Myofascial pain syndrome is a common chronic
pain disorder that can affect various parts of the body. Myofascial pain syndrome is characterized
by presence of hyperirritable spots located in skeletal muscle called trigger points.
A trigger point can be felt as a band or a nodule of muscle with harder than normal consistency.
Palpation of trigger points may elicit pain in a different area of the body. This is called
referred pain. Referred pain makes diagnosis difficult as the pain mimics symptoms of more
well-known common conditions. For example, trigger point related pain in the head and
neck region may manifest as tension headache, temporomandibular joint pain, eye pain, or
tinnitus. Symptoms of myofascial pain syndrome include
regional, persistent pain, commonly associated with limited range of motion of the affected
muscle. The pain is most frequently found in the head, neck, shoulders, extremities,
and lower back. Trigger points are developed as a result of
muscle injury. This can be acute trauma caused by sport injury, accident, or chronic muscle
overuse brought by repetitive occupational activities, emotional stress or poor posture.
A trigger point is composed of many contraction knots where individual muscle fibers contract
and cannot relax. These fibers make the muscle shorter and constitute a taut band — a group
of tense muscle fibers extending from the trigger point to muscle attachment. The sustained
contraction of muscle sarcomeres compresses local blood supply, resulting in energy shortage
of the area. This metabolic crisis activates pain receptors, generating a regional pain
pattern that follows a specific nerve passage. The pain patterns are therefore consistent
and are well documented for various muscles. Treatment of myofascial pain syndrome aims
to release trigger points and return the affected muscle to original length and strength. Common
treatment options include: – Manual therapy, such as massage, involves
application of certain amount of pressure to release trigger points. The outcome of
manual therapy strongly depends on the skill level of the therapist.
– The Spray and Stretch technique makes use of a vapor coolant to quickly decrease skin
temperature while passively stretching the target muscle. A sudden drop in skin temperature
provides a pain relief effect, allowing the muscle to fully stretch, and thus releasing
the trigger points. – Trigger point injections with saline, local
anesthetics or steroids are well accepted as effective treatments for myofascial trigger
points. – Dry needling — insertion of a needle without
injecting any solution – is reported to be as effective as injections.

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Dennis Veasley

93 thoughts on “Myofascial Pain Syndrome and Trigger Points Treatments, Animation.”

  1. Hello. Thank you very much for this video! How helpful! Do you consult anywhere or know anyone in the DC area who would be competent in manual therapy?

  2. I don't have much pain but I always feel like I can't look up when I'am in the supermarket and get a little dizzy and I feel like my eyes can't keep up If I'am looking at a lot of stuff any help someone?

  3. Should I be sad? should I be happy? My brains is ol over I am in the mix catastrophics feelings right now I have been suffering from "myofascial syndrome pain" since 2009 from over doing the same things over en over at my previous workplace that cause me a great deal. Have I diagnose myself right now? Wow it's about time baby! angry😠 but happy😂! Due to my illness I have seen too many Doctors , Orthopaedics , too many pain therapists, too many physios, had surgery , massive quantity medications , medical creams, anti inflammations, anti painkillers, acupuncture & lots lots treatments. unfortunately none of them has done anything for me therefore as times goes by my pains got worsen. still suffering , limited to do many things for that reason I am constantly out of work but no Doctor has told me this is what it is instead of they mentioned a fancy diagnosis name.
    I even have about 3 times steroids but not at the right spots. what the video shown and comparing the treatment I had the qualified person who is doing this must be attentive, calm en patient. the Doctors who were gave me the steroids injections they look they were in rush that they must be somewhere in 2 min times. According this video en the facts; these types of pain need be to treated by taking some time en finding the right spot O well it sad this happened to me I am a good person many bad things happens to good people. I don't complain well a little but I am grateful that I am still alive even tho sometimes the pain is unbearable. Having said that I was checking youtube , Google all over the network why haven't seen this for so long? It's a miracle day to me I just felt that I have been healed by known what my illness is.
    I thank you from my bottoms of my heart the person who uploaded en share this video.

  4. i was diagnosed to have a subscapularis and supraspinatus tendon partial tears on both shoulders but my doctor and physiotherapist advised me to continue to work on modified duty. Now, i can feel some persistent but tolerable pain on my neck area, worse on the left side and pain on trigger points as described in this video. I was prescribed naproxen to be taken 2x a day for 3 weeks but it never helped. I was also on physiotherapy for 10 sessions (45 minutes/session) again, it never gave any improvement. I was on modified duty for 3 months, unluckily, my company didn't know how to handle workers with shoulder injury and i was given a modified duty(as they claim) that worsened my injury..

  5. This is a well done video! Our product is a short term dental splint that can be used in combination with trigger point treatments (and can be made by a PT, Acupuncture or Chiropractor in addition to a dentist). QuickSplint was developed by an Orofacial Pain expert. You can find a listing of experts on the website for that American Academy of Orofacial Pain.

  6. Wow. I'm a nationally competing Rugby athlete that was given wrong advice from my trainers all this time. This video hit what my problem is right on the nail..

  7. I used to be suffering from back pain for many years, until the day I came upon the 100 % natural alternative cure that really end my problems in less than 20 minutes. Being ignorant and leave the whole of my health in physician's hand was my worst mistake ever.

  8. Great video! I have an intense pain, there is Long , trapezius muscle of the right. I believe Being a chronic pain. Which doctor I look? Thank you!

  9. This video hit my back pain dead on. The spot at or near my shoulder as shown causes pain all the way to my shoulder and neck, just like in the video. The problem is I don't have the money for more treatment.

  10. I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, spinal arthritis, bursitis in shoulder blades and hips, and mayofacial pain. I recently went off my pain meds after 12 years and Dr referred trigger point injections. I received 47 injections this morning taking almost 4 hours in 1 session and just read that a maximum of 10 injections is only recommended per session. Does anyone know any info about this?

  11. have had pain in my trapezius and neck for 1 year now after a whiplash. Is it possible to release the muscles back to normal so I can live a normal life and lift weights etc. Right now I have referred pain including TMJ an tight platysmus muscles…also had a pinched nerve but a new nerve test says I don't anymore after about 6months…

    If i stretch them each day will they go back to normal or is it late and have i developed myofascitis…also….I swim and have begun BIkram yoga any movements i should avoid…when i swim i swim under water only breast stroke…both traps are super tight…please ANY HELP IS GREAT,,,,so painful…all test and X-rays and MRIs are negative the doctor say its purely "Musculoskeletal"///

    Is this healable can I still release these trigger points..

  12. I got hit off my bike, I went head first over the handle bars and hit face first in the street. When I hit my teeth smashed into the pavement before I could properly brace my self and my legs went overy body like a back bend sending my cervical spine into severe hyperextension, as well as a clavicular sprain. The crazy thing I know from the way I fell something serious had taken place in spinal cord but when I was carried to er the nurse said everything was fine , to this day I have problems in my neck and back, more so the cervical are than any other, and my jaw still moves around and pops and cracks .

  13. i have this myofascial pain syndrome since year 2008.i was suffering from this kind of pain.does this also cause the end of my life?was this can be cure or not?

  14. i have this myofascial pain syndrome since year 2008.i was suffering from this kind of pain.does this also cause the end of my life?was this can be cure or not?

  15. Go to the chiropractor…misaligned spine is the cause. Realignment of the the nervous system will allow the body to heal.  
    Stop treating symptoms of the problem and cure the root cause of the problem.

  16. I suffer a lot of symptoms for over 6 years now. Here in Malaysia, we don't have so many specialist that could really give out correct answer on what I am experiencing now. For 6 years, I have done CT scan, Endoscopy, Xrays, breast check, ultrasound, countless ECGs, blood tests, massages, physios and chiropractics, which all came out negative. To the worst, I even went to hundred of so-called superstitious experts. Just recently, I found another spine and joint specialist to seek for an opinion, and after physical check up, the Doc ordered me the MRI. The result came out that I have minimal disc bulge and diagnosed me to have posterior cervical disc bulge on c3-c4,c4-c5,c5-c6. However, according to the Doc, I wasn't supposed to be having huge symptoms. Then, the Doc put me on 14 sessions of DTS (decompression therapy spinal), rehab and chiropractic adjustment. I went for the 1st DTS sessions last week, and I immediately hit the emergency button on the last 5 minutes of procedure because I feel dizzy of which I was not supposed to. After the session, I even feel worst. Now, I am considering not to continue with the treatment. Let me share with you my symptoms, I have severed prolonged neck-shoulder-back pain, shortness of breath, palpitation, weakness on my hands and legs (mainly left side), dizziness, heavy head (sometimes pain mostly on top of head), sharp needle-like pain, imbalance, ear fullness-like, irregular bowel movement, lots of burping, chest tightness and I often feel like want to collapse even while sitting. Those things attacking me on daily basis and some of it has no sign of attack. I am feeling down, stress, almost lose hope as I dont have any idea of what to do anymore. I hv spent substantial amount of money for nothing. I started to search on internet and I feel shocked to see many people are suffering almost the same symptoms like me. I was also being diagnosed once with anxiety disorder by one of the Doc I met before, and the Doc gave me some sort of stress control medicine and I got palpitation soon after consuming it. I dont know if MFS sufferer is also experiencing similar symptoms like me. Im desperate for an opinion as this is really a terrifying condition, I was forced to be unemployed because of my these sicknesses.. I really hope one day I will be healed. Please let me know if any of you hv information or advice on the correct treatment I should undergo.

  17. I know I have this problem in my upper back I know from doing extreme work outs where do I go I love in san Bernardino ca

  18. Acupuncture…dry needling is an acupuncture technique. It is within theoretical and technical approaches within acupuncture models. Over 90% of trigger points correspond to known acupuncture points. If you choose to have DN done, please make sure the practitioner is properly trained! Most PT's, DC's, DO's, and even MD's have minimal training. Seriously consider a board certified Acupuncturist who regularly utilizes this particular technique – it IS a specialized technique and not all Acupuncturists use it, BUT they DO have much more knowledge and experience in needling the body than most of the practitioners previously listed. And incorporating meridian theory along with DN will improve the outcome. PT's and LMTs are a great addition to the approach, as all have something unique to offer.

  19. hello doc plz tell me mry yha hi drd ha bht ziada age 25year ha.bht mdcn li pr JB choro phr start plz ABI bta Dean koi mdcn

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  21. hi,sorry for possibly my bad english i am not a native speaker i have a
    lot of pressure that start to build up from my middle back to upper back
    then neck and finish with building up too much pressure on my head to
    the point where i can't even concentrate or do simple tasks or think
    properly all this happen when i am sitting only ! i am 20 years old in
    college thrououht my high school and my 2 years of college i didnt doo
    any fitness and spent a lot of time in front of computer and cell phone i
    type fast i think i have apt rounded shoulders and forward head posture
    generally speaking my posture might be very bad any thoughts or
    guidance the pain is horrible after 30 to 1 hour of sitting thank you
    hope someone reply or exprecience same symptoms

  22. if it really if muscle pain, you can treat this your self with a firm rubber ball, and a wall. You can fix the knots yourself by rolling  the ball into your sore area. I have the ball between my shoulders and back and the wall and just move side to side, to get rid of the pain. It has worked wonders

  23. oh i have muscles pain its uniformly paining even breathing is difficult for me and i can´t relax every time i try to do activities all the muscles get blocked and i feel excess pain do you have any suggestion

  24. How can you treat them I have the same thing even not able to do what I like mostly no gym no sports even I can't study always tired and vertigo 😢

  25. I've had the dry needling. Needles are inserted all over and an electric charge is applied to them, causing the muscle to contract/relax. Much like in biology class when they did it with a dead frog, causing the frog muscles to contract/relax. The insertion of the acupuncture needles does not hurt at all and actually feels good. Only inserted at the tips. Dry needling is highly effective but rarely offered anywhere. The only drawback to it is that it is no more lasting 'cure' than anything else is. And it is required to be done in a hospital room, so you get charged for the hospital room cost by the greedy.

  26. I’m so angry right now. My pain started in third grade on my lower neck because I used to have INSANE amounts of homework and my backpack would be so heavy. I hate my third grade dumb bitch of a teacher

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  28. I also have severe mps for almost 5 years. i did therapy for it, yes it helps but not for long. the best thing to do for mps is to discipline yourself. maintain streching your arm, have a neck exercise, try not to slouch to maintain good posture. Anxiety and emotional stress can trigger mps so better try to avoid the things can make you stress! goodluck and Godbless us. 😊

  29. I've been dealing with myofascial pain for 4 years now. I went to a lot of doctors and took almost 9 tablets a day but the pain only got worst. I'm living with it but it hurts a lot…

  30. So, even though inserting a needle without injecting anything is as effective as injections, doctors still inject things? If that's accurate, that's really messed up.

  31. This is an answer to my problem, finally, i know what is going on. My trapezius muscles are destroyed from work, a year ago we had a lot of family trauma come up and I became unable to move or stretch my neck and back and my back kept giving out on me.

  32. I bought a cane-like device on amazon called a "selfie massager". It's for applying pressure to trigger points.. you can use it to reach any part of your own back or body. So far it does help. Just do whatever movement gives you pain, then move the stick around on your back until you find the epicenter of your pain…. then apply pressure there for awhile.

  33. Ten years of this hell! All medical doctors can’t help me . I tried the shots with massage and some adjustments cost me $300 dollars for one day. I felt amazing but I would have to do that often so here I am suffering again . Shame they don’t take insurance 😩

  34. So I'm curious, I've been medically diagnosed with Chronic MPS. What do you do when you are the one person who uses cold therapy and the muscles contact and become even. More painful?

  35. I suffer from fibromyalgia and about 9 yrs ago I had horrible chest pain after many test I was told my pain n inflammation around my chest, ribs and breast bone was myofacial pain? And that it was the inflammation of the cartlidge and tissue. Was I told correctly?

  36. I've had Myofascial pain syndrome for a long time… seeing any kind of therapist is costly and I wish insurance would cover any kind of therapist… I've never seen a chiropractor but would love to, I'd see a massage therapist every day if I could…so far, the only things that has ever helped is a steroid, the oral kind and an ultrasound! I've gone through many different pair meds, and the current one lasts on for 3-4 hours 😖 with the epidemic of narcotics going on, Drs seem like they're scared to prescribe any kind of narcotics and I'm only prescribed for the lowest dose… ergh 😑 I certainly wish there was something that could cure this Myofascial pain syndrome and fibromyalgia…

  37. if you have this DO NOT see a chiropractor. chiropractic adjustments only make it worse. see a physiotherapist, they will massage and dry needle the area. if your pain is in your neck, they will also put you on the traction machine.

  38. I have the same everything in this video so please any advice or any good doctors anyone would recommend I live in Lincoln Nebraska

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