NAT: Hey there, this
is Nat from “Nat & Lo.” And in this week’s
episode, we’re taking you behind the scenes
with the Doodles team. With the whole world
coming together right now to play games in
Brazil, the team really wanted to make these
Fruit Games that anybody with a phone could play too. SPEAKER 1: We had so many ideas
for them, but it came down to, would a golf game be
a fun rolling game? And a swimming game would
be an interesting tilt. NAT: We even saw
some early prototypes that didn’t make the cut. SPEAKER 1: Or we
could use the mic and just say “banana, banana.” SPEAKER 2: Banana, banana,
banana, banana, banana, banana, banan! SPEAKER 1: [LAUGHS] NAT: To see how they made these
games, watch the full episode.

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Dennis Veasley

39 thoughts on “Nat & Lo: Doodle Fruit Games Sneak Peek”

  1. I find the timing of this fruit game advertising very, very, very conspicuously interesting… And dubiously subliminal on the Google search page.

  2. I can't play it, I press the doodle but it only search "Olympic" not show the game. Is my device not supported? Or my phone's ROM is error Google? (512 MB RAM, ARMv7l, Android 5.1)😫😥😲😤😢😭😭😭

  3. I think YouTube should provide some sort of service that allows creators to dub their videos in different languages, not just provide captions and subtitles.

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