The Porter Spartan Tennis team is making their
mark on this season. For Coach Craig Koen it looks like solid growth
and positive movement is the feeling teamwide. While they lost 4 players from last year,
many more are stepping up to the challenge. “But we had a lot of underclassmen that developed
over the summer. So we are back where we were last year, but
the girls vastly improved. “
“ Our goal this year is as we say no crumbs. We don’t give it half-hearted, we give it
everything we got. One thing I can say about our players is they
have a desire to win. “
These Spartans have battled extreme heat and floods to keep practicing and advancing. Koen says the goal of winning can be achieved
if all Spartans work together as one. No matter where you are in the team you have
something you can contribute. “ For the ones coming up, first of all,
to understand our climate, what it means to be a Spartan tennis player. For the upper class men I talk about leaving
a legacy. Make sure you are touching the lives of someone
underneath you and teaching them what it means to be a Spartan tennis player. “

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Dennis Veasley

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