Welcome to the vitalife show I’m Doctor
Janine Bowring and today I’m talking about natural treatments for sleep apnea.
Now sleep apnea can be caused and what it is is an obstructed breathing Airways
during sleep and often the person who has sleep apnea will wake up gasping
their body may jerk because they don’t have enough oxygen and I can attest to
this because someone dear to me has sleep apnea. So this can be very annoying
for loved ones that are sleeping with this person because you think that they
are literally dying because they start to not breath and then they breath and
they gasp for air. So if this is someone that you know that has the sleep apnea
you probably won’t know if it’s you yourself if you don’t have someone who’s
sleeping close to you. This is something that needs to be treated because sleep
apnea and not breathing effectively during sleep means that your organs are
not getting that oxygen that they need, so this is something that’s really
important to know that you can treat it naturally. One of the causes can be
overweight so if you’re not exercising enough if you’re holding on to a little
bit excess body weight this is something that really you know within your hands
to be able to you know do that exercise and get get that extra weight off.
Another one is alcohol and other sedatives
you know if you overindulge then that sleep apnea and snoring as well will be
worse on those nights. As well as acid reflux, so if you suffer from acid reflux
this can be one of the causative factors for for developing that sleep apnea. So
one of my favorite treatments is to avoid sleeping on your back, so I know it
just sounds you know easier said than done of course but you know if you need
to put the tennis ball under your back or you need someone to you know kick you
to get you to roll over onto your side and make sure you have a comfortable
pillow that’s supporting your neck if you’re going to start to sleep on your
side which really does help that sleep apnea. Get that exercise in I can’t
stress that enough I love exercise exercise is super
important for every aspect of your life so make sure you get in that exercise
and maintain that healthy body weight. One of
the things you can use is eucalyptus oil so the essential oil of eucalyptus just
a few drops you can rub it you know here right under your nose that you’re
inhaling add a few drops on your chest is a fantastic way to keep your Airways
open during sleep that has that ability to open up those Airways which is
phenomenal. Also make sure that your air in your room where you’re sleeping is
humid enough so you may want to get a cool mist humidifier to increase that
that nice humidity in the air because in some parts of the world of course with
forced air heating it becomes very dry so that’s one of my tips as well. We
actually have a great testimonial from one of our customers who actually use
one of our products to help with her sleep apnea so let me share this with
you maybe I should show you the product really quickly so I know you’re probably
wondering what it is. So the product that she used is our memory and brain booster
and the memory and brain booster has natural ingredients, so natural herbs
that help to increase that oxygenation to the brain to make sure that those
nutrients are getting to the brain and that blood circulation to the brain and
this helped for sleep apnea 4d, so I’m going to read her testimonial now. Saudi
wrote in to us she’s from Toronto Ontario and she said that she isn’t
diagnosed with severe sleep apnea and she figured that the memory and brain
booster from vitatree would be a good product because not breathing properly
affects so many parts of the body and especially the brain as well and she
takes other vitatree products she says so she started to take this one and on
just the second day she said I took two at once or two capsules, I know the label
says to take one capsule twice daily but she took the two and later that day that
she noticed I wasn’t so short of breath that I wasn’t feeling like there was
that lack of good air or oxygen to take in. So that’s a great testimonial so the
fact that you know the product works so quickly for her and she had taken double
the dosage so standard dosage on it is one capsule twice a day but certainly
you can up the dosage, and if you have those questions about dosing always call
us call our vitatree experts at 1844 get well that’s a
toll-free number here in North America. You can also go to our website at the
ask Dr. Bowring section and there you can ask questions about you know your
health and maybe about the dosing or you have you know different ailments that
you’re suffering through and you want some some professional advice from our
vitatree experts take advantage of that service you know on our website. So I
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