– [Deshaun] What makes a
home to me is the energy. I’m a big energy person. Where I can relax, just feel free and not have
to worry about anything. I’m Deshaun Watson and this is My Houzz. I was born and raised
in Gainesville, Georgia. I grew up with pretty much nothing. In the hood, the ghetto, whatever you wanna call it. It was maybe a two bedroom, a government apartment
with seven people in there. So there wasn’t too much space. My mom had raised four kids
as a single parent mom, havin’ help here and there
but it was just tough. Barely had lights but my mom always made sure we had food on the table
and somewhere to sleep but it wasn’t nothing that
she really dreamed of. And then one day I went to
a Halloween church function and brought some candy home and there was this card in there. It was a Habitat card and it was just saying, hey, if you wanna register for a house you have to
fill out this information. My mom had to do like, 200
hours of community service, take classes, kids had
to have been in school, have good grades, she has to work, her credit has to be good,
and that’s what my mom did. She said, “I don’t have nothin’ to lose,” so a year and a half later, she was blessed to be able to get picked for the Habitat for Humanity home. It was just a fresh start for us that built our own foundation in a good environment, good neighborhood. And it changed everyone’s lives. It made me motivated to fulfill my dreams. It helped me get to where I am today. I’m thankful for that. Me and my mom’s
relationship is very close. She is my rock, my hero. She always was there and givin’ 100% each and every day to
try be the best she can to help her kids be successful. Growin’ up, she said I
could be whoever I wanna be and if I put my mind
to it and work for it. I just dreamed big and she was
always there to support me. Then, once we got blessed with the home that we’re livin’ in now, she was diagnosed with tongue cancer. She didn’t know if she would
be able to speak again, be able to eat again, all types of things. But she wanted to show her fight. Now it’s hard for her to be able to speak and she never complained. She never once was sayin’
that she wanted to give up. She’s always been a fighter and that really inspired me. If she can get through that, no type of adversity can hold me back from what I wanna achieve. I want to give back to my
mom and renovate her house. She deserves it from all the things that she always dreamed about and dreamed that she wanted in a home. It’s been a solid home for us for, I wanna say, over 12 years now. The living room, kitchen, and dining area, those areas need a little touch-up, but for my mom, I’m gonna
do a little bit more than just touch it up. From everything that she went through, this is really the smallest
thing I can do for her, because she deserves even more. I’m a momma’s boy, so, she
can get whatever she wants. I live in Texas. My mother lives in Georgia. So I turned to Houzz
to do this renovation. Houzz is a website and an app where you can get
everything for a renovation. I looked up contractors
in the Gainesville area and found Infinite Home. I went and looked at their profiles and they had great reviews. I had a quick call with Laurel and David and I decided to meet them in person. (upbeat music) – Thanks for having us. – [Deshaun] No problem, I
appreciate y’all comin’ down. – Can you tell us about your mom? – Yeah, my mom, she’s a
single parent mom, four kids. She loves to read, listen
to music, watchin’ TV. If I think that bein’ able
to do somethin’ for her, it’d be nice. – Tell me about when the family gathers. How are you using the kitchen
and the living area space? – Everyone just kinda gathers on the couch or sits on the kitchen counter. Not on the counter, but (Laurel laughs) the chairs next to it. – Wherever. (laughs) – I feel like as we’ve gotten a lot older and bigger, the space has gotten smaller. – Yeah. – Do you have any ideas of what direction we wanna go with this? – What I observed when we saw your home was we walked through the front door and you have that great living area that we can reconfigure a bit. – I feel like that extra sofa when you walk into the house is kind of blocking up the view between the kitchen and the living room. – What I’d like to do
is take that sofa away and make the living room and kitchen feel so much more spacious. And then I’d like to
talk about the kitchen and expanding that island just to give you some more seating. – Whenever I come up to the counter, my knees are like, hittin’ the wall, and I have to turn sideways just to be able to have room to eat. – What do you think if
we gave it an overhang for the bar stools to sit at, make it a little bigger, a little longer. – Would be perfect. – I put together a Houzz ideabook. An ideabook is the place
where I can collaborate with our clients, share photos, and actually buy the product. I’d love to hear your thoughts as well. – Alright, that sounds good to me. – This is a good representation of the colors that we’re thinking of. – Right. She’s more… Nothing, pretty much, white. She’s more of a darker feel. – Gotcha. – I like the opening area, though. Both of ’em are real open and we can easily get around and maneuver. – So I think I wanna put a
fireplace in the living room. – That’s somethin’ that she always wanted, but never had the opportunity to do it. – And I found this photo. – [Deshaun] Do you have
to build a chimney? – [David] No, actually,
it’s an electric fireplace on the Houzz shop that we
can put the TV right over it, flip a switch, turn it on,
enjoy it, still puts out heat. – Sounds good to me. – [Laurel] So, we like this fireplace. Let’s just go ahead
and add it to our cart. – [Deshaun] Let’s buy it! Honestly, if that’s the only thing that y’all put in the house, she’d be totally fine with it. (laughs) – Okay, good. – One of the ideas she always wanted was to make it all hardwood. – [David] I’d like to
extend the same hardwood throughout the entire space. – She’ll walk in and she’ll
really like that part. – I added this to show you an idea that we had to do a contrasting
color on the cabinets. – I think that’d be the idea
that we kinda shoot for. Yeah, for the cabinets, the
tops now are like a foot from the ceiling, so if
we can get those longer and get it closer to the ceiling. – That’ll look nicer and give her some more
storage space as well. – [Deshaun] Exactly. – [Laurel] This shows more
in line with the island color that we’re thinking. – I’m not really a big fan on the stools. – Well, let’s go have a look. What do you think about these stools? – I really like those. Let’s buy it. – [Laurel] Okay. – [Deshaun] I think another thing that she would really love
is moving the microwave that sit on the counter and gettin’ one of those that are sittin’ at the bottom of a drawer where you can, like, open up. I think she would really
find that pretty cool. – We can put one right in the island and that’ll free up a lot of counter space for her as well. – Exactly. – Over the island, I’d
like to add some lighting. – [Deshaun] I think the pendants would bring a nice touch to it, especially now with the counter we have, we just have maybe one or two lights that kinda lighten up the whole kitchen. – Okay. – [Deshaun] But if you bring that, we can really brighten it up. – If we like these, Houzz
has this really neat feature called Visual Match, so we can click on this little light tag and it’ll give us these
other options here. Yep, that’s gonna look really nice. Let’s say, three of these, and let’s add to our cart. – So, what are the ideas for the table? – I found a table I really liked and I think would fit the space well. Also, I’m thinking it would be nice to put a big piece of art on that wall in the dining room just
to anchor the space. I found this one. – How big is it? – It’s 54 by 54. – Wow. Now, I really like the idea, but I’ll have to just probably
see it with my own eyes. – Okay, great. – I appreciate you guys comin’ down and bein’ able to sit
down and talk with me and kind of go over the
idea of what we’re thinkin’. I’m not gonna be there, but I’m gonna make sure
my Auntie Sonia is there. She’s like, the other half of my mom. – [Laurel] I can’t wait to meet her. – Yeah. – Thank you for trusting
us with your mom’s house. – [Deshaun] No problem, appreciate y’all. – [David] We’ll take good care of her. – Thank you. (upbeat country music) – Hi, you must be Auntie Sonia. I’m David. – Nice to meet you, David. – Good to meet you. – Hi Auntie Sonia, Laurel. – Nice to meet you, Laurel. Y’all come on in. – Thank you. – [Laurel] Deshaun told us all about you. – What he say about me? (laughs) – Only nice things. (laughs) – [David] Very good things. – [Laurel] David and I are really excited to be working with you on this project. – Well, first of all, I’m gonna say that Deann is, you know, they homebodies. – [Laurel] You can tell just
how important family is. – She love her photos. – And memories. Okay. – I’m gonna tell you now. – [Laurel] Well, we’re gonna
try and find a solution so that we can display all these. – [Sonia] It’s really important to her. If y’all don’t get them photos in there, she will be disappointed. Because the photos makes her house warm and a happy home. She just loves her family. – [Laurel] I love that. Auntie Sonia made it very clear that family photos are a
big part of this design, so I’m gonna make sure to keep the family in this family room. One of the things I really
like about this room is that there are so many windows. I’d like to take this TV and move it above the fireplace that
we’re gonna put right here. – Make that happen for her. – Ooh, it’s gonna be good! I tell you the truth. (laughs) Sometimes we gather in here. – Okay, so about how many people at any given time? – Well, about twenty. – [Laurel] Okay, wow. So it’s a really loved area. – Yeah, it is. – [David And Laurel] Okay. – [Laurel] One of the design changes in the kitchen is take
out this pantry here. The biggest thing it does for her is it connects the two rooms together instead of kind of visually blocking the spaces from each other. And don’t worry, she
can still have a pantry. It’ll be part of the cabinetry. – Is the cabinets gonna
still be over here? – Yes. – [David] Around your new refrigerator, we’re going to actually build cabinetry that it pushes into to
give it a built-in look. – Ooooh, she gonna love that! She gonna love that. – It’s really fancy. – Yeah, she gonna love that. Well, what about this island? It’s gonna be big? – [David] You don’t
like the kitchen island? I think it’s… – [Sonia] Well, you know. It’s alright. – You can sit at it,
you can entertain here. I sat down at the kitchen island and my knees hit the cabinet. It’s just not gonna work. We’re gonna get her a much bigger island. (laughs) – It’s gonna be goo-ooood, good. What are y’all gonna do
about the dining room? – [David] We’re pushing
the table back this way, ’cause your island’s comin’ out more. – [Sonia] But this light. – [David] Gonna hang it
right from where it was. – From its original location. – But will it be over the table? – [David] It will. It’ll be right over the table. – Oh okay. That’s gonna be good. You know me and her talks a lot. She really had wanted that room hardwood. Y’all gonna give her hardwood in there? – [David] We are, we have
hardwoods in the living room. – Ooh! Let me tell ya’ll somethin’, let me tell y’all. She gonna love that hardwood. Is that gonna be the same? – It’ll all be the same. – It ain’t gonna be mismatched– – No, no mismatch. – That gonna be awesome. – Alright, well if we’re
all set on the designs, I think we’re ready to
start demo tomorrow. Are you ready to be here for that? – What I’m gonna be doin’? – You’re gonna smash out this
kitchen island behind me, how ’bout that? – Ooh, I’m gonna have a
sledgehammer in my hand? – [David] Absolutely! – You know, I ain’t never
done nothin’ like that before, so I’m gonna be able to hit somethin’? – Absolutely. – I’m gonna be able to crush? – [David] Yes. – [Laurel] Yep. – Ooh! – Well, we’re so excited
to get started tomorrow and lookin’ forward to
seein’ you here again in the morning. – [Laurel] I’ve loved working
with you, Auntie Sonia. – Thank you so much! (upbeat music) (drill sounds) (loud thump) – Hey! – Hi, Sonia. – Hey, how are you? – We’re just finishin’ up
preppin’ the kitchen for demo. – Sure is a lot of space in here, now. – We’re about ready to start on cabinets. – Y’all said that I’m gonna
start breakin’ stuff today. I sure hoped it! I wanna get in and see
what I got to break. – Let’s put your goggles on first, though. – Okay. – Safety first. – I’m gonna do this. – [David] Choose which one you want. – Let me try to choose. This one. – [David] Alright. – You think I can do it? – [David] I think you can do it. I know you can do it. So get ready to take a swing on three. One… Two… Three! (smash) (screams) (laughs) (cheers) – I’m goin’ again! (laughs) Ooh, this kinda fun. Whoo! – Ow! – I’m doing one more for the road, one more for the road. Give it a go! – [David] There we go. Nice. (laughs) Nice! – Y’all want me to do
the rest of that kitchen? I’ll do it! – I know you can handle it, but I think we’re gonna
bring in the crew now and let them get to work. (banging sounds) (upbeat music) (hammering) (dramatic music) – [David] Oh, is that glued down? Didn’t see that one comin’. Oh, there you go. In my experience, some
areas will come up real easy and then the high traffic areas it’ll really be stuck. (hammering sounds) – [Man] Is everybody’s back broken? ‘Cause stop what you’re doing. (buzzing sounds) (upbeat music) (record scratching) (birds whistling) (upbeat banjo music) – [Deshaun] It’s been a couple weeks and we’re halfway there. Cabinets have gone in, the new island has been placed, and the fireplace is almost done. I can’t wait to see what
Auntie Sonia thinks. – [Laurel And David] Hey, Sonia. – Ooh! Hey, y’all! This place look good! I love this fireplace. Ooh, that island is so big! That’s beautiful. – [Laurel] Yes. – [Sonia] Now this is the counter? – This is the counter. – [David] That is the countertop, yep. – Ooh. This is gonna be prett-ay! What color is that, Laurel? – [Laurel] Well, it pulls
in the browns and grays. – Oh, okay! – [Laurel] I think she’ll like this because of the dark veining. – I love this kitchen already. – [Laurel] Let’s walk
over to the dining room. One of the things that I wanted to do is put a piece of art on this wall. There’s a great tool on the Houzz app called View in My Room 3D, so we’ll be able to
digitally place the art on the wall using the Houzz app. – Great! – [Laurel] You wanna see it? – I wanna see it. – Alright, let’s have a look. So we’re gonna go to our ideabook, scroll down to find our piece of art, there’s this little
button, View in My Room 3D, I’m gonna tap that, and it wants me to scan the floor and then place my device against the wall, well done. Take a step back. – [Sonia] Wow! That’s gonna be beautiful! I love them colors. – So let’s take a photo of it, we’ll save it to our ideabook and send it to Deshaun. – Okay. – And see what he thinks. (phone rings) – [Laurel] Hi, Deshaun! – Whassup? How y’all doin’? – Hi Deshaun! – Sup Auntie? – [Laurel] Deshaun, now that
you’ve seen the artwork, what do you think about it? – She’s gonna love that. – [Laurel] Great. – [Deshaun] I think it’ll
fit well in that space. – [Laurel] I’ve got so much to show you. You ready? – Alright, let’s do it. – [Laurel] Alright. So, this is your mom’s new fireplace with a TV above it. – [Deshaun] Man, that’s dope. That’s gonna be a big TV. – Yeah. (laughs) – [Laurel] By making that the focal point, it really opens up the flow
between these two rooms, ’cause, you remember, there
used to be a couch here and it was blocking our view. Now we have this gorgeous
kitchen to look at. – I like the different colors, the color we chose for the cabinets. And the island color, makes it pop. It’s a lot of space
for her to move around. – I bet she gonna love it. – Course, you, Auntie, might want that. – What you tryin’ to say, if Auntie cook? (laughs) – [Laurel] You remember your old pantry. – [Deshaun] Yeah, I do. – We redid it. Have a look. – [Deshaun] So those are like pull-outs? – [Laurel] They are, mm-hmm. – Nice. – [Laurel] All four of
those shelves pull out. – That’s gonna be a lot of space. A lot of stuff that– my mom throws stuff in there for sure. – What you think she gonna have in there? Potato chips, or… – Straight snacks. You already know how we is. (laughs) I gotta head out, I’m on a plane right
now about to take off. Thank you guys. It looks amazing. – Bye, Deshaun! – I really think Deshaun liked everything that we did in the house. And Deann is gonna love this place. (upbeat music) – [Deshaun] Today I’m back in Gainesville. And I’m very excited
to finish up the house. – [Sonia] This looks good! Ooh, that’s so cute over there! (Laurel laughs) Ooh, that’s gonna be her spot! – [Laurel] We have some things to do. Let’s get to work. – [Sonia] Girl, you know what. I’m decoratin’ now. – [Laurel] You are. It’s comin’ together. (upbeat music) – Hoo-hoo! – Hey! – Whassup, Auntie? – [Sonia] How you doin’? – Good, how you doin’? – Doin’ great! – [Deshaun] Hoo, fireplace. She gonna love this. I hadn’t realized we have that much space. Crazy. Couldn’t even imagine that
it could look like this. Nice. – [Laurel] Sonia and I
have a couple of things for you to help us with. – [Deshaun] Alright. – [Sonia] Come on! I’m good at settin’ a table or two. – [Laurel] Oh! That’s great. – These are the pendants that
we picked on Houzz, right? – They are. – Nice. They really brighten up the kitchen. (upbeat music) – I think a little bit to the left. – [Deshaun] To the left? – [Sonia] I think that’s it. That look beautiful, it’s pretty. – [Laurel] Alright! – [Deshaun] That good? – [Laurel] Grab this one. We’re just gonna kinda slide ’em over. – [Deshaun] I think it looks good. – [Laurel] That’s it! It’s all together! – I am fixin’ to go pick up Deann! See y’all! – Thank you so much. She gonna love it. I’m very excited and that
everything turned out how we wanted it. I think it’s gonna mean a lot to her. It means a lot to me. (slow guitar music) – I know you gonna be happy and I just hope that all of us… Hope we was able to
give you what you want. – [Deshaun] Hey. I hope you like everything. I wanted to surprise you. Everything you’ve done
since I was a little kid, bein’ a single parent,
you deserve all this and you should have the best. [Deann] Thank you. Thank you. – You ready? Let’s go. You got your eyes closed? You can peek a little bit. One step. Yeah, you got it. Can you close it, Auntie? Alright. One… Two… three. – Ooh! – [Sonia] Oh, look at it, girl. – [Deshaun] And the TV in the wall. – [Deshaun] We flipped the couch around to kind of open this area up to have more room to walk. All the pictures. Got Junior. – [Deshaun] The island
we made it a lot bigger. If I could fit underneath it, you know everybody else
can fit underneath it. – [Sonia] You like this, don’t you? – [Sonia] Mmm-hmm. – [Sonia] Look at your pantry, Deann. Remember how this was? When it was just a little small pantry. – [Sonia] Mm-hmm, slide it out, girl. – [Deshaun] What you
think about the floors? It was carpet before that
cuts off the kitchen, but I knew you always
wanted the floor just wood. – [Sonia] She love it. Remember your microwave
was on the counter? (clapping and laughing) Oh look at it, girl, now. Let me show you how it work. Watch this. See where it say open? – [Sonia] And you close it. But don’t that give you a
lot of space on your counter? – [Deshaun] These pendants right here. I picked this out. – I did. – [Deshaun] New kitchen table. – [Sonia] I love them colors. – [Sonia] Beautiful. – [Sonia] Oh, you like the silverware? – [Deshaun] This painting, of course we had just
a blank space before. And so it makes it pop more. – [Deshaun] Thank you. – I could just see it in her eyes. She’s very moved. – [Deshaun] Everything that she saw, she loved it, so it was good. Of course, I would like
to take all the credit, but behind, really, it was the master team and a couple of people
who really helped me out and do most of the work. They actually here. I’m gonna go grab ’em. Mom, this is Laurel and David. – [Laurel And David] Hello! – So nice to meet you. The smile on her face just said it all. – [Woman] Hey! How you doin’? Oh my god! I love it! – [Sonia] How you doin’? I know she’s happy and she loves this and she excited and overwhelming. – I love this house. – [Sonia] And this makes
me feel great with joy. (pops) (cheers) – Love you, mama. Love the whole family. Appreciate y’all for helpin’ out. Y’all a part of the family now. Toasts up! – [Sonia] Deshaun gave her this gift. – That’s smooth right there. (laughs) – I’m not just sayin’ this
because he’s my nephew. – Good, ain’t it? – But he’s a real good person. – The smackin’. (laughs) – Bein’ a son and bein’ able
to take care of your mom and help her out. I feel good. I love you, mom. You deserved it all. And enjoy it.

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