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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “My First Junior Golf Tournament in 4 Years!”

  1. I don't suggest playing tournaments with a preferred score. A score based approach will only get you into trouble. Instead try to set goals such as; hit a certain amount of greens in reg, hit some fairways, etc. Ultimately your goal should just be trying to execute your current shot with the best of your ability. That's a goal that breeds long term success

  2. I'm not 13 i'm 15 but i started at 14 and in about 9 months i played my first tournament and out of 55 players i came 14th but putting played a huge roll so i can see where lincon came of about the four putts

  3. Good job Lincoln you are a really good Golfer you may have struggled but you did great congratulations

  4. If Lincoln can get good at his short game he can win against anyone when ever you go to practice you should not just hit your driver and irons you should go to the practice green and chip and putt

  5. Please visit our channel. It is called smart sports with a weird looking bulldog. Thank you. we love your videos and this is for the commentators as well

  6. A tip from one jr golfer to another

    Always stay calm after you hit a bad shot and hit your next shot the best you can

  7. I love golf and I’m also lefty I play in a couple tournaments in NM and it’s just an amazing sport and do more golf videos

  8. I’m 14 now but played my first tournament when I was 12 and my dad and I had no idea of the rules about us talking so I almost got dq on my first tournament lol

  9. Jzzzz the fairways are so wide! In Holland they are so much smaller. Good chipps but the puts could be a bit better. Especially the long puts. Still a good round!

  10. Ok me and Lincoln are literally like the same we both are 13, we both like basketball, golf, and football🤷🏻‍♂️

    Oh yeah and we are both lefty’s

  11. Youth golf is some of the greatest memories I have with my son. Watching him compete is both nerve racking and fun at the same time. I like the fact that Lincoln isn't taking it too serious because he will enjoy it so much more. Having said that most people have no idea how competitive youth golf is. Some people spend thousands of dollars on coaching, camps and of course equipment. If that is done and the kid loves the sport it is very hard to compete with at the youth level or any level for that matter. From having watched lots of young players I'd say Lincoln could be a very solid player if he choose to be one. Dad, you're a pretty laid back guy but don't be afraid to push your son a bit to help him achieve higher goals. But most of all have fun but seeing your hard work pay off can be fun as well!

  12. Good job on the 12th hole. Even though you got a penalty, you came back on the green and hit a 25 footer right into that hole. Great job dude

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