Yoooo what is going on guys
Welcome back to my channel this is AD604 back again with another video.
And today’s video is going to be my top 3 shoes for the summer times.
Now keep in mind that this is my list of top 3.
It might be different from yours. You know what I like does not equal what you like.
What you like doesnt equal what I like. What I like doesnt have to be what you like
and what you like doesnt have to be what I like.
However I am interested to hear what is your top 3 or top 5, even top 10 sneaker for the
summer times. Share that information down in the comment section below.
I will read all of them. Promise you. Now lets get into my top three shoes for the
summer times. Starting of course with number 3.
Alright guys number 3 on my list is real simple. Its a shoe that you guys have obviously seen
before. It is very very popular in fact it is one
of the most well known shoes, sneakers actually, in general to the public and that is the Chuck
Taylor and this of course is the all white version. Well at least they used to be the
all white version but now they are absolutely trashed to the ground. They are dirty, dusty
you know, worn out. There is… I dont know what the hell that is on them,
but you get the point. They are worn and they have to be worn because they are a pair of
Chuck Taylor’s and they are meant to be worn just like any other shoes.
This is my number three pick because its all white. It fits the weather. It is lightweight,
breathable, and it is still in fashion despite the fact the shoe is almost 60 years old.
How can you go wrong with something that doesnt get old for 60 years? You cant.
So therefore, my number three pick goes to the Chuck Taylor. Of course, the high top,
the OG, the classics all white right here. Lets toss these away and get into number 2.
My number two pick is also a very very iconic sneaker. Well the silhouette is very very
iconic in general. But however this colorway in particular sets
the shoe on fire in the summer times. And that is the Liberty Air Force 1s.
The cool thing about these shoes is that on camera, or on your screen right now, you guys
seeing this shoe as brown or a bronze colorway. However, this shoe does react to heat. It
will change into a lime green colorway as you can see on the tongue tab right here.
It will change into that color when it is hot outside.
So this shoe has like a gradient look some times, it has like a two tone look sometimes,
it is completely bronze sometimes, and it is completely lime green like this color right
here sometimes. It is freaking crazy. I love these things,
plus you cant go wrong with that chuncky white outsole and midsole combination.
It is just clean. You can never go wrong with white chuncky
midsoles and thats whats on this shoe and this shoe changes colors.
That I was so mind blown the first time I worn these I was just like woah these freaking
change colors. It is absolutely absolutely crazy.
And therefore, AIr Force 1, iconic silhouette plus this freaking awesome colorway that changes
color this is going to be my number two pick for my Summer sneaker rotation.
I will be wearing these heavily and as usual lets toss these away and get into my favorite
shoe of not only the summer time, not only 2016, but my favorite shoe of all time and
it is also my number 1 pick for the summer and that is..
The Adidas UltraBoost. Now I can go on and on and talk about these
and tell you about how comfortable they are. How amazing these shoes are, how much I like
them but I just…I just want to summarize this into one word and that is fantastic.
This shoe is freaking fantastic. Yo you guys, as you can see I have three pairs
in my hand right now. I have my summer colorways and I have your more like sought after colorway
right here. However, these are all summer appropriate.
You know all white , you know red, infrared, pink whatever you wanna call it. You have
this yellow, neon colorway. These all glow in the summer time. They are
all freaking eye catchers, neck snappers in the summer time I promise you guys.
I am looking to get those core black ones, you know those rainbow ones, those…
I want all the freaking colorways of the Adidas UltraBoost because I freaking love this shoe
to death. This is one of those shoes that I dont mind
having multiples of as you can see I do have multiples of these.
I rank these shoes my favorite shoe of all time in all shoe categories.
This is definitely my favorite. Its not only the most comfortable on your
feet but this shoe is freaking good looking as hell in my opinion at least.
I love all of them. I like all of them. I just cleaned these you know I just throw them
in the washer. Oh yeah, thats a tip for cleaning your UltraBoost.
Throw these things in the washing machine. Now this is my number one. However I do have
one more honorable mention, so lets toss these away and get into the honorable mention of
the day. Alright guys, here is gonna be my honorable
mention for my Top 3 Summer sneakers of 2016 and that is of course the Nike Bennassi Slide.
I mean these things are like 30 bucks. I got these years ago and they are still holding
up great. They are still very very comfortable. This
is my honorable mention. The reason that this did not make the list is because it is a sandal
you know. There is only so much you can do about it. Its a freaking sandal.
You cant wear these when you trynna go on a date. You cant do that.
Thats why these unfortunately did not make the list but this is definitely my honorable
mention and that you guys concludes my list of my summer sneaker rotation, my top three
summer sneaker for 2016. Thank you guys for watching again. Thank you
guys very much for tuning in to my channel. You guys have no idea how much you help a
YouTuber just by watching his videos and liking and sharing his stuff. Therefore please hit
that like button. Let me know what your rotation for the summer is for 2016 or what is your
favorite summer shoe of all time. And if you are new to the channel you already
know this. Subscribe to the channel. You dont have to do anything else. Click that red button
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I once again want to thank you guys for watching my videos. I will see you guys next time.
Pce out.

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Dennis Veasley

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  1. I rock my Nike Free 4.0's, Birkenstocks aka the Jesus Sandal, and also my Infrared 3's… cause I don't like to beat up my Black Cement 3's… had to stunt real quick lol

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