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Dennis Veasley

32 thoughts on “My Optishot Setup Home Golf”

  1. Another great video. An idea for a future video, show a bit of the software and navigating through it with the different features. I have not found a video that shows the menus and different tweaks therein that make the optishot more than just a glorified Wii game. Also, do you need a mouse and keyboard handy while playing the game?

  2. Good idea, thanks. Once I have started a round the mouse (trackpad) is used to quit, change settings or use a mulligan etc. The up and down arrows are used for club selection while left and right arrows are used to aim.

  3. i am purchasing an opti shot soon appreciate the video. I was curious on where you got the mat you stand on and where you fit the opti shot mat into? Or if you made it and how did you do so.

  4. I built it. I have a video called Cheap Custom Optishot Platform Mat. You can find it on my channel. Enjoy your Optishot!

  5. Nice setup. How high is your ceiling? I can only swing a PW do to ceiling tiles. I just adjust the clubs on the screen as I play

  6. Thank you, my ceiling is vaulted so its about 18 feet at it's highest point around 9 feet at the back wall. Did you adjust the club head speed or distance for your longer clubs on Optishot to compensate for using a physically shorter club?

  7. No adjustments. I actually find it pretty accurate. My driver goes 260+ yds most of the time. I find as long as I get a clean swing, it works very well.

  8. Love it!!! thank you so much!!! just wondering where did you get those mats from? I really want them for my optishot!

  9. Do you ever have a issue with hitting the sensor openings. I hit down on the ball and normally take good size divots. Worried about hitting the opening and a club breaking and someone getting hurt. Most of the videos i see people are picking it clean or off a tee. Too bad the sensors could not postioned on the inside and outside of the club path.

  10. I bought this and a golf mat last for my boyfriend.  We have turned his dining room into the golf simulator.  The last piece were challenged with is the projection.  We have the computer and even a flat screen tv, but we want to play where we can see the course in front of us.  I am looking at projectors but wondering if there was a certain size, lumens, etc do we have to get.  This is going to be a christmas present so I am trying to wrap this up in the next few days. Any suggestions on the projector?  I actually saw a portable one. Thank you!

  11. If i were to hit real golf balls into that green screen, is it strong enough to withstand being pounded into constantly with a driver and a real golf ball? Im really curious because its a really good idea and i would rather do the green screen other than an impact screen. Thanks in advance

  12. Just felt like making a video eh..? The optishot is a waste of your time and money. Also, this video was a waste of your time and mine.
    Disclaimer: My school bought our team one of these pieces of shit and it was garbage. Played on it for 30 minutes and thought it was fucking joke at first.

  13. Every optishot video setup I have seen on YT looks contrived, cheap, and stuck together with duct tape. Does not seem like a total solution.

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