Humans can naturally be a bit mischievous. And such is the case with even the Apollo
14 astronauts, who smuggled the head of a six iron to the moon in one of their utility
pockets to have a quick game of golf, much to the amusement of the TV audience watching
the moon landing live at their homes. The Guinness world record for the longest
golf drive stands at 515 yards, hit by Mike Austin. Unofficially, the longest drive hit in a pro
tournament goes to Carl Cooper at 787 yards, whose shot hit a downward running concrete
path and took off, taking lots of fortuitous bounces before finally coming to a rest. But let’s have a look at the longest golf
drive perhaps ever, by Alan Shepard, who coincidentally is also the first American in space. Alan Shepard takes four shots in all. The first shot doesn’t have such a good
connection, and instead gets a lot of rubble. The second shot is a slice, the ball rolling
a few feet away from him. He retrieves the ball and hits it again. It goes a little bit further, but still not
very far. He then drops his third a final ball, and
this time makes a good connection, sending it “miles and miles” as he said. Chances are it didn’t go miles, but estimates
have suggested that a good connection with the ball, combined with the moon’s low gravity
and no atmosphere, the ball would have been sent one mile, or 1760 yards! Should he have had a more mobile spacesuit,
a double handed swing would likely have been able to achieve over two miles! And that’s not all they did, Edgar Mitchell,
the other astronaut, threw a makeshift javelin. Upon reaching the Lunar Module, they took
a photo of the crater that the javelin and one of the golf balls landed in. To me, I think it’s good to see a bit of
childlike curiosity even on super serious missions like the moon landings. So, there you have it! The unofficial longest golf drive ever…
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Dennis Veasley

93 thoughts on “NASA Apollo Astronauts Playing Golf on the Moon”

  1. Snuck a club head and 3 golf balls, some real security there. And am I the only one that thinks that ball dropped to the ground at the same speed it would have on earth and, should it have?

  2. Science People: The amount of weight added to a spaceship is extremely sensitive and needs to be micro managed. No unnecessary items are added to the ship.

    Also Science People: Let's add a golfing set to the ship.

  3. So the SR-71 Blackbird could see Russian Nukes from 85,000 feet in 1964
    But 20 feet was a NASA Problem in 1974
    BS. Bad Science

  4. There is a golf course in Australia called the Nullarbor Links that crosses the southern part of the country, it goes for 1365km! From Western Australia all the way to South Australia, the longest golf course in the world! One day there will no doubt be a golf course from Earth to the Moon, then onto Mars and so on!

  5. What has always confused me is , how did they get the Moon buggy into a tight and compact eagle lander ? I still can't work this out . Hope you can one day let us know . Many thanks if you can .

  6. That is so cool. I am too young to have seen this live but I'm looking forward to seeing similar child-like curiosity being done on Mars or new things being done on our second moon era.

  7. My god, space and sports in the same video??? Hes appealing to old and young people at the same time, hes hitting all four quadrants!

  8. Even 1/6 gravity wouldn't help MY game, but at least I'd prove the existence of water on the Moon!

  9. There's a bit of controversy about how many golf balls he had. I believe the answer is two, not three. Here's some discussion and evidence: – what do you think?

  10. I remember anything on TV that had to do with Mercury Gemini or Apollo programs my butt was watching it

  11. Is it just me or is he lucky it didn't bounce up and hit his glass face shield. Those guys were so close to death the whole time. I think that Deep sea divers would make for good astronauts.

  12. Please do an episode on Hawking radiation, how black holes die and how many trillions of years it will take

  13. You phonetically pronounced mischievous, but that is incorrect (and I find it also irritatingly pretentious). The correct pronunciation is miss-chi-vus.

  14. I recall reading about a very long golf shot done on a very long and flat sheet of ice in Antarctica. Cold golf ball on flat ice = at least a couple of kilometers, maybe more, I don't remember. – – – Always interesting videos, Astrum!! Thanks!

  15. lol they looks like they are hanging on ropes
    their postures are quite strange

    one of them nearly fall down but somehow he still stand …..

  16. If they would do that from ISS during EVA they would comfortably win. The ball would travel many times around the Earth before deorbited 🙂

  17. Dear Astrum, your channel is an oasis of tranquility between all the shouters and screamers on this platform. And I am very thankful of that..👍🏻

  18. Not sure if it can be claimed at the longest drive ever, but certainly claim to be the first time golf was played in space, and on the moon…. I remember the original transmission [yes, I am now that old!!]…. Alan Shepard was remarkable…He had the “Right Stuff”… we should not forget him…

  19. It's critically importent for talking apes to have emotional experiences in order to maintain their sanity, therefore, these should have been required items during the EVA!

    Maybe we could have included the garbage throwing, also? All of these instances served importent mission goals.

  20. What a career. First (American) man in space, one of the few to stand on the moon and first to play golf on the moon!

  21. This kind of buffoonery only subtracts from the acheivements of the Apollo program, shame on you for celebrating it.

  22. This was beautifully done but NASA never was much interested in space, just weapons, THEY CANT GET PAST THE VAN ALLEN BELT TODAY- so they couldn't have then.

  23. Most of these positive pink comments sound like they come from drones in la la land. Look up NASA Susanna Labs , Ventura County, Ca, if you want to find out want NASA is about.

  24. Hmmm, I was thinking to myself, this could be one of the better proof they where on the moon! So why didn’t they film it? Why wasn’t the camera turned to see the ball in flight??? WHY?

    Im sure we went to the moon, but this is typical, a reason to question the truth! Because seeing thr ball in flight could give a good indication to the propertives of the atmosfere! So why hide it? Strange?
    On the other hand it might have been impossible to see the ball anyway , but now we will never know??

  25. I recommend a very profound YouTube video called : astro nots falling on the moon with laugh track visible wires and Benny Hill music.

  26. Jogaram golf….na lua….que tivessem jogado…para tal levaram pelo menos um taco e bolas.Mas…porque não levaram igualmente um telescópio por mais pequeno que fosse para de mais perto poderem observar as estrelas?Levaram uma pena,um martelo,um taco de golf e bolas,um jeep,cantaram,dançaram,pularam….mas não levaram um telescópio por mais pequeno que fosse para puderem de mais perto maravilharem-se com o brilho hipnotizante das estrelas?Nem uma única vez levaram um telescópio em 6 viagens que fizeram?Pois…….

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