Sanna bot is the world’s first robotic ball collecting ten upon perfectly integrates computer vision and artificial intelligence To detect tennis balls on the court and collect them from players You can let Hannah bot work autonomously using the station that easily attaches to the net post or use ten bots app The customized bear and the cord the device will clear Santa bot easily syncs to your phone and even your Apple watch to make activation quick and seamless The app also keeps track of how many balls are collected during a session and how often you practice So feel free to brag to your friends about how you’re stepping up your game while never having to pick up another tennis ball Tanabata was designed with convenience in mind The removable bucket holds up to 80 balls and lets you easily continue your hittin session after 10. Abad has cleared the court The battery takes only 90 minutes to charge and runs for four to five hours It’s portable design lets you pick up tena bot and wheel it on and off the court just like a suitcase And when you’re done 10 ibattz compact size makes it easy to fit in the trunk of your car So instead of picking up balls players can relax hydrate or just keep playing

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Dennis Veasley

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