What’s going on everyone my name is Jeff from zappos.com And today we’ll be checking out this stylish pair of tennis shoes that I’m holding in my hand right now and it’s from New Balance Now this stylish tennis shoe here is made with a leather upper and has some overlays all throughout the shoe to make sure you have that structural stability not to mention this awesome pop of color around the heel And that’s also on the tongue and a little bit on the footbed there as well Now when it comes to cushioning this shoe has it all First you have an absorbed cushioning which is super good at shock absorption so you’re gonna stay comfortable all day long or during your game whenever you’re wearing these shoes And on top of that you have a C-CAP midsole along with a stability web And last but not least, you even get this non-marking outsole that has this herringbone tread that’s kind of hard to say, herringbone tread And that’s gonna give you plenty of grip there And that’s all made with an endurance rubber compound that gives the shoes maximum durability Now I don’t know if these shoes will make your tennis game stronger But you’ll definitely look better out on the court So get a pair today, it’s from New Balance

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