ooh that’s really good mmm I have to
keep buying that chai makes from now on sorry
hey everyone welcome back to my channel for those of you who are new around here
my name is Amber and I run the fashion blog the cocoa butter diaries where I
talk about all things fashion because that’s what I love the most last week or
the week before I can’t remember my calendar is kind of off because of a
holiday but yeah I had posted the video before this one was all about my handbag
collection I usually let you guys pick the video topic for the next week and
overwhelmingly everyone wanted to see my shoe collection so I thought I would do
a similar video that I did to my handbags for my shoes so I literally sat
down which was quite difficult and actually did take a while and rounded up
my 10 favorite shoes that I feel like I could not live without so without
further ado in no particular order let’s get into it so the first pair I want to
talk about is the pair that I never thought I would be that girl that would
only because I thought that would be super trendy but I’m so glad I have them these finding cowboy boots
hey oh my god these boots are spectacular
oh I wear them at least once a week I’m obsessed I thought that the Western
trend wasn’t gonna be for me especially given the fact that it’s freakin cowboy
boots I really thought that I was not gonna get into it and not be a fan but
when these beauties came out I was like you know I might be able to make these
work do not regret that choice and wear these boots with anything from cutoff
shorts to dresses to jeans and a t-shirt whatever
I just feel like wearing these boots I feel like I could just make them work
because I can like they’re just that fantastic and I love them so much that I
actually got them in gold in the shorter version of these boots in like April and
I love those just as much – they’re a little extra because they are like legit
gold so I don’t wear them as often but I still love them just as buttons so poor
my second pair of shoes I’m actually gonna suggest a sneaker these are the
Nike Air Force one low tops I love these shoes because they’re super comfortable
and also they go with everything I wear these sneakers with dresses with chains
and teacher and a blazer with jumpsuits and you name it I’ve worn these sneakers
with it believe it or not I actually do have a lot of sneakers I have red air
maxes I also have all black air maxes I have Balenciaga sneakers you name it
more than likely I probably have some I just don’t really advertise it I wear
sneakers often but I actually am kind of a sneaker head don’t let this
well-dressed exterior fool you another favorite of mine the Gucci print Sam
you’ll love these I actually have five pairs of these I have three pairs with
the fox fur lining and then I have two pairs that don’t have the fur these are
insanely comfortable and love these because they can take any outfit and
just instantly elevate it and dress it up just kind of like how a regular
loafer does my other pair that I have that our leather is black
I got pairs without the fur because I wanted to be able to wear these shoes in
the summer because the fox fur that lines the parents that I have that have
fur in them they get really hot in the summertime like that Boxberger in it’ll
make your feet sweaty so it’s gross yeah so I love those shoes so much cuz I
had the the pairs with the fur first and I wore them to death like I literally
wore a pair bald and so now they’re like house slippers so I got another pair and
I wear those sparingly I mostly wear them to walk Dexter but yeah I love them
so much that I wanted to be able to wear them year-round so I finally got the
pair that are just the leather and I wear them like all the time this taupe
color is new for spring they also introduce like a soft blush pink and
then they kind of came out with like an eggshell white color so they came out
with some really good colors for spring I don’t know what color I would get next
if I got another pair but probably white but yeah it’s a great shoe to have if
you just want to keep it low-key and be kind of dressed up but then still be
casual the next shoe Balenciaga soft boots now I have a funny story about
thee when these shoes came out I didn’t want to believe the height like I was
just like no not by me it’s like sock boots aren’t gonna be around for that
long I’m not doing and spending $1300 on a pair of boots wrong I had a pair from
mango that looked just like these for like $80 and I literally wore them until
they fell apart like I wore them for about a year and a half and then they
finally kicked the bucket because I wore them so much so after
that experiment which I usually do like if it’s something that’s really trendy
I’ll buy like a dupe and I’ll see if I actually end up wearing it and then if I
wear the dupe a lot I get a lot of cost per wear then I see that as a
significant return on investment and then I’ll splurge on designer pair so
that’s what I did with these soft boots once those mangle ones keep the bucket
I bought these and I don’t regret it I love these
the fit is fantastic the stock part holds to your leg the pointed toe is
kind of intimidating to some people but it’s the perfect way to get that
elongation especially if you’re where skinny jeans or even less flares the toe
kind of point of points out and it’s super chic I’m a big fan of pointy toe
shoes the play or the better I don’t care and these are absolutely perfect
and they’re also and I hate to keep saying this about every shoe but comfort
is key and these are legit comfortable – don’t let the heel height and the pointy
toe fool you like they’re actually really comfortable I wear these all the
time so this would be one of my choices – the next shoe my Dior slingbacks I
never thought that I would have a pair of these but they’re totally worth it
I usually stay away from slingbacks because I have an arrow in Sep and I
also have really small ankles until a lot of times these the slingback doesn’t
fit my foot it always falls off or this part cuts into my ankle and that’s not
cool so a lot of times I stay away from shoes like that but these are really
really comfortable and they don’t do any of those things I just described so I
actually have two pairs of these if my other pair is nude I don’t find myself
reaching for the nude pair that much anymore I don’t know why but this white
is popping and it’s not really like a stark white it’s more like an off-white
and I feel like that goes with a lot of things in my closet and especially for
spring and summer I’ve been reaching for these quite a bit Dior definitely
knocked it out of the park with these I never thought I would ever own a pair of
Dior shoes because it’s not really known for their shoes but they get a home run
with these I think these will be around for a long time and the colorways that
they keep coming out each season bangin so people are gonna keep buying these
because they’re comfortable and chic and fantastic stuff do your slingbacks neck’s you
it’s another boot but everybody that knows me knows on the boot queen it’s
the Louboutin of French to to booty these are my new favorites these look so
good with everything I’ve worn them with cutoff shorts I’ve working them with no
my regular jeans and a nice top more than with dresses like they’re the
perfect cognac bootie they’re really easy to get on and off like right now
they’re completely unbuckled because I actually had them recently repaired they
needed new heel caps but you really only need to unbuckle like the top three and
you’re fine like you can get your in and out of these at these boots like I said
I am so glad that I bought these I saw these on a friend of my on Instagram she
has the most amazing shoe collection and she had these and I was like those are
so freakin cute and I kind of wavered about whether or not to get them because
I have the Otto Carl’s but I’m so glad I did because cause for wear I’ve
definitely got my money for it that’ll be the next shoe kind of basic but
necessary my vanilla Blahnik BB pumps now I have a lot of pumps mostly because
of my background in finance I used to wear pumps almost every day to work
cousin CFL was my boss and I had to be extremely business casual and then on
casual Fridays I still got to wear either a blazer or a collared shirt
because that kind of job so I really invested in my heels and it’s pumps
specifically back then my god I love my Louboutins you guys know I love a sexy
stiletto I love my Louboutins I can walk in them like a pro but when I got
business to handle and I need comfort and I need to know that like my feet
aren’t going to be hurting at the end of the day I reach for these these are the
105 millimeter which is the tallest feel that these
and they used to come to 113 but I think those are only my special order now I
have to double-check oh yeah these are the 105 millimeter
these are black suede I also own them in white leather see the white leather
one’s quite a bit in my videos and then also on my Instagram feed because
they’re comfortable and they’re easy to wear
she ain’t flashy but she gets the job done so if you’re in the market for a
good pair of starter pumps any shoe gal will agree all my friends who are as big
of shoe lovers as I am all of my professional ladies that I know they
will tell you a good starter pump is a Manolo so Manolo bebe it’s one of my
face it’s why I made the cut the next shoe is these are snakeskin boots
fantastic I get compliments everywhere I go whenever I really like they’re so
good and they’re not bad I already spent like a hundred dollars on these I
originally got them to wear to a blogger event I had this idea for an outfit and
I thought it would look really badass with a pair of snakeskin boots and so I
ordered these and the outfit came out and lid so I got compliments all day all
that outfit every time I wear these one second compliments to be frank I was
thinking about investing in a pair of the Paris Texas boots that you see all
the cool kids wearing but I wasn’t quite ready to pull the trigger and it’s a
brand that’s relatively new so there’s nowhere for me to try them on because
they’re stockists are really limited so I don’t know how they run and also their
customer service was wack so I passed on those and got these instead and I’m
pretty happy with my choice I wear these with dresses I wear them with my jeans
tucked in I wear them with shorts or wear them with mini skirts you name it
I’ve run these boots with it and I love how the taupe matches my saline bag
perfectly I’m a sucker for those guys details of
to stain the next shoe I’m going to discuss summertime these G&B Joe Rossi
sandals I love these again comfort is key and even though the shoe is super
high Jim Beto Rossi along with Minnillo makes
some of the most comfortable shoes in the designer market I have a couple of
pairs of issues I have my infamous red pumps that are also GM Vito Rossi that I
live in because again they’re comfortable and also they’re the perfect
shade of red I bought these because I felt like I needed a nude sandal to wear
with my dresses and maybe with like jeans or something like that during the
summer I don’t typically wear open-toed shoes that much but if the occasion
arises where I need them I got a good pair I know exactly where to go I really
like these shoes they’re like the perfect nude for me the color is called
praline and on my skintone it looks amazing
also the strap doesn’t come into my foot and it fits my ankle because again I
have literally narrow ankles and so a lot of times these straps have to go on
almost the last hole or else meaning they’ll make it so the fact that these
also fit out of the box and I didn’t have to poke an extra hole will look
like a steak knife or something like that makes me very happy and yes I did
say with a steak knife when you’re desperate you will use anything
including the steak knife sometimes you don’t have time to go to your shoe
repair guy and get them to put a hole in it I’m just saying and last but
certainly not least my Hermes or on sandals what can I say about these I got
mine in white obviously this for my birthday present to myself last year
I’m already pondering whether I should buy myself another pair for my birthday
this year just nothing but rave reviews for these
shoes they’re worth every penny pretty much where these any chances I
get I went into gym before you know I put my running shoes on
I wear them any chance I have on a casual summer outfit I just reach for
these because they just literally just go with everything and I pretty much can
wear white shoes with anything because I like the contrast so yeah so the owner
mez or Ron sandal definitely must have I can’t imagine life without these now
because they’re just active even though I had a very difficult time picking out
my 10 favorite shoes I did so I hope you guys enjoyed this video be sure to
subscribe to my channel so that you never miss out on one of my posts right
now I currently posts every Friday I think I’m gonna start posting more often
because I really enjoy doing these videos and if you have any questions
about where I bought the shoes sizing anything just one have a Kiki let’s do
it in the comments I’m always down there I’ll always respond and yeah I’ll see
you guys next time so in the meantime just watch the next
video it should be popping up right there or something see ya bye

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