– Hey guys, it’s Karina
– It’s Ronald from – Sis versus Bro. – And today we’re playing
mystery box of outfit switch up – Challenge – So basically there’s
going to be two boxes, each of them are gonna have
some kind of outfit piece. One person’s gonna be like,
“woooo I’m gonna look inside.” And the other person’s gonna be like, “I wanna keep, I wanna switch.” And they’re gonna get their
boxes, they’re gonna open it up and they’ll be like “oh my
god, I got an outfit piece.” And there’s gonna be three rounds, so there’s gonna be
three different outfits. – No, five!
Five different outfits. – No, three different, three outfits, and five rounds inside each outfit. – Oh. Well. – So we’re gonna have five
different accessories, or clothing items, and of
course you guys, of course, you’re gonna comment down
below who has the best outfit, and who won the challenge.
– Aaahhh. – Now, let’s begin this challenge. Rock, paper, scissors. – Who goes first! Rock, paper, scissors, shoot!
– Uh, uh, uh, uh. You’re ready to smash me, eh? But I come in with the
grab, hi-yah! (laughs) – Okay, Ronald, you go first.
– Yay. – [Dad] Round number one. (bell) – Okay. – Peek, peek. – I wanna keep mine. (laughs) – No! (laughs)
– Okay. Three, two, one! Oh. I mean it’s not that bad. – What! – I got this sweater.
– Look what I got! – It says game on, press start, yes or no. The arrow’s pointing on left-
– No, I wanted that! – Actually, I’m happy about
mine, I’m glad I didn’t get this ’cause this is not in style anymore. This stuff, and it’s cool,
but it’s not in style anymore. – But that’s not in style
either, regular shirt. – No, but it’s a, I like it. – But I like mine. (laughs) – Okay, sure. (laughs) So this is going to be our shirt I guess, and now we’re going to be
moving on to the next round. – [Dad] Round number two. (bell) – Alrighty.
– Hey. – You have the peeksies, and
I will have the choosies. – Okay, let’s see. (laughs)
What are you doing? – I’m smelling you. (laughs) Okay. I’ll keep. – Yay, okay, three, two, one! Yay!
– Yay! – Look at this pretty choker, awww. – New York! Look at it-
– I got a choker and it says, There’s one choker, it says love, and then there’s one of
these normal chokers. And it’s so pretty. – Unicorn and New York.
– I love it so much! Do you like that?
– Yeah. – Oh, I wanted to keep that as well. So let’s move on to our number – Three! (bell) – [Dad] Round number three. – Alright, Ronald, whatchya gonna do? I’m switching. – Yes. Yes! (explosion) Three, two, one. (gasp) – Yay!
– Yay! – Wait, what’s this? – Wait, what, I thought this was a purse, but it looks like a belt.
– Wait. – Is this a, this is a fanny pack. – Do you put it like this? – No! Well you can do it like that, but then you also put
it around your waist. – Oh, ewww. – Okay, so there’s two rounds left, so far I got this amazing
choker, I love it so much. I got this gamer sweater
here, and I got this very interesting looking fanny pack. I hope this gonna all
come together in the end, ’cause I don’t want like, all of a sudden rainbow pop of color,
because it’s all black, and I wanna stay in the black theme. – I’ve got this fanny
pack, a unicorn sweater, and a New York hat, ’cause
unicorns are in New York. – Okay, now moving on to round number – Four! (bell) – [Dad] Round number four.
– Ooo! – Alright, I’m gonna take a
little peek-see, don’t look. – Just tell me what’s
inside. (vulture shrieks) What was it? (laughs) – I didn’t look at it
yet ’cause you’re like – Oh, (laughs) oh. It’s good, but I don’t
really wanna show it’s good, so I’m gonna keep. – Yes, yes, yes, yes! – Three, two, one!
– Waahhhh! – Look at these amazing boots. – Look at my shoes, look at mine- – Look at these! – These look way better like overlap. – Look at these! – My shoes are plain, I want high heels. – And they’re heels, look
how high the heel is. It’s like that high, but still. (laughs) And we got these amazing buckles
on them, they’re so pretty. I love them-
– Stop! – I love them so much! So so far my outfit is matching perfectly, because it’s all black and
I love it so so so much! – And then you just look at your boots, and then you look at mine. (crickets) – They’re pretty plain,
but basic and they’re cool. – Yay! (laughs) – Now on the tag it says it’s
eco-free, so that’s good. – Yay. – Alright guys, now we’ll be
moving on the the last round, round number- – Five! (bell) – [ Dad] Round number five.
– Aaaah – Okay. (laughs) Are you a donkey now?
(donkey shrieks) (laughs) – Alrighty, okay, okay, okay, okay – Switching. – Yes! (laughs)
– Okay. – Three, two, one! – Wait, no!
– Yes! – Wait is this boyish or is this girlish? – I got a pretty jean
skirt and look, wait- – Oh, wait, okay. – Oh look, I got, what are these tights? I got tights and there’s stars on them. So guys I really hope this
will look really good together, and now it’s time to change and show off our outfits, let’s go! So guys this is my outfit number one. What do you think? Okay, starting from the
bottom in more detail. So, I got these shoes, they
have these little buckles on them, the buckles don’t
actually do anything, they’re just for design, and
they have these shiny things on them, and laces, I
really love the shoes, they’re my favorite part of the outfit. Then I got these tights, with stars, some of the stars are filled in, some of them are not,
and I really love it. I got a jean skirt, I’ve
been looking for a jean skirt for a really long time,
but none of them fit me, but this one fits me, so
I’m really happy about it. I got this gamer sweater,
and I really like how this fits on me, and I
really like how it’s black and it has green on it,
and I wanna keep it. I also got these choker,
I love the choker! The choker says love, and
then I got the normal choker. And of course, you can’t forget
about the little fanny pack. I don’t really like fanny packs, but this one is cool I guess, I mean yeah. Kinda looks like a wallet and a belt, so I have mixed feelings about that, but overall, I love this outfit so much! So if you think I won round number one, comment down below #GamerGirl, because I’m wearing gamer shirt. – So guys, for round number
one, here’s my outfit. What do you think? You probably think it’s
good ’cause I am wearing it. So from the bottom, in more
detail, we have some shoes. I actually have these shoes,
but smaller and in blue. We have some New York City pantalones. We got a unicorn shirt
which is jealous by Karina. – I’m not jealous of it. – We got a fanny pack, a fanny pack. And a hat, New York City, oo la la. So what do you think? You probably are thinking it’s
good, ’cause I am wearing it. So comment down below if you think I won, #NewYorkCity hi-yah. So guys don’t forget to comment down below who won outfit number one. Now we’re moving on to outfit number- – Two. – Rock, paper, scissors
of who’s gonna start. – Rock, paper, scissors, shoot. Rock, paper, scissors, shoot. Rock, paper, scissors, shoot. Rock, paper, scissors, shoot. – I beat you ha ha I beat you.
– What! You are such a person. Such a person. – [Dad] Round number one. – Yay.
– Okay. – Pick what you wantsie. Keep. – Okay. (laughs) – Three, two, one. Oh! – Oh, I actually really
like these shoes, oh! They’re like gamer shoes. Oh
these are actually really cool, and you got heels, I think. (laughing) – Are you kidding me? – Now you have booties. – You’re face! Why didn’t you tell me! Why didn’t you tell me, just switch! So guys, I am suffering right now ’cause I got pink lady boots. (laughs) – Pink, they’re not pink, they’re brown. – Well I feel like it’s dumb to be pink. – And I got these gamer sneakers. Now we’re moving on to round number- – Two. (bell) – [Dad] Round number two.
– Huh. – Alright, what are
you gonna pick, Ronald? – I cannot pick it
– Oh I need to pick. I’m switching. – Yes! It’s girly don’t worry.
– Okay. Three, two, one! – Ahhhh! – These are cool.
– Ahhhh! Aww, look I got this massive red sweater. – So I got this awesome reindeer
and no one messes with him. – ‘Cause he’s goin’ to jail. – But still, no one messes. – And I got this red sweater, it’s a little bit of a turtleneck, but I think it’ll be a
little bit too big for me, so it won’t be so much like a turtleneck. But I really like it! Alright, moving on to round number- – Three. (bell) – [Dad] Round number three.
– Huh! – Alright, gonna take a little peek-see. – I’ll keep. – Okay. – Are you happy or sad? – I’m excited to see
what you’re gonna get. – Okay, three, two, one! What, no! Wait, no, no! – I got this criminal hat, I think it’ll look like a criminal. – Wait no, that’s not, no! What is this? (laughs) – It’s a sweater. Or not a sweater it’s like a neck sweater. – Okay. So guys, I don’t know what
I’m gonna go with this, but I will wear it, but in some part. I don’t know where. (laughs) – You wear it on your neck, Ronald. – But it’s too long, how long- – But it’s supposed to
be all scrunched up. – Oh, really?
– Mm-hmm. – Okay, time for round number four. (bell) – [Dad] Round number four. – Alrighty everybody. – I’m switching. – Nn-yes, yes! Yes yes yes! – Okay. – Five, four, three, two, one. – Wait, no, am I, wait. – Oh, actually yeah. – Wait, should I be happy or not? – Oh wait, oh, oh! – Wait. – These say skinny fit
so I thought these were jeans for women but no, they’re not. They’re so big.
– Wait, these are- – These are much like skinnier, lighter. – This is for you.
– You can have these. (laughs) – Thank goodness (record scratch) – We can’t do that. (cries) – Okay, this is our item number four. – Pants.
– Mm-hmm. Now we’re moving on to round number five. – I like my pantalones. – [Dad] (bell) Round number five. – Alright, I’m gonna
take a little peek-see. (vulture shrieks) – Can I see? (laughs) – Uh, no, it’s okay, you
don’t have to see it. – I will keep. – Okay. – No! Okay, at least I get boyish ha ha ha. – Okay, three, two, one. – Woooh, no!
– I got a fluffy fanny pack! It’s so fluffy! (crickets chirp) – You got socks. – I got socks! – So guys I got this fluffy fanny pack and I think it’s super cool, and I love it so much
’cause it’s so fluffy! – And then you see the red socks, but then come the darkness,
dun dun dun! (laughs) – So guys now it’s the moment for us to go and change into these awesome outfits. – Yay.
– I’m not sure about you but for me, awesome outfits! And we’re gonna show them to you guys, and you guys are gonna vote that I won. – No, okay, that’s like a optional step, but a vote for me is a have to step. – No, okay, let’s just go
and change into our outfits. So guys this is my outfit number two. What do you think? Okay, this time we’re
gonna start from the top. So I got this black winter hat, on here it says the brave never sleep. It’s kinda cool, it’s okay,
I like it a little bit. So yeah, I got this
red turtleneck sweater. I really like it, but the
color is a little bit meh, and it’s a bit too fuzzy so
I’m kinda sweating in this, but I like the overall look of it. So I got this fuzzy fanny pack, just hanging here from my shoulder. I really like it, it has two pockets, so that’s double the space. It’s pretty awesome. And I love how it’s so fuzzy. I got these pants, I got
these rando pockets here, like why do I need pockets here? And they’re not pockets
they’re just zippers. Like what is this? I don’t understand. But yeah, I got these and I got
some shoesies at the bottom. I really like these
shoes, ’cause they’ve got a bunch of like doodles on them. So I think they’re super duper cool. If you think that I won, comment
down below #FuzzyFannypack. – Hello, and welcome to the
magical land of Ronald’s outfit. Welcome, so starting from the top, we have no hat, just hair. That is not made, sadly I forgot to do it. We have glasses, we have
a scarf, a white scarf. We have a cool reindeer,
it’s on a red sweater. And I really like it, it’s for Christmas. Christmas! We got a oversized pants and some brown boots, booties. So like, hello, hola, como estas? You know that kind of stuff. So if you think I won, comment
down below scarf, #scarf. That’s all, nothing else, I don’t want you to type for awhile. Okay, just #scarf. – So guys, now it’s
time for outfit number- – Three! – So let’s begin, first we need
to do rock, paper, scissors. Who’s gonna be choosing first? – Rock, paper, scissors, shoot! Rock, paper, scissors, shoot! – Owww! – I win again, I win again, I win again, I win again,
– No you don’t, no you don’t – Alright, now round number- – One. (bell) Yes. – [Dad] Round number one. – Alrighty everybody. – Gotta do a little bit of peeking. Okay, mm-hmm, okay. – Keep. – Are you sure? – Yes. – Okay. – Is that good? – I don’t know. This is your last chance,
do you wanna keep or switch? – Keep. (heartbeat) – Okay, fine. (laughs) – Three, two, one.
– Two, one. – Whooo! Holy moly mackerel-roni! Oh, hola, como estas, muy buen. Let me try this on okay get out of here glasses. Oh, hello, hola, como estas. – they’re too big for you. – I don’t care. (laughs) I am so stylish, oh hoo. – So guys I got this camo
jacket that has a hoodie. It has yellow on the inside,
(laughs) this mustard yellow. – Yes, plan has acquired.
– And it’s one of those big poofy jackets. So, mm-hmm, I’m just
having the time of my life. – I know right? I’m so happy you’re totally
happy, I know right? – Alright moving on, to round number- – Two. (bell) – [Dad] Round number two. – Alright everybody, welcome to Ronald’s opening sequence. – And, looks pretty good, do you want it or not? – I wanna keep mine. – Okay, oh okay, good choice. (laughs) – Okay, three, two, one. – Yeah, wait! Wait, which one, wait no,
wait, I thought this was a, no. Wait, no. – It’s an off the shoulder shirt. – No it’s not, no, no it’s not! – Yeah it is.
– What, no I need to switch. – I got this massive green sweater, like this is really long for my body. It’s like a dress almost. – It says no comments. – No comment, mm-hmm. – No commientos!
– No comments. And it’s green, I don’t
really like this green. So, mm-hmm.
– So we’re both unhappy. So we can both trade, no
I’m just kidding. (laughs) – I wish.
– Oh my goodness, this is gonna be so weird. – Okay guys, we are
moving on to round number- – Three. (bell) – [Dad] Round number three. – Yay.
– Alright, let’s see, what’s it gonna be?
– I’m gonna hug my Eiffel Tower. – Hmm, I want it, but like I don’t want Ronald to know I want it, so
I’m just gonna act casual. Okay, I’m gonna switch. – Okay. What? (laughs) I don’t know what it is. – Oh really? Kay, three, two, one! Ooooh, I do not know what
these are, these are pants. (laughs) – Oh these are boy pants, ’cause they have this design on the knee, and they have designs on these. I got the girl ones, because these are really long, skinny and black. – And here’s another green pants of mine, this is actually the first
one to join the party. So welcome, welcome. They are I think too big to me, and they are very long
and green, obviously. – Now, we’re moving on to round number- – Four! (bell) – [Dad] Round number four.
– Huh! – Okay. – I am gonna peek, and
welcome to the magical land of Ronald peeking. Okay, decent, not too good, but decent. – My box is really wobbly. Alright, so, hmm. – Hello. (laughs) – I wanna keep mine. – Yes! – Okay, three, two, one! (gasps) Whoa!
– No, no, why did I? – I got new booties, look a these-
– I got booties too. – They’re so tall and look at
they have these buckles on, like my first ones, sort of. But except a little less
extra, which I like. – And mine is a little less
extra than my first ones too. So get roasted. (laughs) so guys I have no idea how
this round’s gonna turn out. I got green, black, a
little bit of yellow, which I don’t know how I feel about it, so I have mixed feelings
about this outfit. I have no idea if it’s gonna turn out- – Crossing fingers for me too. – Crossing fingers for me
even more like. (laughs) – Cross! – Now moving on to round number- – Five! (bell) – AKA the last round. – [Dad] Round number five. – Oh ho ho.
– Alright. Am I taking a peek-see or- – Yeah you are taking a peek-see, welcome to the magic land of Karina peeks. – Okay. – It’s good, but, okay I’ll keep. (laughs) – Alright.
– Five, four, three, two, one! Ohhh, wait what is it?
– I got this hat, it has eyes on it, and it has little ears. – Oh my goodness, look at mine! Oh wait, it’s not too exciting. (laughs) It’s like a scarf like last time. – So guys now it’s time to
go change into our outfits, and you guys are gonna do a final vote, who won this challenge. – It’s gonna be me ’cause I’m so awesome. – It’s gonna be me. Alright, let’s go. So guys, this is my outfit
number three, final outfit. What do you guys think? So guys, from the shoes this time. Alright so these shoes are
very similar to the first ones, except the little dots
on the belt is smaller, and there’s no laces, I
like these ones a lot more. Well not a lot more, I
like them both the same. I really like them. I got some black jeans,
they got some ripped bits on the knees, which I really like. And I really like these jeans,
and they have like kinda of a gray tone to it, so that’s cool. I got this green sweater, it says no comment, ’cause no comment. I got this camo jacket,
I thought it would fit a different way, like the
sleeves would go up to here, and it would be much puffier, but no it’s a green skinny jacket. So I like that a lot. And of course, you an’t
forget about the hat. I got some eyes here, I got
four eyes, don’t know why. And of course I got the ear, earsies. And I like the ears, ’cause I can do this. Woo woo woo woo woo. So guys if you think that
my outfit is the winner, comment down below #FloppyEars. – Guys are you ready for this? The ultimate, actually not
so ultimate. (crickets) Just, just, I’ll let you see it. I don’t like it, but I mean,
like if you wanna vote for me, like that’s totally possible,
like #OffTheShoulders I mean like, girly style,
so this is how girls feel. Off the shoulders, feel
nothing on my shoulders. So yeah, I’ve got nice sunglasses,
like ooh summer vacation. We got, not made hair, and we
got a face, a very nice one. We have a scarf, a off the shoulder shirt, which is very unpleasant. And green pants with
some shoes, ahh! (laughs) Shoes, hola, como estas? So if you think I won, comment
down below #OffTheShoulders And this is what girls feel like. So guys, don’t forget
to comment down below who won every single round,
and also, comment down below who is the ultimate winner, is it me? Definitely me, or Ronald? – In your pig flying dream. – No it’s definitely me, like 100%. – Yeah totally.
– We hope you like this video. – If you did, smash that like button, and we’ll see you all next time. Goodbye! – Okay, I need to change
my pants, now I’m out, bye. (upbeat music) (upbeat music) (upbeat music)

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