[Music] hello my name is Natalia Meyer I’m 24 and this is my story [Music] there is the Natalia inside the court and the Natalia outside the court I always tried to be a really positive person like I always tried to take my life smiling and be happy because I have a lot to be thankful for actually I went to a watching cup from Swami I got three medals there I was growing and swimming and but then it like in the middle of the way I met tennis but that was funny because the swimming pool was right by the tennis court so that’s how I met him if you know so I’m grateful for swimming too because they brought tennis to my life I’m like I’m changing my whole life I moved to Orlando I’m living with my coach so like now it’s for real [Applause] hello good are you they know me because I’m always there in the court like going out here but here is a really nice pool [Music] sometimes it’s nice to come in here after practice so I can’t like really like a little bit but this one is true cold a drinking machine that’s my favorite part oh I think it’s here okay three times in a week I come here to work out Elise [Music] so like I was living in an apartment that we didn’t have a fridge or a bed we just swept into like in a mattress in the floor so it was like very bad and that was I lived in the first floor no the second floor and there was no elevator so I used to like throne the stairs the whole time and my mom would bring the chair [Music] when I was two years old I was with my mom we just left a hospital that was doing some exams and then as soon as we laughed we went to the bus stop I was waiting for the bus to go back home and the bus came in high speed and it lost control went to the sidewalk and hit me and then I was only two years old so I was pretty small it’s like for me it’s basically a miracle to be still alive because I was talking the way for like 200 meters and he was like driving and then he left the bus on top of me and left Ronny I don’t blame him you know because it’s it’s a pretty tough situation so some people have different reactions to that but at the same time it was like it was what took me to this point that I am today so I’m really helped like I’m really thankful for that just like I told you like I moved so now I leave with my coach it means like everything that I do aren’t practicing basically because he is helping me with my nutrition with my preparation and like the gym and everything I practice every day three hours per day then I go back at court twice in a week just serve just practice serve then I go to the gym three times in the week so like I maybe you know wait just a second hello so in this house here there’s always two ladies that they stay in a balcony there she is hey how are you getting it now practicing today just recording some stuff no not today – coach yes and they always cheer for me in there it’s funny [Music] well I don’t know besides that I have a passion for like art so like I always love taking pictures making videos using Photoshop all this kind of stuff so that’s what I try to do when I’m free although much of tools yes actually this one I made right after winning the pair pins but it means like it marks a moment in my life but it’s also about everything that I came through in my life like the chance of being alive the chance of traveling the world and like playing tennis and being successful and what I do for the family I have the friends I have so like I really feel blessed for everything that I have and this one I made right before Rio there was it means like goals and like the way that I’m focused and everything that I want you I just like I just go for it no matter what I just work hard until I make it so that’s the story behind it [Music] [Applause] [Music] everything that I’ve been through so far made me who I am so I’m very thankful for it all but I’m very excited for the future I’ve been growing a lot lately not just in tennis but like in my life so I can’t wait to see what is waiting for me in the future and I’m gonna work like as much that as I can to get there and realize all my dreams [Music] you

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  1. Young classy lady.She uses wheelchair with a grace and is not ashamed about her stumps thats a really beautiful woman. I could only dream about meeting such a wonderful person

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