Will Smith:
Any time I’m scared
of something,
I feel impelled
to attack it.
Don’t hesitate, go!( music playing )Life is hard,
but you’ve still gotta commit.
– Crowd: Four,
three, two, one…
– Here we go! ( all scream, shout )( music playing )( helicopter blades whirring ) Smith:
Yo, I’m on the plane now,
headed to the Grand Canyon.
My team is out there right now
gettin’ everything right. ( helicopter whirring ) ( laughs )
Let’s do heli-bungee, man.
All right, here it is. Did that dummy’s leg
come off? ( phone line rings ) So, I just got a call
from Fly on the Wall. They were saying that the
weather’s gonna be the same, so we’ll probably have to
cancel the Winnebago segment…( horn honks, buzzer sounds )And have Will
go straight from the airport right to the site. How early? –( busy signal )
– Hello?( garbled speech,
busy signal )
Uh, okay, well,
we probably wouldn’t want to jump
without an audience anyway. So, we– that was my–
that was what I told Jeff from Dan’s team
and Dan as well, is we should– we’re
going to wait either way until all the guests arrive. – Will: All right.
– Okay. – See you in the morning.
– See you in the morning.( music playing )Woman:
Is that the stupidest
thing you’ve ever seen? I think that’s a dumb
mother( bleep ). ( laughter ) – Man: Happy birthday.
– What’s up, baby? Hello, everybody.
How you guys doin’? Uh, just landed
in the Grand Canyon. Willow’s chewing gum. I’m not sure
what you’re doing, buddy. What’s happening
here, pal? – Safety precautions.
– Safety precautions. Got you. Willow?
Come in, Jaden. – Trey.
– Big drift. Jada. Jada.
Where you at, Jada? – What?
– Come in, and stop playin’. I’m not– I’m not–
it’s my birthday,
do what I say. Bam, that’s a good shot. We’re in height order.
Look at the symmetry. – Oh, wow.
– That’s symmetry.
That’s great symmetry, right? Look at that symmetry.
Look at that symmetry. All right,
now get in the chopper. No, I have
a septum piercing, and sometimes
it gets out of line. A septum piercing,
sometimes it gets outta line. – Yes.
– Got it. Yee-ha! – ( groaning )
– There we go. – I got you, baby, come on.
– Ugh. We gotta get
over the cacti, Willow.
Watch the cacti. You only turn 50 one time,
you know? I have a very intimate
relationship with this canyon. Will:
I agree. ( laughs ) – That’s where I’ll be going?
– That’s me. – That’s you.
– Me, me. Aw, see?
That’s how I look out, son. I look out, you know what
I mean? Know what I’m saying? And it say King Kong. ‘Cause they know.
They know. You like a little
baby King Kong. Little King Kong.
Prince Kong,
that’s Prince Kong. ( chatter ) Yeah, yeah, yeah. The boy’s in the building. Right on time.
This is happening! ( laughs ) – Oh, my God.
– We’re here, man.
We’re here. – How did you get here?
– Happy birthday! Thank you, baby. Yep. Yeah, just– and it’s just
spoken into life. – You just put it out there.
– I put it out there. It’s beautiful.
It’s beautiful. Love it. We gonna have some fun! Hell, no. My mom! ( laughs )
Exactly, exactly. What’s up, Mommy?This is my mommy.
My mommy’s here.
Look, look. Yo. Yo, this is nuts. Ammar from Yes Theory is actually going to do
a jump himself. All right,
we got a jumper. – I got a jumper.
– Derin’s here. Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo! Let’s jump! It’s happening! So, the Yes Theory guys
are about to do their jump, and they’re doing theirs first
very strategically. I think that was
a really good idea. ( exhales ) He’s going up. ( indistinct chatter ) Smith:
He’s going. His face– he’s not
looking too stable. I think he’s–
he’s looking like you
want to change the name of your crew
to Maybe Theory. ( laughs ) This is ridiculous. This is ridic–
look at that, though.Look how gorgeous that is.And you chose
the Grand Canyon? – Yeah, Grand Canyon.
– Out of all places? – Oh, gosh. Oh, jeez.
– Oh, my God, look at that. ( shivers ) Man on radio:
Stand by, stand by.
Oh, no. Man on radio:
Three, two, one, okay, go.
( Smith yelling )Oh!
( yelling continues ) ( cheering ) Man: Baby! Smith:
Oh! Oh! Ribiero:
Nope. Oh, okay.
Well, that’s enough for today. I’ll see you guys. Yay.Oh, wow.Wow.Guys, my mouth
is just dry– I– like, stuff just happened
inside my body that’s never happened
inside my body no– before.Even this part
is terrifying.
( cheering ) This part
is also dangerous, too, ’cause they have
to land on, like,
a 20-by-20-sized mat.So the landing
is probably more dangerous
than the actual
bungee jump.
That was– oh, my God.
That was… There’s nothing I’ve ever done
that tops that. That was the craziest experience
of my life. ( yells ) Oh, my God.
Thank you. Congratulations
on getting that, shoot. – All right, wow.
– Will better not
chicken out.( music playing )Of course not.
( laughs ) Two-hour,
live to the world. But it’s gonna be cool. I mean, look,
at the end of the day, the beauty of this is,
uh, we get to have some fun and none of us are
in a situation where we can die,
other than Will. So…
( laughs ) Man:
Right, that’s honestly… Cool, so let’s just talk
about when he walks up to– Hold on one second.
Babe, can we turn
that TV down? Can we turn the TV down?
Can we turn the TV down? Does my jacket look better
for camera, you think? ( chatter )( “Rock A Bye Baby” plays )( chatter continues ) Does this look better,
you think, for camera? That looks better?
All right. Yeah, we’re live in ten,
everybody. – Hey.
– Is he movin’? Move him now. We’re getting ready
to go live, baby. Trey:
This is my bad side,
just so you know. – This is live, so…
– Right now. – No.
– We’re about to go live, as soon as
he starts driving. Four minutes.
When I’m driving,
we’re live, man. How many minutes
after startfor a standby and go?Man:
So, it’s a minute-forty-five
and then Alfonso talks
for about couple of minutes,
then I’ll give you
cue to go.

– Smith:Right.Standby, Will. Oh, am I supposed to be–
I’m not hearing Alfonso. Now, Will and his family
are pulling up in this Winnebago
right there, this RV. Together,
we will all embark on what is sure to be
a truly epic event. Here they come,
here comes Will. ( cheering ) Hey, hold on, I gotta get
my kids. Ribiero:
Get your kids! Get yo’ kids! Happy birthday, my man.
Happy 50th. ( singing )
♪ Happy birthday to… ♪ ( cheering, chatter ) – It’s crazy.
– Ribiero: The whole family. Come down with me, Will,
you’ll have to take
a closer look. Yo, son,
yo, son. Yo, we out
at the Canyon, son. ( laughs ) How do you feel right now,
knowing that you are right here, you are ready to do something
that you said you were gonna do. And you’ve known me
for a long time. Yes, I have. I’ll say a lot of things
I don’t mean. ( laughs ) ( both laugh ) – Thank you.
– Thank you. I’ma have to get–
I’ma have to–
I want this t-shirt. – We’ll bring them.
I have them.
– Okay, great, great. I love it.
‘Cause that’s real
tight right there. When I started
with social media and started moving
into YouTube, what I realized is that
it was a whole different world that lent itself to– imagine if we had
a YouTube channel when we were
on “Fresh Prince.” – Yeah.
– It woulda been crazy. I might’ve said yes. For me to do stuff like this
and just where I am
in my life right now, everything has to be
a contribution. We worked with Omaze
and then Global Citizen, working with
Education Cannot Wait, and Education Cannot Wait
services probably 75 million plus children
around the world. – Wow.
– We were able to do this and we were able to raise money
for global education. – And that’s a great cause.
– Yeah, absolutely. And, obviously,
it means so much to you, and that’s why
we do all of this. Man: Three minutes! So, let’s–
photographers, gotta play further back.
You guys are in the way. We’re coming
to you right here on
Will Smith YouTube channel, – and, yes, we are
at the Grand Canyon.
– Grand Canyon, yes. It is right over there. Ribiero:
And, in just a few minutes,
Will Smith is going
to get in a helicopter… – Yep.
– …and bungee jump… – Bungee jump
out of a helicopter…
– …out of a helicopter… – …over the Grand Canyon.
– …you crazy. – Yes.
– But, as I mentioned earlier, also, weather
is a huge factor here, and if conditions
are not exactly right, the jump crew will not
let Will take off. And I’ma be like,
“Damn!” – No, you won’t.
No, you won’t.
– “Damn!” No, you won’t.
You gonna be like,
“Yes! Yes! Yes!” No, brother, like,
“Damn! Oh, man, I can’t believe the stunt master
said I can’t do it. – Sorry, y’all. Sorry.
– Uh-huh. Willow, how do you feel
about your dad going
to do this? You know, I– And, um… Um, but…
this is– And… Ribiero: Absolutely.
Okay, Jada,
last words for Will? Last words–
last words today. What? No! – Before I come back!
– Before you come back. Before you come back. Just have fun. – Hey, have fun.
– Have fun. All right, last hugs.
Group hug. Group hug,
group hug, everybody. Let’s go get it,
let’s go get it! Group hug! Yeah! – Yes!
– Dad, we believe in you. – You believe in me, Trey.
– You got this. Yeah, I got it.
I got it. I’ma hold it down
for the family. Enjoy yourself
and kiss God for us. – Ooh, that was good.
– That’s right. – What’d he say?
– He said, “Enjoy yourself
and kiss God for us.” Aw. You little poetic– That was good. Smith:
All right, yeah, yeah, yeah! ( cheering ) Ah, what’s up, baby?
Good to see you. Good to see you. I gotta go to this.
Hi, baby. – I’ll see you guys
in a few minutes.
– Okay! – I’ll see you in a few.
– ( cheering ) I love you! ( audio slows ) ( helicopter blades whirring ) Dr. Stanford. – Willard Carroll Smith.
How you doing?
– Do I need to take this off? – Yeah, would you like to?
– Well, it’s mic’d, so… Okay, so, first,
I’m going to measure
your oxygen saturation. – Yeah.
– We’re 7,000 feet
above sea level. – And you’re gonna go up
close to another thousand.
– Yep. I want to make sure
the oxygen in your blood
is good, all right? – Yep, yep.
– So, we’ll start with that. Just rest it.
Then I’m gonna take
your blood pressure, make sure you get
all the blood you need, to your heart,
to your brain. We don’t want no dizziness. You are on point,
all right? So, we’re good there. A little– a little, uh… Little what? Little shook. I got a little shakiness. If you were not nervous,
I would be concerned
about you. You want to put
your jacket back on? – Yep, let’s get it.
– All right. So, listen.
In all the years– – Oh, Jesus.
– You’re good, you’re good. – We just gonna stand here
for a minute.
– Yep. Want to zip it up? In all the years
that I’ve known you, you are mentally,
physically, and spiritually
ready to do this. – Mm-hmm.
– So, enjoy the moment. – And just have fun.
– Have fun. –It’s your day.
Jumping backwards
out of a helicopter
over the Grand Canyon.
That’s right.That’s right.
Nothing better.
– If Ammar can do it,
you can do it.
– Yep!( music playing )– All: Four, three, two…
– Here we go. …one! ( screaming, cheering ) ( screaming ) ( clapping, cheering ) Oh, my God! Oh, ( bleep )! Yo! Oh, my God! Yes. Woman: That was awesome! Yo. ( cheering ) Oh, my God! – My God, you did it.
– Oh, my goodness. Listen, nothing– nothing will ever
be scarier than that. ( laughter ) – No. No.
– There you go.I saw the moment
that you were determined.
I saw the moment
that you clicked.
You were like,
“I’m ready to do this,”
you know what I’m saying?And then when you dropped,
and I just saw that freedom. ( screams ) And I looked
at Ree and I said, “We ain’t gonna be able
to tell this joker nothing.” How do you feel? – Like, on fire.
– He’s on fire! I can do anything. I can do anything. Where’s my mama?
Mama! Mama!
( smooches ) – Will.
– Yeah, it is spectacular. That’s her child. – That’s her baby.
– You are her baby. I don’t care if you’re 50.
You your mama’s baby. How do you feel, Mama? How does that
make you feel? Smith: Wow.There’s something mythological
about the experience
I can’t figure out yet.But as I have a chance
to think about it, I’ll have some better
final thoughts than this. But maybe
I’ll just leave you… with a moment of silence… where we can take in
the depth and the breadth of the Grand Canyon. Wait, no, I didn’t like that.
That wasn’t a good out. – That wasn’t a good out.
– ( camera man laughs )( music playing )There we go.
This is– this is– oh! ( chatter ) Where are we going? Man on video:
Well, well, well.
The big 5-0.
Man #2 on video:
Man, I just want to take
this opportunity
to wish you a very happy
50th birthday.
Happy birthday, bro.
Nothing but love.
Keep doing what you’re doing.
We lookin’ forward
to the next 50.
Happy 50. It’s a big year,
but I don’t want you
to do this.
Come on, Jada,
talk him out of this.
Man #3 on video:
Happy birthday, buddy.
( cheers, applause ) Thank, everybody,
for coming. This, uh, started out as a You Tube challenge from Yes Theory,and anybody who’s known me
for a long time,
you know,
somebody challenge me,
then I gotta do it. But then I gotta up it one. “No, we not just bungee jumping
out a helicopter. We gonna do it
at the Grand Canyon.”And when I was up there
and I jumped,
I realized, you know,
it’s fun and it’s exciting, and there’s something
mythological about confronting
death, right?‘Cause as much as
we’re laughing and as much
as we’re having fun,
it really is
the emotional confront
with death, you know?
And I’m 50 years old nowand I’m sorta having
the realization
that you have
to be able to go. Whoo!You have to be able
to take that shot
at the thing that you dream.You have to be able
to take that shot
with that love that want, at that life
that you want to build, and it’s like, you know,
I was up there,and the guy said to me,
“The only way you can get hurt
is if you don’t get away
from the chopper.”
Right? And he said,
in that moment, he said, “We’re gonna let
the cords go. These cords
weigh 200 pounds, right?So, when we let ’em go,
they’re gone.
The hesitation is the thing that really messes up
the chance at having
your dreams, right?Get out of the middle.But the moment
of pushing off
is pure frickin’ terror.And then there’s the moment
of falling that you’re gone,
so there’s really
nothing you can do.
You can– “Argh!”And, just like life,
there’s nothing to hold onto.
And we’re all trying
to hold onto something.
You’re trying to hold
onto an idea
or you’re trying to hold
onto a person,
and there’s nothing
to hold onto.
And we gotta just
get comfortable falling, knowing there’s nothing
to hit, right? You know?
And that’s the idea. It’s like,
life is dangerous. And the only way
to really enjoy it is jump and be free.( music playing )

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “My Family Thought I Was Crazy…”

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