Giant tennis balls or fuzzy green aliens?
Maybe not, but that doesn’t make the hundreds of green balls that took up residence on an
Australian beach any less peculiar. On Thursday, the strange spongy things washed
up on the Sydney beach and appear to be the size of a tennis ball. About 6 centimetres in diameter, the squishy
little spheres are actually living organisms – they are seaweed balls known as ‘marimo’. They are thought to be a type of living green
algae that rolls around on the sea floor, forming a ball shape. The balls don’t have a core, and they have
been seen growing up to 30 centimetres in diameter. It’s been said the balls actually make fantastic
pets, since they own need light for photosynthesis and clean water to thrive.

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Dennis Veasley

16 thoughts on “Mysterious giant green balls cover Australian beach”

  1. Keep throwing those balls. Those things ain't cheap either. A tennis ball size sells for 8 bucks. The bigger, the more expensive they are.

  2. Sydney pumps all its sewage off shore.
    Sometimes a heavy surf brings some of it back.
    Surfers often complained of having to avoid rafts of vegan floaters offshore.
    The governments solution was to force the sewage through a mesh at the end of the pipe to ensure there were no solids left in the soup.
    The resulting clouds of oxidated nutrients promotes algae and clumps of plant matter like these Marimos.

  3. People people have you ever heard of the word NEPTUNE BALLS these are Neptune balls like they say seaweed curls by the waves making it round then the rest of the cycle blah blah blah search it up peeps and it goes on the beach ok

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