Hello guys, I’m back to life finally oh my god, it was long but today I got the green light from my doctor that I can start some activity so I’m excited and I will start some fitness this week and slowly I will add tennis as well and it will take some time because I was a month only lying in bed so I have to get back in shape to be able to play professional tennis again I hope I will be back to play tournaments soon I’ve been spending a lot of time watching TV and on my couch which I don’t want to see at least for two months. any of it. I’m really excited to start the training again and sorry I had to disconnect but I needed the time to get healthy again and I had a good replacement huh Partner. Bethanie, I mean you did amazing. Thanks for having my back and taking over for my tennis live for a little bit I’m missed very nice two events Indian Wells and Miami but what I miss the most I missed the start of team Bucie But we will be back soon I’m working on it and the you actually can give me some tips about coming back to professional level Because you did amazing and I know you’re starting now in Miami singles and doubles you’ve been amazing example how being positive and believing and Working hard can bring you back to where you were after such a bad injury So I’m really proud of you, and I’m there in the spirit for you And I hope I will be on this side of The court with you as soon as I can and for all of you guys. I’m gonna update you about my training and and my life in general what I’m doing as I did before and I’m happy I’m back

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