NASTY Basketball Ankle Breakers – How To: Best Basketball Moves | Snake today I got some nasty basketball ankle breakers that are going to give you options no matter how your defender guards you so you can pretty much make them look foolish trying to stay in front of you hey guys Jesse Muench here with Get Handles dot-com Before we jump into video make sure to hit that like button let’s try to get this video to a thousand likes also leave a comment down below let me know what else you guys want to see from the channel i’ve been getting a ton of ideas from you guys why did you say you want to see more ankle breaker so that’s where this video came from and also make sure you hit that subscribe button get on the notification squad intentions videos the second they come on okay so we’re going to start this off I got the camera behind me because we’re doing something kind of tricky to start things off with this combo and basically what you’re going to do is a lot of times you know if your defender with the behind-the-back this is a this is a great way to kind of like start this whole sequence so we’ll try beating maybe a couple times with a regular behind-the-back ok so then what you gonna do from there to start this combo op is custom with some something unexpected which is a fake behind-the-back between-the-legs you want to bring your hand behind the back just like you would a normal behind-the-back dribble you’re going to start pushing in that direction but from there your hands going to come from here like this ok come across the basketball like that so you could push it back this way and i say this in a lot of my videos especially my next level secrets videos for like just mastering your basic moves and taking the next level but whichever direct your palm is facing that’s what direction the basketball prolly gonna go through my palms facing this way that’s where the basketballs goin probably that way ok so bring it back here for your palms facing this way and then push it through now to make sure you don’t carry with it you’re gonna work on getting this down quick that’ll help number one and number two make sure your hands and come over halfway into the basketball so here you’re okay here you’re probably ok here you’re close to carry that’s definitely a carry ok so bringing it there ok and again by doing a quick it’ll make it so you could get that whole motion off real quick and you don’t have to put your hand on the basketball usually if you feel like you have to put your hand on the basketball is because you don’t have the coordination down for quite yet and the speed for it if once you get that down though it’s pretty easy and really focus on your wrist twisting like this that will really make it quick to get it that motion down ok so that’s the first thing you’re gonna do is you’re gonna get them with that and go okay one key tip i can give you to kind of sell that fake is step into that direction like you’re gonna move that way like you would for a regular behind-the-back so step up boom and that also gives you a little more space between your legs to push the ball through although i would recommend trying to keep the ball close to the side of the leg as the hand that’s dealt with my left hand sterling i’m gonna want to try to keep the basketball local close to that left leg and state of that left side because if i push it out too much in front of me here i’m putting it right in front of the defender so if they don’t bite on this behind-the-back take their right here where they get the ball but if i push it more to the side even if they’re here i’m pushing it away over here tight to me and away from them okay so you want to kind of do it like that push it slightly forward slightly to the side so that pic with the opposite foot and then come forward okay from there you can go by ok so let’s say you beat him with a steak behind-the-back between the legs ok from there you’re probably going to get to know people there watching a vertical crazy like oh we got a crazy move right and then maybe a little bears so you try to do this again I dark they’re going to be looking for a little more and they’re going to be trying to stay in front of your not fall for right so you’re probably going to come flying this way to try to stay in front of you so all we’re going to do is this next hunt was so dead simple but it’s effective all you’re gonna do is you’re gonna come here cool square up on the dribble real quick just stopped in your tracks and I know that might seem I kind of like it easy counter moving a little too simple but trust me when you see the car move from this is going to make it even crazier so just hope pink tight but even this alone should be enough to make you defend her look bad once again because if you come here and they try to go flying to stay in front of you and boom you stopped dead in your tracks and they keep going now they’re going to go flying again ankle breaker good chance they’re going to trip over your own feet so here here okay and pay attention to one you get the momentum going and you’re starting to get a little bit past them right about there is when you’re gonna want a boom stopped dead in your tracks and they’re probably gonna go flying and then from there you got a lot of options of course i’m going to give you a specific card removal want one of the easiest and quickest things you can do from that come from it and go into a jump shot or you could even just hesitate and either drive left or right depending on which side they are more on if they’re more on this side you would go this way if we’re more to this out of you you’d go this way ok so next option you come from the fake behind the back to the legs stopped dead in your tracks now what’s going to happen is if either going to go flying right and they’re going to come back up on you or be if they’ve seen this move now you know with it with the second counter move with the stopped dead they might stay with you right they might not tear off to the basket so much account stay with you so now you have another carnival for that right so from that what you want to do is either if they’re if they’re tight to you you’re gonna want if they’re just inside too much him with the behind-the-back or through this side too much in their tights you boom him with another one of those fake behind the back to the lake so what I would recommend doing is going through the sequence a couple different ways so first time hit him with this all the way to the basket second time hit him with this stopped dead in your tracks squaring up a third option hit him with this stopped in your tracks behind the back and then from there for cotton which is accountable from that second move boom stopped in your tracks him with another one mistake behind-the-back between the legs ok and one thing I one final key to help you take that take behind the back to that next level look in the direction that you’re faking ok boom okay just look at that direction it like this little tip help you but that little detail make a huge difference if you’re looking this way especially if you like act like you’re looking for like a link to drive like really locking in with your eyes that can really help sell that fake ok you are take your game to the next level makes you click this link right here that’s a free workout that’s helped thousands of players i’m pretty sure to help you to click that link pop your email and i’ll send that you right away for free it will develop your ball handling graph lettuce isn’t a whole bunch of other things all at the same time also make sure you click that subscribe button check out this video check out this playlist and as always make sure you click that like button leave a comment down below let me know what else you want to see thanks for watching stay tuned for more break some ankles today NASTY Basketball Ankle Breakers – How To: Best Basketball Moves | Snake

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  3. I just want to thank this channel a lot,you have really helped me with my dribbling ability. I literally have learned how to do things in just a day or a couple hours after you explain it. This channel deserves more subscribers

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  5. Can you show us how to the sell a move? If you can't get your defender to bait on the fake the move won't take you anywhere

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