Hi, Zoe here from NDIStv. This week, we’re
at the National Cricket Inclusion Championships. Over 200 players from across the country are
competing in three divisions. Deaf and hard of hearing, blind and vision impaired,
and players with an intellectual disability. Let’s chat to some of the players and find out how they got into cricket and what they love about it. Had a bat yesterday, got 25 and got a couple
of wickets in the first couple of games so I’m just enjoying the experience, making
new mates, seeing what the other sides are like. It’s fantastic, like I’m enjoying it.
I didn’t think it would be this much fun to be honest. Amazing experience, wearing the Tassie colours. It’s good to see guys with disability can
play sport, with any kind of disability they’ve got. Blind cricket’s been around for roughly
40 years in Australia. The ball is made of hard plastic, just the same as a cricket ball.
You can feel the stitches and all that sort of stuff, but inside there’s ball bearings,
so you can hear it. I think it’s good in social aspects as well,
and being around people you can relate to, and also being on an even keel that you can
compete with. Gives people with a disability a chance to
have a go. It’s a fantastic opportunity to learn new
skills and also make new friends. I think it’s really important for people
with a disability to be given a platform to succeed and really thrive in a supportive
environment. It’s good for your social connections, it’s
good for your fitness. And as we know, good fitness and good social connections leads
to good mental health. And it also shows the greater community out there that hey, just because these guys can’t see or are in a wheelchair, they can still do it. Go with it if you enjoy it, and if your heart’s
in it, have a crack. The worst thing is, you could not like it
and go back home. Please, come along. Try, learn, we have a
good support network and we’ll look after you. So please come.

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