Come on, stop the ball! – [Clintus] Turn around, Bryce.
Turn around. Turn around. There you go. – [Man] What side you on? Come on, come on, Isaiah. Here it comes, here it comes,
here it comes. Here it comes, here it comes. Come on, no, no, no.
Don’t let him out. Come on, get over, get over. Watch your back ‘Saiah.
Watch your back. Watch your backside,
backside ‘Saiah, backside. Here he comes, here he comes.
Here he comes, here he comes. – [Clintus] Nice switch,
nice switch. There you go, there you go. – [Man] That’s it.
Come on be ready, be ready. Come on, move! – [Clintus] Oh! – [Man] Come on,
rebound, rebound. – [Jack] Same, same, same. – [Man] Stay with it,
stay wit it. Watch you back. – [Clintus] Keep swingin’,
keep swingin’. – [Man] Rotate. Rotate. Rotate. – [Clintus] Good look, Bryce. There you go Mark.
Stay with it, Mark! – [Man] Stay wit it.
Stay wit it. – [Clintus] There you go. – [Man] Glide, baby, glide. – [Clintus] Short!
– [Man] Come on! Stay with it, stay with it.
Stay with it. Fight! Keep fight, keep fight. (whistle blows) – [Jack] Fight to get open. – [Clintus] Nice shot, Mark.
Good job Noah. Look, look, look! – [Man] Get your head up.
That’s it, reach out. – [Clintus] There you go,
there you go. – [Man] Look up, look up. – [Clintus] There you go! – [Man] There you go,
right there. – [Clintus] Take your shot.
Nice shot. Get in there. – [Man] Come on, come on.
Stay with it. Come on, come on. That’s it. Let’s move out there, move. Keep movin’.
Keep movin’. That’s it, that’s it. Keep movin’, keep movin’. That’s it. – [Clintus] Nice shot, Bryce!
Good job. – [Jack] Rebound, Bryce! – [Clintus] Go, go! Swing! Move around. – [Man] That’s it, that’s it. Come on.
– [Clintus] Cut, cut! – [Man] There you go,
there you go. Come on. – [Clintus] There you go.
– [Man] Come to the ball. – [Man 2] Be a threat. – [Man] Come on, that’s it.
Keep moving. – [Man 2] Have that. – [Man] Come on, come on.
Don’t let him out of there. – [Clintus] There you go, Bryce! – [Man] Good job,
good job. Look up. – [Clintus] Do it again.
There it is. There it is, Noah.
Good job. – [Man] That’s it, that’s it.
That’s it. Way to go. – [Clintus] Hey, there you go. – [Man] Take it,
take it, take it. Take it to the hoop.
(whistle blows) – [Clintus] Good job. Nice shot, nice shot. – [Man] Boom,
come on get it, get it, get it! That’s it. Way to get in there. – Alright, we’re
done with Game 1. Unfortunately,
as you saw, they lost. But you got a bucket. You got two rebounds that I saw. – Two steals.
– And two steals. – (mumbles) Assist. – Unfortunately though the way
we were sitting it was hard for me to get video from
the other side of the court. The seating was very
limited on this side. Hopefully on the next
court on the next game, we get some better
seats for you guys. But he played really good. Got a lot of compliments from
his coaches and whatnot so good. Excited? Yeah, yeah. New shoes feelin’ good?
– [Bryce] Yeah. – New shoes feelin’ good.
Check out the new jersey. It’s a reversible. Be Elite 25. Matching shirts. Matching shorts?
Matching shorts. – And the shorts
are reversible too. – [Clintus] Yeah, yeah. Reversible.
We got white on the inside. Are we white?
I think we got to switch. We got to ask coach. We might be white next game. – Yeah. – [Clintus] Alright,
what’s your name, man? – Tyson. – [Clintus] Tyson,
where you from? – L.A.
– [Clintus] L.A.? And what grade are you in?
– Sixth. – [Clintus] You
play in the tournament? – Mhmmm. – [Clintus] You
play in a game yet? – Yeah. – [Clintus] Did
you guys win or lose? – We lost.
– [Clintus] Lost. Was it a good game though?
– Yeah. – [Clintus] That’s all that
matters then, right? – Yep. (indistinct chatter) – [Jack] There you go, Taylor. Head up, see it, see it. – [Man 3] Go, get back,
get back. – [Clintus] There you go.
Go, go, go! There you go, Mason.
There you go, Mason. Ah! There you go. There you go, Bryce.
There you go, Bryce. Get in there. Geez Bryce, look
at those chicken legs. You start doing
some stair steps, man. Look at Uncle Jack’s
calves compared to yours. – [Bryce] I go up
the stairs every day. – Alright boys and girls, we are wrapped up
for basketball for the day. Unfortunately, two losses
but they got a whole other day tomorrow and lots
more basketball to play. Boys played good. Both these kids
played really good. Really, really good.
Really good. But now we’re
here Huntington Beach ’cause it was only
30 minutes away. It’s one of this
guy’s favorite places. What are your top two favorite
beaches here in California? – California?
– Beach but just like areas? – Definitely here in Huntington and San Diego’s
probably the other one. – San Diego. – Yeah.
– Yeah, yeah. I agree. I think
Huntington’s pretty awesome. Look at this, we’ve
been here multiple times. In fact, we’ve been in that
place right there, Hurricane’s. I think that’s what it’s called. On that patio multiple times. What you got homey? – Baja Fish Tacos.
– [Clintus] Baja Fish Tacos. – [Bryce] Thing is–
– [Clintus] Thing is? Thank you. Oh, there’s mine.
Look at that. Bryce’s tacos are
bigger than mine. What? – [Chrissy] Good job, Bryce.
– [Jack] Good luck, Bruce. – [Bryce] The fish is
taller than the tortilla. – [Clintus] I know. You’ll figure it out,
you’ll figure it out. – We’re not even
on the crosswalk. It’s basically when
we’re allowed to walk, we just walk across the street. (guitar music) (ocean waves) (boys playing and splashing) – Good morning, guys. Welcome to Day 2 Anaheim. This kid just literally woke up. I just woke him
up out of bed ’cause breakfast is being
served downstairs. We want to make
sure we go get some. Get some protein
in this guy, some carbs. Get him ready for round two. We got two games today. The second being elimination. So the first one gets us more,
I don’t know how it works but the second one if
we lose, we’re done. So it’s definitely the second
game is very important but I think the first game
tells us what person we’re playing in the
second game. I don’t know. But anyways, breakfast time. Packed up,
headed out of the hotel, going over to a
little outdoor mall. Kill some time
before the first game. Got some Jamba Juice
and some pretzels. Just hanging out,
enjoying this awesome weather. You ready?
– [Bryce] Yep. – [Clintus] Round two,
let’s do it. (boys clapping in unison) – [Jack] Way to help Jaylen. – [Man] Get to the hoop,
get to the hoop. – [Jack] Short, short. Rebound, Bryce. Kick it out, Noah.
Kick it out. Get in there, get in there. Let it stop, let it stop. – [Clintus] Yeah, there you go!
There you go! – [Jack] Give it up. Finish! – [Clintus] Oh, too much. (crowd cheering)
Oh, he got it. Good job, Bryce.
– [Woman] Good job, Bryce. – [Jack] Don’t
let him get there. There you go, Jerris. All the way, all the way.
Get in there. – [Clintus] Yeah.
(crowd cheering) Burger time?
– Yep. – [Clintus] Burger time.
– Three, two– – [Clintus] It’s burger o’clock.
– [Jack] Yes it is. What are you doing with a salad?
– [Chrissy] I don’t know. – [Clintus] Ruined!
– Trying to be healthy. – [Clintus] Ruined!
(laughs) We’re all doing burgers tonight. I got mushroom, onions,
bacon and blue cheese. What’d you get dude? – Bacon, avocado, cheddar
cheese and grilled onions. – [Clintus] Oh yeah. Mason’s rocking
the sweet potato fries. – [Chrissy] Mhmmm.
– [Clintus] Mhmmm. Alright you guys, it’s Monday. Last day in Anaheim. Packing things up. Getting everything
put away, cleaned up. Showers, fresh clothes
and hitting the road. Got a five hour
drive back to Phoenix. And if timing works out
I might be able to catch one of Sierra’s last games. Just depends. We lose an hour
going back to Phoenix. And so they have a game at 2
and if they win that they play another one but if
they lose they’re done. So a lot of variables
going on. We’ll see. – [Jack] Lean forward Bryce.
Wait ’til you see that hair. – Alright so we
made a quick pit stop here in Quartzsite to Daniel’s. Really good,
really good fresh jerky. It’s like one of my
favorite places to go. And we grabbed ourselves some
jerky for home ’cause it’s one of the best and
they got a good deal. And so picked up
six bags of jerky. Carolina Reaper, extra hot,
garlic rosemary, cowboy beef and then Bryce
picked out sweet and hot beef. How you guys
holding up on the road trip? – Good.
– I’m hungry. – [Clintus] Hungry? I think
we’re gonna get something to eat since we’re stopped.
– Yay. – [Clintus] Might
as well, right? Got about an hour
and a half left to drive. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – Alright you guys,
we made it back home. Back in Phoenix.
Bryce just took a shower. His hair’s all floppy and wet.
Oh dude, it’s really wet. You got to dry that off, dude. Long hair, you got to dry it.
You got to dry it. But it was a long ride. You know that five
hour drive from Cali. Stuck in the car it’s like, ugh. But just a quick recap, they lost three games. Unfortunately,
good games though. Every game was good. And the fourth one was a draw. And so–
– Third one was a draw. – Third one was a draw but
like I said you lost three so it doesn’t matter the order. But in any case,
boys played good. And 10 kids total on the team
so we’ve got two squads which that’s great ’cause Coach
can kind of start molding them together and making a squad,
making two squads. Back to the court tomorrow. We’re gonna do skills and then
practice on Wednesday and then maybe skills
on Thursday. We’ll see. But a lot more
basketball for this kid. So stay tuned, stay tuned. Tiffany and Sierra
are still at volleyball. She has one more
game then they’re done. So I’m not sure
the order in which you’re going to get the videos. If you’re gonna get
Sierra’s first or Bryce’s first, I don’t know. But either way, this was
our weekend in Anaheim. And there’ll be a video that’s
all Sierra’s and Tiffany’s weekend here in Phoenix. So, thanks for
watching, vlog on. – Vlog on. (electronic music)

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