oh hello, didn’t see you there I was just casually reclining amongst a large pile of footwear This video is already way too sexual As you guys probably know, I am a bit of a shoe enthusiast Honestly like even more than clothing design, I love shoe design For some reason So, I thought it’d be fun to share my collection with you guys and chat about the shoes that I have Also all the shoes in this video, if they’re still available, are gonna be linked below if you guys wanna Wanna shop them as well I am capitalism incarnate When did my life become about selling products Yeah, this is the shoe collection I hope you guys enjoy Also foot fetish people Please don’t leave a comment about how sexy my feet are because that happened last time I did this video when I was in high school and it was very disturbing, so Masturbate in silence If you’re into that Otherwise, everybody else, enjoy Thanks First up, we have sneakers because they still have a special place in my heart from when I was in high school and like once a year my mom would take me to the mall and we’d get like my new sneakers for the year So first up I have like the ultra basic, basic pair. The nike air force ones Everybody and the instagram girl who runs their fanpage has one of these but honestly they are worth the hype They’re so comfortable They go with everything I love that there is like a half inch platform So I can pretend to be like a little bit taller I also have the classic chunky Fila disrupters I’ve seen so many memes on instagram about how like disgusting and huge these are but I don’t know, I really like them My most recent sneaker purchase are these lavender Filas Which I thought was such an interesting almost like hiker-inspired silhouette Like something about the lace-up pattern Looks like the shoes that boys who rock climbed in my math class wore You know? But like in a really fashionable way And I also liked that they have a little pop of color because most of my sneakers are white and most of my shoes are very neutral So it was nice to change it up a little bit Recently I also got these lil nike bowling shoes They look very much like something Napoleon Dynamite would wear And I am all about it I think they look great with some funky socks like I’m wearing right now or with a simple pair of blue jeans and a red top to color coordinate Next up, we’ve got surprise, surprise yet another pair of new sneakers pretending to be vintage sneakers These are some vintage reeboks and I have worn the heck out of them They’re super light-weight and comfortable so they were perfect all the days I was running late to class when I was in college Or just for like going out and using your feet I don’t know They’re comfortable is what I’m tryna say Of course I have some classic converse because I don’t know about your guys’ high school but like everybody was kinda defined by the shoes they wore a little bit like you could be a vans girl you could be a toms girl I was definitely a converse girl I don’t know why I identified so strongly with this shoe brand I guess that is capitalism at it’s finest Anyways, I’ve always had converse These high tops I bought freshman year of college And you can tell because they’re pretty beat up I also got these low tops last year to uh Let out that spicy, spicy ankle And surprise surprise I also have a vintage -quote, unquote- Inspired pair of converse These are supposed to be like 70’s-inspired but I just really like the dark green color and of course pretty much like every girl in America I have running shoes as part of an aspirational gym wardrobe So I can delude myself into thinking that I’m sporty Other than sneakers, my most worn category of shoes is definitely the type of low blocky heel They make the outfit feel a little fancy but they’re still really comfortable to walk in So my first pair is my OG’s These are my picnic bitch shoes that I have had for probably four years now They just look so good with any outfit I love the oversized buckle And I am sucker for an ankle strap As you guys will see in the rest of my shoes Speaking of picnics I have a full on gingham pair of heels I think these are so cute and they’re surprisingly easy to pair with outfits because most of my clothes are solids so it’s nice to have just like a little pop of pattern These lavender shoes are so cute but in the wise words of Taylor Swift They are a nightmare dressed like a daydream Yeah, these shoes are gorgeous but they’re so uncomfortable and the main reason my ankles are so torn up right now That and just being really bad at shaving These yellow heels are the most comfortable shoes that I own Okay, maybe, maybe barring some of the sneakers But they are of ridiculously soft leather, it’s just like MM It’s like a nice leathery sock for your foot But like not in a weird way In like a really comfortable way You might recognize these white heels because pretty much anytime I do a try on segment These are the shoes that I wear I love like the square neckline I love the square toe cleavage line I’ve been looking for square toe heels for such a long time and I’m so glad that I finally found these These are my most recent heel purchase I got these a bit on impulse when I walked into this pretentious vintage store in LA But they are so comfortable and I love that they, like, envelope your entire toe box so it, again, feels like a nice smooth leathery sock for your feet I also like that these heels give off a bit of a more mature vibe They kinda give me like a 30 year old who is creative and owns her own business and actually remembers to clean her shower more than once per three months Ashley These heels are some of the first shoes that I really really fell in love with They were from Zara but they sold out on Zara So I had to hunt these down on Ebay And I think I paid like a twenty dollar markup Which in high school money, was kind of a lot Honestly, I haven’t worn these a lot recently So I have considered selling them a couple times But I feel like they have too many good memories from high school and I remember when I got these, it was like the first time that I felt like a legit fashion blogger/youtuber because it was the style of shoe that all of my favorite fashion bloggers were wearing so, yeah I can never get rid of them And plus, I think they’re pretty cute OG followers know that I originally started, like, my internet fashion journey with a blogspot called cap toe flats because I owned these cap toe flats from payless that I loved so much So these are kind of my grown up, more mature, cap toe heels And my last shoes for this section are these black pearl heels Now these heels are gorgeous, but they are some of the most infuriating shoes I own because of this sound that they make [infuriating sound] Cute but infuriating Just like me, I suppose These are probably my favorite sandals that I own They make me feel like a princess polly and a Bratz doll had a baby And I frickin love it These espadrilles are also up there in my favorites I love that they’re made of a very summery material but the platform kinda gives it a funky vibe So it’s the perfect thing to pair with girly summer outfits It keeps me grounded Literally because they’re shoes And it also gives me a nice boost of height while still being pretty easy to walk in These shoes are chic as hell But also some of the least structurally-sound shoes I’ve ever seen like who thought these two spaghetti straps of fabric could hold a shoe on your foot? Apparently, me because I bought them. They’re so cute but I feel like they’re hanging on to my feet by a thread I snagged these heels from Intentionally Blank Which is a really cool small shoe company and they make some funkyass styles which I really vibe with This is one of their more simple styles but I like that the rope adds a bit of texture even to a really simple nude shoe that pairs with everything speaking of nude shoes that pair with everything these are my ultra basic steve madden heels The first time I bought these was freshmen year of high school and I bought them used off of Depop for like $25 because that was all I could afford at the time I wore the heck out of those to the point where I finally bought myself a replacement This is the only pair of shoes that I ever bought double of the exact same pair But that’s how much I like them This is a really cool pair of colorful heels that I thrifted I love that they’re unapologetically rainbow A really unique silhouette Um At this point I’m kinda running out of things to say about shoes So that is the pair of shoes As you see on screen Okay, next We’ve got these chunky dr. marten sandals that look like birkenstocks went through an emo phase [clears throat] It’s not a phase, mom I don’t know about you guys, but I have desperately missed the feeling of a bumpy foam insole ever since I stopped wearing crocs in fifth grade and oh boy, these are taking me back These are birkenstocks but they’re like foamy birkenstocks So first of all they’re super lightweight Second of all, they’re a heck of a lot cheaper than regular birkenstocks And third of all, they feel like crocs on your feet and it is amazing These boots are to this day one of the most expensive things that I own They are an absolute splurge but they’re sustainable, they were made in Italy they are comfortable as hecky decky I don’t know but I’ve just been searching for the perfect pair of boots for so long Every single fall I would buy a new style of black boot by the end of the season, they would be completely dead So I decided, fuck it It’s time to invest in a pair that you actually like and that would last me multiple years in a row Next up I have these chunky, ridiculous, badass like stomp-on-my-face type boots from unif This looks like an incredibly intimidating shoe to wear but it’s actually pretty comfortable and pretty lightweight because the base is just like all foamy So I feel pretty comfortable wearing these on a regular basis and aaa I love how much of a statement they are I used to hate dr. martens but then the youtube algorithm kept recommending emma chamberlain videos and then the next thing I knew, I really liked scrunchies, I owned three pairs of docs, I’m going to soul cycle 8 days a week Okay, just kidding about the soul cycle thing I’m way too out of shape for that but I did spend a lot of money on docs and scrunchies (laughs) So there’s that I got these stella mccartney boots second-hand from an online consignment store called the real real These boots make me feel like I have a membership to a country club, you know They’re very fancy, I love the gold chain on them, the tortoiseshell heel is super unique I hopped right on the yeehaw trend and bought these cowboy boots so I can be a trendy LA girl who pretends she’s in touch with the rural American south when in reality, I’ve lived my entire life in an urban liberal elitist bubble but at least cowboy boots are cute, right? Oh my god. Is that Taylor Swift on a boot? Okay, just kidding, that joke is from like 2016 but I’m really tryna make this video entertaining I’ve been talking about shoes for like forty minutes now and I have run out of good shoe-related jokes but here are these snakeskin boots I also have this exact same style of boot in white This kinda gives me, like, a 60s gogo dancer vibes and I think it’s really fun to pair with a patterned dress or patterned pants, like I have in this video You guys have seen these patent boots in a lot of my videos Other than the first boots I showed you these are probably my most worn they make me feel like a character in the Matrix and I will take any chance I can to feel a little more like Keanu Reeves I also wear these boots to a lot of meetings because they’re the tallest boots I can confidently wear without being scared I’m gonna topple over And yeah I like feeling tall in meetings, somehow it boosts my confidence a lot I also have a very similar pair in white, because, apparently, I can never stop myself at just one color of the same type of shoe But I like pairing these with white dresses or light wash jeans And lastly I have these red sock boots which make me feel like a sassy little power ranger and I love it I just have two pairs of wedges So the first is this classic, summery, espadrille wedge I have seen these on so many bloggers, probably since like I was in high school they’ve just been a classic for so many summers in a row I also have these nude wedges that I wore to my high school graduation and I bothered to drag them through four different college apartments just so I could bring them full circle and wear them to my college graduation which is next week graduation is always incredibly anti-climactic, but I don’t know a part of me is still really excited mostly for the snacks at the reception I also have two pairs of mules which, for the longest time, I thought these were ugly as hell but now I think they’re ugly as hell in kind of a cute way So first up, I have these aggressively 90s ones that look straight out of 10 things I hate about you They’re from a brand called roc australia which makes the most insanely comfortable shoes like these (inaudible) just have arch support and everything and I have this more modern pair of white mules as well Some people love heels with socks, some people absolutely hate it I personally blame the 2012 hit ABC series Jane by Design that and Girlboss on Netflix I think both of those characters wore these platform type heels and they wore them with socks and I don’t know, I think quirky is such a cringy word, but I think it’s so quirky and cute I have become such a stucker for this type of platform peep toe heel So I have these ones in white, which you guys have seen recently I love the little studded detail around the side I have these funky leopard ones which definitely gives me 2000s hooker vibes, but like I like em and these dark floral ones which I get so many questions where these are from They’re actually from primark, I got them like five years ago for 10 pounds so they’re some of the cheapest shoes I own but also one of my favorite pairs Everything is one of my favorite pairs, I’m sorry You’ll know me as hoe for textures and that also applies to shoes these are corduroy heels yes, they are made of corduroy which is like the coolest shit I’ve ever seen and then lastly I have a very classic pointy pair of heels I thrifted these for around $10 but I like to tell myself that if I painted the back red You probably couldn’t tell the difference between this and Louis Vuittons Anna Wintour is disowning me as we speak but I think they look pretty damn similar and they didn’t cost me a thousand dollars so I’ll take that anyday Okay, I feel like I’ve been saying a lot of shoes in this video are my favorite shoes but these are also one of my favorite shoes they’re incredibly comfortable, they’re a really unique silhouette they look like a steampunk benjamin franklin I mean what the heck more do you want in a shoe Next up, we have these tassle loafers these are like my old fashioned, robber barron businessman shoes Like these shoes say I love capitalism Sorry, I don’t know why I’m being so sassy about capitalism today but I read a couple too many books about our current economy and it is making me feel peak socialist fun story about these shoes is that I was in a trash alley behind my building taking self timer photos in these shoes and this lady walks by and stops, like I thought because my phone was on her car but she was actually just like Oh my gosh, those are really cute shoes where did you get them? I don’t know what the point of that story was but I guess hashtag just ashley things And lastly, I just have one pair of ballet flats Despite being obsessed with ballet flats when I was in high school I’m not a huge flats gal anymore So I just have this one pair which is made of 100% recycled water bottles Which probably doesn’t make up for the environmental impact of me owning 42 fucking pairs of shoes but I’m gonna pretend like that makes me kind of a better person It doesn’t really I own a lot of shoes I like fashion Okay, anyways thanks so much for making it all the way to the end I’ll see you guys next week bye!

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